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  • Benoit
    Hi everyone, Here is this morning s chat with Helen from Tanzania. It deals with her mom s health condition. I edited my part to make it a reference for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2006

      Hi everyone,

      Here is this morning's chat with Helen from Tanzania.  It deals with her mom's health condition.   I edited my part to make it a reference for Helen to consult when needed.

      ...all blessings be with us all...            Benoit Couture

      Chat with Helen Aug 9, 2006-09-09

      helen mahoo: hello g,morning

      Benoit Couture: good morning

      Benoit Couture: Anything happening in your day?

      helen mahoo: just my mom is really sick, blood sugar is high she was shivering i dont know what to do

      helen mahoo: just crying whole day

      helen mahoo: really confusing me

      Benoit Couture: Does this happen often?

      helen mahoo: no

      helen mahoo: she was saying she dont feel well suddenly her condition changed and start shivering

      Benoit Couture: I am praying, asking the Lord what to do

      helen mahoo: just my mom to be well

      Benoit Couture: Amen.  Is there any insuline for her blood sugar?

      helen mahoo: yes

      helen mahoo: back to you how is your family

      Benoit Couture: The family is going but our potential is being spent where God cannot do anything with us except to spank us

      helen mahoo: am sure God can do it what is the most important is to patients everyday while praying

      Benoit Couture: Amen

      Benoit Couture: Do you think that what you said about praying and patience is where your mom can find relief for her health?  Do you think that there is somewhere that we can go inside of our focus and attention, where the Holy Spirit drives our breath in and out in such a way as to guide us like a light with all the healing power we need?

      Benoit Couture: This is not a belief but the science of faith...

      helen mahoo: yes why not, i know the most problems to us as human beings we give up so soon

      helen mahoo: we dont want even God to send replay to us

      Benoit Couture: replay?

      helen mahoo: i mean when we pray for something we looking God to give what you ask for

      helen mahoo: do you get me?

      Benoit Couture: Yes.  This is why the power of God is interrupted, because we do not flow with His movement of eternal life that goes through our mortal existance!

      helen mahoo: yes that is the truth

      Benoit Couture: how comfortable are you to touch your mom and how comfortable is she to let you touch her?

      helen mahoo: you know what soon started chat with you today i feel my head is feeling well, because i was like i carry a stone of hundreds gramms

      helen mahoo: because my mom is sick, at the same time we are suppose to leave the house, i mean the owner of the house has give us note till end of this month because he already sell it to another person

      Benoit Couture: Maybe the stone was the weight of your mom's burden!?  Now you can receive His instruction?

      helen mahoo: yes

      Benoit Couture: So I come back to my questions.  How comfortable are you to touch your mom and how comfortable is she to let you touch her?

      Benoit Couture: I ask because the Lord made our bodies so that they can heal themselves when the energy is free to move the way it needs to.  So if you want to learn, I can tell you how to go about helping your mom's body to be released from what goes on disrupting her energy flow.

      helen mahoo: oh sorry i wasnt here

      helen mahoo: ok i got you

      helen mahoo: are you there

      helen mahoo: really want to know on how to help my mom

      helen mahoo: Hello you left

      Benoit Couture: Sorry, something happened on the screen and I did not see your last 2 lines. 

      Benoit Couture: Ok.  3 words to start with:  breath-balance-movement

      helen mahoo: ok

      Benoit Couture: In the proverbs of the Old Testament, there is a verse that says:  The breath of man is a lamp of the Lord that reaches all the way down to the bottom of the bowels."

      Benoit Couture: So what we need is to learn to stand up, seeking to the free passage of our breath in such a way, that we rest upon the balance of its movement in the nostrils and out with voice.

      Benoit Couture: As we learn to ease our breath, our whole body begins to seek the rest being brought on by the energy going through effortlessly and comfortably.

      Benoit Couture: So because your mom is so weak, she needs your energy and the way you give her is by having her discovering how she can be the most comfortable.  It can be standing, sitting, kneeling or laying down in any position.  What she needs to find is how she can be the most comfortable to breath and to gently move her spine, from bottom to top.

      Benoit Couture: Once she is there, she needs to put all her attention on her nose, as if God came to surround her nostrils with His lips, to give her oxygen like He did with the dirt that became Adam.

      helen mahoo: oh my God but where do you learn all this and know

      helen mahoo: i have to read carefull so i can do it when i go home

      helen mahoo: how is Baby Josiah

      Benoit Couture: In the meantime, as she gradually settle with more and more ease to breath and comfort to move, you work on her with your hands.  She tells you where she needs your hand to touch, when it comes to the comfort of movement but you need to study with her, how to touch her to help to ease her breathing, because this help depends on where the alignment of her bone structure is at from head to toes.

      Benoit Couture: I will find out about Josiah in 3 hours.  That's when I go get him.

      helen mahoo: ok

      Benoit Couture: The tip of the toes is where you can help the triggers of the sinuses the most directly.  So the help you give her is to touch where she can breath easier and where she tells you so she can move more comfortably.  Spend much time on her hands and feet and on her head.  All around head, her face in the details of the surroundings and at the junction of the jaws, how it feels good to her.

      helen mahoo: alright

      helen mahoo: i will be back soon you will be there

      Benoit Couture: Not sure if I will but here is the last bit.  The eyes are also very potent.  If you rub very gently on the eyelids and ask your mom to find the way to get her eye balls to dance their way into relaxation with the pleasure of sensation of wiggling the itches into receeding.  This will do much to help also because the dance deals with the membrane that hooks up the eye ball to the brain. 

