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Grundtvig mobility learning partners for "dreams in life"?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Pamela, I m wondering if you d like to apply with us next February for travel money to visit each other in Europe. I share an excerpt from my chat with
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2009
      Hi Pamela,
      I"m wondering if you'd like to apply with us next February for travel
      money to visit each other in Europe. I share an excerpt from my chat
      with Markus Petz. I hope to write more. Maybe John Rogers in Germany
      might be interested?
      Andrius Kulikauskas

      [01:10:03] … so this dream project
      [01:10:02] … ?
      [01:10:28] Andrius Kulikauskas: "Adult Learning Starts With Dreaming"
      [01:10:37] … could be a Grundtvig mobility project
      [01:10:47] … if we found four or five partner countries
      [01:10:50] … we could travel to each other
      [01:11:03] … each partner would organize an art exhibit about "dreams in
      [01:11:05] vogelfrei: that sounds like the idea that Eric Schneider
      [01:11:08] Andrius Kulikauskas: would collect them from people
      [01:11:13] vogelfrei: in berlin has as his key concept
      [01:11:26] Andrius Kulikauskas: and then creatively express them
      (drawings, music, dance, poetry, however)
      [01:11:30] … and try to integrate them.
      [01:11:34] vogelfrei: OK
      [01:11:41] Andrius Kulikauskas: We were thinking of a target group as
      "homebound" people
      [01:11:46] … in Turkey could be women
      [01:11:53] vogelfrei: did you see I had uzupis put into suomi in wikipoedia
      [01:11:54] Andrius Kulikauskas: in Lithuania could be isolated villagers
      [01:12:02] … no that's great
      [01:12:08] … could be handicapped
      [01:12:19] … in Finland I don't know what the target group could be
      [01:12:30] … and then the "creative unemployed people"
      [01:12:30] vogelfrei: well there has been work with immigrant women
      [01:12:35] … that are homebound
      [01:12:37] Andrius Kulikauskas: would collect the dreams
      [01:12:40] vogelfrei: rural isolation an issue here too
      [01:12:41] Andrius Kulikauskas: for example yes
      [01:12:49] … so those could be good target groups
      [01:13:06] … the Estonians said it was an excellent idea at the
      partnership meeting I went to
      [01:13:10] … but we need a good set of partners
      [01:13:20] … and people who it would make sense to visit each other
      [01:13:29] … so for example, You, Pamela McLean in London, us
      [01:13:30] vogelfrei: http://www.cityofsanctuary.org/resources/criteria
      [01:13:33] … yes
      [01:13:39] Andrius Kulikauskas: maybe Franz or somebody in Austria
      [01:13:45] … and do you know of more partners?
      [01:13:45] vogelfrei: i also think to look at social centres and
      alternative places
      [01:13:49] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes
      [01:13:58] … so might you be interested in general?
      [01:14:07] … it would be travel money for our network for a couple of years
      [01:14:19] vogelfrei: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_centre
      [01:14:29] … yes might be
      [01:14:33] Andrius Kulikauskas: and also it would be a bit of money when
      we visit each other because we could host each other
      [01:14:36] vogelfrei: there is a search for funds here
      [01:15:01] Andrius Kulikauskas: and some money for the exhibit hall, for
      the art supplies, for art teachers to give us lessons
      [01:15:14] … so it makes sense if we have a good set of partners
      [01:15:24] … and it would lead to an expanding ongoing exhibit in the
      Public DOmain
      [01:15:29] … because our works would be in the Public Domain.
      [01:15:41] vogelfrei: hmnn we might well take part in that
      [01:17:47] Andrius Kulikauskas: ok the application is February 19
      [01:18:00] … so that's something we could write up (or I could write up)
      in Vienna you will be there, yes?
      [01:18:10] … and it would be a great help if you might recommend other
      [01:18:23] … who make sense in the long run
      [01:17:49] vogelfrei:

      [01:18:08] … is typical with a focus on immigrant women from cultures
      [01:18:14] … that women stay at home in
      [01:18:27] … and here there are programs to get them into society
      [01:21:06] … OK so other partners must be in diff countries right
      [01:21:13] … I can recommend
      [01:21:33] … but for solidarity reasons I would like the folks from
      Hirvitalo to do athat
      [01:21:37] … so especially
      [01:21:40] … Mikko Lipiäinen
      [01:21:48] … Elina Ojanpä
      [01:21:56] … and Janne Rahkilla
      [01:22:16] … "Mikko Lipiäinen" "elina ojanperä" "Janne Rahkila"
      [01:22:30] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes so that's your group
      [01:22:31] vogelfrei: all 3 are filling in bids now for money
      [01:22:33] Andrius Kulikauskas: one from each country
      [01:22:52] … one institution from each country
      [01:22:54] vogelfrei: and you have seen mikko when we video bridged last
      [01:23:01] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes
      [01:23:02] vogelfrei: elina has been to uzupis
      [01:23:12] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes your group is given!
      [01:23:15] vogelfrei: :)
      [01:23:18] Andrius Kulikauskas: I'm concerned about other countries
      [01:23:27] … we need six or seven partners
      [01:23:29] vogelfrei: yes but best is to ask them direct
      [01:23:37] … for me I can suggest
      [01:23:42] … working with Norway
      [01:23:55] … Hausmania
      [01:24:00] … Mikko has some connections in Norway
      [01:24:05] … and so does sanna
      [01:24:26] … there are some other places that are good
      [01:24:40] … "cedric anglaret"
      [01:24:47] … in Paris might be good
      [01:25:02] … http://elephantandcastles.bandcamp.com/
      [01:25:07] … is his record label
      [01:26:00] …

      [01:26:03] … you can see him there
      [01:26:21] … Suvi is here now and can chat a bit
      [01:26:30] … hi
      [01:26:33] Andrius Kulikauskas: it's late
      [01:26:34] … hi
      [01:26:45] vogelfrei: dreams of life?
      [01:26:57] Andrius Kulikauskas: markus it's very late here and I should
      sign off
      [01:27:21] vogelfrei: it's suvi here let's talk another time then :)
      [01:27:30] Andrius Kulikauskas: ok suvi!
      [01:27:39] vogelfrei: ok good night
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