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A proposal for English lessons, help room, local blog

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I share a proposal which I sent today to a women g group in Germany, Frauen helfen Frauen . It will be great fun if they support us because I will get to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2009
      I share a proposal which I sent today to a women'g group in Germany,
      "Frauen helfen Frauen". It will be great fun if they support us because
      I will get to spend time with our local youth who could staff our help
      room, greet all who come and alert me by SMS if I'm needed. It would
      also lead to a local blog in English, along with photos, which I think
      would be good for all of our "global villages" so that we can understand
      each other's situations. Youth may be key for such a blog to thrive
      because they may have time and energy to keep it up. Also, the English
      lessons (conversational activities and games) we develop might be part
      of Earth Treasury's open source textbook initiative. P.S. Thank you,
      Janet Feldman, for such lovely birthday greetings! Andrius Kulikauskas,


      Dear Ulla Feldmann,

      I'm writing to ask you and "Frauen helfen Frauen" for support of English
      languages for the youth and women of Eiciunai, Lithuania and the
      surrounding area.

      I propose to organize 24 English lessons between January and July of
      2010, typically one per week. Youth and women are welcome at each
      lesson, but typically, each month three lessons will be focused on the
      youth and one lesson will be focused on the women. The youth will learn
      and then help include the women at home so they learn, too. Activities
      will include:

      Learning to use Internet online tools in English such as:
      * chatting in English at http://www.worknets.org/chat/ amongst ourselves
      and with other people
      * communicating by video using Skype
      * editing and creating wiki pages at Wikipedia and other wikis
      * writing letters for discussion groups
      * writing a blog in English for Vilties Tiltas, including reports from
      the women
      * uploading photos and videos
      * creating Facebook pages
      * tweeting with Twitter about Vilties Tiltas activities
      These activities will generally take place as part of my Minciu Sodas
      online laboratory http://www.ms.lt We have participants from Europe,
      Africa, India, US and other parts of the world.

      Other activities in English will or may include:
      * learning chess and checkers
      * learning songs, including gospel songs and popular songs
      * praying
      * using cook books to cook foods from around the world
      * reading and performing plays and creating our own
      * listening to songs or watching movies and discussing them
      * art activities and discussing art
      * creating movies
      * nature walks, talking about nature and farm life in English
      * humor, jokes and cartoons in English
      * sports in English
      * hosting English speaking guests
      And we'll have more ideas, too.

      We will meet at the Eiciunai school and at the Anusauskas house. Both
      places have computers with Internet access and we can link the two sites
      with chat and video Skype. Ieva Anusauskaite (Audrone's daughter) has
      agreed to help me organize these events. I will be physically present
      for at least half of them, but as I travel for my work, I will
      participate virtually (by video Skype and by chat) for some of the
      lessons. We'll post a photo and at least a few sentences about each
      lesson at the blog. These practical activities will be fun and lead to
      useful skills that they will likely continue to develop further after
      the lessons are over.

      I ask for your support of 500 EUR to my company, Minciu Sodas, so that I
      might provide these lessons. I will use some of this money to pay for
      any expenses, such as books or food or art supplies, and also help pay
      for Internet access at the Anusauskas house. I am a native English
      speaker. I grew up in a Lithuanian family in the United States of
      America. I have a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of
      California at San Diego. I have worked in Chicago as a tutor in English
      and math. I live with the Anusauskas family and am there with them
      about half of the time, but frequently and rather unpredictably travel
      to Vilnius and to other countries. Your support will allow me to commit
      myself to work closely with the local youth and women. This would be
      fantastic for all of us.

      I hope you might consider and accept my proposal!

      Merry Christmas!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
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