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  • vijay srinivas
    Dear Colleagues, We are organising a one-day Workshop titled Workshop on System of Crop Intensification , under the aegis of the National Resource Centre for
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      Dear Colleagues,


      We are organising a one-day Workshop titled "Workshop on System of Crop Intensification", under the aegis of the National Resource Centre for Rural Livelihoods in Pradan and Sir Dorabji Tata Trust. The workshop is being held on December 23, 2009 at the Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses, New Delhi.


      The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) has been popularised in India over the last 6 years or so and has shown immense potential in enhancing the productivity of small and marginal farms. Farmers, Research Institutes, Agriculture Universities and Departments have been working in earnest to promote SRI in different parts of the country. Drawing on the fundamental principles of SRI, the technology is being gradually extended by practitioners and researchers to other crops as well, albeit in a limited manner. As a result technologies for wheat (SWI), sugarcane (SIS) and millets intensification (SMI) have come to light.


      Apart from outperforming conventional methods of cultivation in terms of output, SRI is cost effective and ensures the optimal use of water in drier regions. The promise of this technology to address issues of rainfed regions is best displayed by its resilience to erratic and delayed monsoons, as noticed in the Kharif of 2009. It is in this regard that the National Resource Centre for Rural Livelihoods (NRCRL) in PRADAN, along with the Aga Khan Foundation, India (AKFI) and the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT), is organising a one day Workshop on the System of Rice Intensification in Delhi on 23 rd December, 2009.


      The purpose of the Workshop is to bring together experiences from various stakeholders as to how SRI has fared this year (Kharif 2009). The Workshop would look at how the technologies can be modified / improved to achieve better results. The Workshop will also attempt to outline the policy support required for the systems of crop intensification, particularly rice, to become part of the mainstream agriculture extension system, so that issues of food security for poor communities can be better addressed.


      We truly hope that by sharing your experiences and learning at the Workshop you will seek to enrich the discussion at hand.


      For further details please write to wsci@... 


      D. Narendranath


      New Delhi

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