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Re: [mendenyo] To Andrius - Ricardo keeping in touch, and update on recent activities

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi Ricardo and Andrius Ricardo - Good to see you online again. Ref the work you were doing in Nigeria on Cameras for Communication. I am pleased to tell you
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2010
      Hi Ricardo and Andrius

      Ricardo - Good to see you online again. Ref the work you were doing in Nigeria on Cameras for Communication. I am pleased to tell you that  your hard work building up skills and interest in using cameras for sending feedback is starting to pay off. Photo feedback gets mentioned each week at the UK-Nigeria skype meetings and now they are actually starting to play a part in active feedback - see blog http://www.dadamac.net/blog/20100209/photo-feedback-loop

      Let me know when you want to do more and we will do a full catch up.

      Ricardo and Andrius We are also getting more overlap now between Dadamac people in Nigeria and Andrius' community  - thanks to the chat room. Folllowing Dadamac Day in the chatroom John Dada is now encouraging people in the team to join First Thursdays. i am very happy this is happening as it is a natural way for individuals from Dadamac to connect with Andrius and people in his network.

      Also, once the Nigeria people get in the habit of remembering First Thursdays I will get more confident about  asking other people to come along as well. I hope we will build a kind of First Thursday eco-study group, similar to the way we had the World Without Poverty  "book club" at First Thursdays  for a while. I think when there is a shared focus it is a good advert for the chat room itself and for related initiatives. I think it is a great meeting place where we can all help each other.


      On 10 February 2010 11:05, ricardoolpc <ricardoolpc@...> wrote:

      Hi Andrius

      I'm sorry i've not been in touch for a while. I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know what i've been working on recently. I saw your posting about re-focusing your own priorities, and I'll give that some thought.


      I was feeling a bit down after my father passed away in October, and I didn't feel like doing much. I'm starting to feel a bit better now, so i'm picking up the work again, keeping my existing projects ticking-over.


      Please see http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/message/3109 . Ken Owino in Denmark and Tom Ochuka in Ahero, Kenya, are eastablishing a sneakernet link by DVD disk. That links the Kenyan Sneakernet to Denmark, the internet and friends in other braodband-internet-connected countries.

      Fantsuam Foundation Nigeria

      I was working last year on a video-course for Micro-finance Field Officers, with Pam McLean et al, for Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria. I've not done anything on that for a few months, as I didn't feel up to it. I hope I can find the energy to pick that up again soon.

      eBay Trading

      I've helped various people in our eBay Taders group to get started, creating eBay accounts, Paypal accounts etc, and buy things from eBay USA. For example, old laptops for students in their area.

      Kims in Tanzania is using his account a lot. Ken Chelimo and Tom Ochuka in Kenya also have working eBay/Paypal accounts and have used them to buy one or two laptops.

      Prosper is having a few temporary problems with debit cards at the moment, which we are trying to sort out, despite the fact that he's using the same bank, type of card, etc, as Kims. It may be temporary slow-internet problems, when Paypal talks to the bank computers.

      I'm in the middle of getting Fred Kayiwa started on eBay, in Uganda. Our main problem at the moment is that Ugandans often put their names in reverse-order, compared with Americans/Europeans. So Fred's debit card says Kayiwa Fred. We're trying to do some tests and sort that out. The Ugandan banking system is a few years behind Kenya and Tanzania, in terms of services and technology, so we've only found 1 bank that stands any chance of working.

      If we can get all the 5 or 6 traders working, that's a good thing...

      1) It proves people in Africa can use eBay and get access to some good, cheap, used computer equipment.

      2) By buying and selling old laptops etc, the traders earn a little extra income.

      3) It widens access to computers. The customers get an affordable laptop. Often the customers are students, teachers, doctors, etc, so that's good for the individual and the whole community. It wasn't quite the way I intended to expand ICT, but it's good nevertheless.

      Have a nice day.


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