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  • kayiwa fred
    thanks william for that graet idear of starting afootball club itoo has got one of the smae age in kampala just because ibelieve talent identification is the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 21, 2007
      thanks william for that graet idear of starting
      afootball club
      itoo has got one of the smae age in kampala
      just because ibelieve talent identification is the key
      to sucess
      so keep up we shall have many zidanes in africa
      --- William Wambura <wamburawilliam@...>

      > dear all;
      > We the Dar es salaam group are doing well.
      > I would like to share this ideas with you.I have
      > established a football team of children aged 8-15
      > yars old.My football team will be responsible for
      > Envorment issues,community education,childrens
      > rights and sports for bringing changes to the
      > community with the help of UYOGA.My football team is
      > exercising every evening.I would like to share with
      > you members so that my team can work out
      > effectively.
      > Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      > I share this letter from Maria Agnese Giraudo.
      > Andrius, http://www.ms.lt
      > Dear Janet, Pam, Jeff and all...
      > Thanks all of you very much for your stimulating
      > messages regarding
      > e-books, telecentres, book projects and services.
      > I'm very interested in all these issues and I'm very
      > new in what happens
      > in ICT in the commity centres. So, I wouldl ike to
      > get more information
      > of Telecentres. Regarding books I would like to
      > thank Jeff for remind me
      > of Uganda Bookmobile experience. It has been a great
      > project. I
      > dowloaded the report and I had a talk with Komar. It
      > was about printing
      > book around Uganda in a special equipped car. He
      > told me that this
      > project failed, but I would like to see if is true,
      > perhaps it keeps on
      > in a different way!!!
      > I have to search again...If you got some information
      > please share with me.
      > Regarding e-books. It's great to have the chance to
      > produce them:
      > fiction books,
      > books with information useful for the Community:
      > agriculture, health
      > etc., in the local language too...and textbooks
      > Texbooks are very necessary for schools in Africa. I
      > can only refer to
      > Tanzania, the rate of child/textbook is 8/1 in
      > primary schools.
      > The association LIDU2 working in Moshi district,
      > Tanzania, started with
      > the aim of printing books, then they should change
      > strategy due to
      > copyrught restrictions. Now they buy textbooks and
      > reference books for
      > schools. pidu2@...
      > I would like to concentrate more on it: how to get
      > low price textbooks
      > to schoolchildren?
      > Problems: copyright protection, cost of publishing,
      > printing...
      > Textbooks open access. I found some sites for
      > downloading them
      > http://textbookrevolution.org/
      > Problems: I would like to find some teachers or
      > competent people in
      > specific fields to evaluate of the property,
      > reliability and quality of
      > these open access textbooks. Can you help me to find
      > these contacts?
      > E-books: a chance also for Research, Teaching,
      > Scientific
      > dissemination in developing and transitional
      > countries.
      > Greetings!
      > Maria Agnese Giraudo
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