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Re: First Thursday chat January 7th - join us online

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Pamela, I look forward to chatting with you and I spread the word! Andrius, ms@ms.lt, +370 699 30003.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2010
      Pamela, I look forward to chatting with you and I spread the word!
      Andrius, ms@..., +370 699 30003.

      Pamela McLean wrote:
      > *Invitation to join us online *
      > Seasons greetings and best wishes to everyone for 2010
      > Next Thursday - January 7th is First Thursday of the month again. So
      > it's time for my regular invitation to you to join me in the chat
      > room, and my usual thanks to Andrius for making it possible. All
      > being well I will be around for an hour as usual starting - 13.00
      > Nigerian time, 15,00 Kenyan time, 12.00 GMT.
      > It will be a chance to catch up with anyone who feels like dropping by
      > and to look forward together to our hopes for 2010. My personal aganda
      > for the meeting is to see how Minciu Sodas and Dadamac can work
      > together more in 2010, and to see who has interests related to
      > permaculture and sustainable communities. I am interested in those
      > things for several reasons:
      > > At Dadamac we are interested in sustainable communities, mainly,
      > but not only, through Attachab Eco-village
      > http://www.dadamac.net/projects/attachab
      > > In 2008 we looked at the WWP (World Without Poverty) book and its
      > emphasis on doing things locally - even if it was just two or three
      > people together.
      > > At First Thursdays we have already discussed various ideas related
      > to local development - like fishfarming and bee-keeping - so local
      > development seems something worth bearing in mind when we meet
      > together, as it is also a natural overlap point for Minciu Sodas and
      > Dadamac.
      > > Marcus Simmons (Dadamac's technology transfer "guru") has just come
      > back from a trip to Africa (Benin and Nigeria) where his focus was on
      > permaculture, so those kind of topics are in my mind now
      > > I know that I live in a community which defininitely is not
      > sustainable, so I am increasingly concerned about the issues around
      > sustainability on a personal, local level.
      > If other people prefer to discuss other topics, then obviously that
      > will be very welcome. However, I thought I would let you know my
      > interests in advance in the hope they may also be of interest to you.
      > To enter the chat room go to http://www.worknets .org/chat/ base/
      > <http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/>
      > Any problems or uncertainties about using the chat room please let me
      > know. Obviously the people who do arrive know how to get there - but
      > there may be other people who need more help to find their way in. If
      > there are ever any difficulties getting into the chatroom please let
      > me know. Either email me directly or write to me via
      > LearningFromEachOtherso so we can sort out your problems ready for
      > next time (or maybe immediately). We do not want anyone to be left
      > outside the chatroom trying to get in - and it can be a bit confusing
      > the first time.
      > Pam
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