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Re: MIR application of Minciu Sodas; VideoBridge

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    Hi Franz, Heinz and all, Franz, Thank you for your update on the MIR learning partnership for adult education and local development. I share with our lab,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2007
      Hi Franz, Heinz and all,

      Franz, Thank you for your update on the MIR learning partnership for adult
      education and local development. I share with our lab, too. Thank you for
      alerting me quickly to the news which means that our lab Minciu Sodas won't
      be able to join you in the second year of MIR. I am very grateful for our
      first meeting in Cyprus (and congratulations, Christophis!) Franz, as you
      note, there are opportunities of all kind opening up. We can improvise to
      focus on which ones are most real. I haven't bought my tickets yet to Dublin
      so I will wait a bit to consider if it makes sense for me to go. Any work
      that I and my lab might be able to do, for example, on Internet sites or
      online organizing or story collection or database design, makes a big
      difference. Liz and Avril, I don't know yet if I can make it out, but I very
      much appreciate your important work and experience, and I hope someday to see
      and learn.

      Franz, Thank you for your strategic direction! and your help. Yes, please
      include me Saturday. I will set up Windows on my laptop and participate from
      David Ellison-Bey's house. It should make a nice backdrop! Greetings from
      Chicago, Illinois.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      "Franz Nahrada" <f.nahrada@...> Rašyta:
      >Hello Andrius,
      >Thank you for your enthusiasm about MIR. I am affraid I have a news item
      >which is not really good, but I want us to look and see what we can make
      >out of that situation. The good news is that Christophis has won the
      >elections and he should now be able to write your confirmation which is
      >badly needed for your National Agency. By the way: we all need one.
      >The point that worries me very much is that Heinz just informed me that he
      >received information from the German Grundtvig National Agency that the EC
      >policies towards learning partnerships has changed or is going to change.
      >In short: besides many improvements there seems to be a setback in the
      >general rules, disallowing any Grundtvig learning partnerships to take up
      >new partners in the second year.
      >This still is not one hundred percent confirmed, but if this proves to be
      >substantiial, it would mean we would have to find another way to involve
      >you in the project. Just considering the extra effort that you make
      >allready to come to Dublin in year one shows that you are more dedicated
      >than 99% of all partners that we had in ERDE - that did not even make an
      >effort to think to participate if there was no payment for trips.
      >I agreed with Heinz that we would have to look for sources like extra work
      >in the project that could at least provide a bit of support - and be
      >creative in solutions like the last time in Cyprus.
      >Sorry for these not so good news, we discussed that in detail and it seems
      >that we really hit the worst time in the transition period.
      >On the other hand there are other improvements, allowing for more
      >mobility, and we will examinate the possibilities that we can find to keep
      >you aboard. I am going to discuss this also with our Austrian NA, and
      >maybe we find ways that will not jeopardize our application as a whole
      >There are so many positive news from all our local fields of activities
      >that I would urge you not to take this as serious drawback. Please lets
      >look for creative solutions and I am sure you will hear sincere words of
      >encouragement from all other team members, too.
      >On Saturday, I will have a VideoBridge event 50 km South of Vienna and I
      >wonder if we could set up a public discussion 5PM CET with you in America;
      >this will be an important group. Also, tomorrow we will have a team of
      >Austrian Telekom filming our "Religion on Thursday" event which came out
      >of the cooperation with catholic faculty of Graz university, using for the
      >first time Creative Commons license and thus partly free material: we put
      >last weeks footage online to show that we now really entered a new era of
      >content sharing:
      >I hope that we can in year 2 show the integration of these resources in
      >our work for adult education generating local development.
      >All the best
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