      To help with the exploration, I use my finger nail and I seek the sensitive spots all around my teeth, gums and all the angles that my tongue can handle collaborate to relieve stress with my fingers. 

      helen mahoo: am back

      helen mahoo: are you still there

      helen mahoo: hello

      Benoit Couture: Yes, I'm back.

      helen mahoo: oh you was also out

      helen mahoo: always i thanks you much for time you talk on helping me

      helen mahoo: May God bless you

      helen mahoo: And Blood of God Surround you and your family too

      Benoit Couture: You asked me?  "oh my God but where do you learn all this and know"  The Lord has been teaching very much by myself and then 2 years ago, I met with a Brother in the faith who was taught by his grand father about the Chinese Traditional Medecine

      Benoit Couture: When you work with your hands on your mom, ask the Lord to show you how to touch in such a way that you begin to "read" from what your hands are telling your spirit.  There lies the live connection of healing, guiding us on how to move and how to touch.  Our hands are very special and when we learn to move them with the attention of prayer, then we supply healing energy all around us as well as with our touch.

      helen mahoo: wow never new before

      helen mahoo: so we have medicine in our hands, we need to thanks God for that

      Benoit Couture: Actually, when you see healing come from your hands, it is because there already is a river of thankfulness that runs freely from heaven through your heart, spirit, soul and body and reaches back to heaven in the unifying ingredient of God's glory.

      Benoit Couture: This river of life is in the State of worship and it runs with all the joy of pure praise!  I call it "The Land of Emmanuel" and "The Perpetual Celebration of Easter!"

      helen mahoo: Amen

      helen mahoo: i mean your family is so luck to have such a father as you

      helen mahoo: i can see you typing but i dont get your message u sent

      Benoit Couture: Please, no, no.  My children are paying a price that is way to high for what they get.  While we are still close to the subject of healing, earlier I mentioned the eyelids and eyeballs dancing, there is also the tongue that must be mentioned.  The apostle James says that the tongue controls the whole body in the same way that the steering wheel of a ship control the whole ship's direction.  This is very true, and not only in regards to what we say, which is the primary interpretation of Christianity. 

      I've also been taught that our tongue is the number one member that works to steer the breath-balance-movement in the passage from the spirit and heart to the soul and body.  So when you start working with your mom, you need to explain to her that she needs to use her fingers, mainly the little ones, to work with her tongue.  She can do that anytime to help to get in touch with the energy's guidance in her whole body.

      helen mahoo: but you know one my mom is hand is not working well

      Benoit Couture: Weakness and pain are languages that teaches us how to open up to healing and relief

      Benoit Couture: That is why I can see the great beauty of life that will shine forth, when Africa gets to learn from these languages.  It will renew the spirit of community for all of humanity!

      helen mahoo: so how and when Africa gonna hear that

      Benoit Couture: The same way you and your mom have to learn now.  As you do, others will see that life is winning and will want to learn

      helen mahoo: ok

      Benoit Couture: In the West, we have the tools but not the vision.  In Africa, there is the vision but not the tools.  In Asia, there is no room left for their population to grow anymore.  So we are all in need of waking up to the community spirit.

      Benoit Couture: But the Lord is clear, that very few will take God's mercy seriously.  So healing cannot happen because most of us do not receive it.

      helen mahoo: So we need to get God's mercy first?

      Benoit Couture: Yes.  God's mercy is the love that we need to go from darkness to light and to keep us in the light.  When you mentioned earlier "may the Blood of God surrounds you and your family"  you were taking about the mercy of God that was shed by Jesus at the Cross. 

      Benoit Couture:   If you want, you can read at  http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A10011826

      Go to the paragraph that begins with "Nine years ago".  There, I describe how God had mercy on me and showed me how to be healed by His the grace and truth of His Word in me.

      helen mahoo: we got problem with net

      Benoit Couture: I am just finishing to edit what I wrote to you and to make it more clear and I am going to post it in a few of the yahoo groups at Minciu Sodas

      helen mahoo: ok

      helen mahoo: i will check it

      helen mahoo: today?

      Benoit Couture: Yes, soon

      Benoit Couture: I should say bye now and we'll chat again tomorrow or sooner if possible.  God bless your day and your hands...

      helen mahoo: oh thanks very much for time to spend with me

      helen mahoo: let keep pray for each other please

      helen mahoo: yes hi to every one

      Benoit Couture: Time and energy are what is the most precious commodities we have.  So thank you for your time as well.  As you say, let's pray that God makes it a time well spent...Talk with you soon...peace...

      helen mahoo: bye

      helen mahoo: dont forget to say hi to josiah

      Benoit Couture: He probably gets you hi directly from his open heart

      Benoit Couture: When he sees you in front of him, that will not be the first time he feels you

      Benoit Couture: Keep on shinning sister...amen...

      helen mahoo: amen

      helen mahoo: i wish one day to meet him, bye

      Benoit Couture: ...bye...

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