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Blogging Positively chat (Andrius, plz read ASAP!!)/Thanks for the Responses: Andrius, Collins, Pam, Zoneziwoh, Sasha, Mark!/Ed C

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Andrius, Collins, Pam, Zoneziwoh, Sasha, Mark, and All, Hello and marvelous to have so many exciting responses! Collins, we look forward to having you
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2009
      Dear Andrius, Collins, Pam, Zoneziwoh, Sasha, Mark, and All,
      Hello and marvelous to have so many exciting responses!  Collins, we look forward to having you with us, as you contributed so much of value to the chat last year at this time.
      Pam and Zoneziwoh, I hope to address violence against women, creative approaches to communication about this subject and health in general, and your further involvement in this project, at some point. Zoneziwoh, I hope you can join us!!
      Sasha, I look forward to your participation too, if you can do it. And I agree completely about using open-source whenever possible! I have friends in Africa, esp young people, who are adamant that FLOSS should be "boss", because it is friendlier in many ways than the proprietary software of the competition.
      Mark, it's always wonderful to hear from you, and your idea sounds exciting!  It seems like there would be some invaluable synergy between OLPC and Rising Voices, especially in terms of translation! We'd love to get the Guide translated into as many languages as possible, and to cover more ground in terms of produced materials sounds like my definition of heaven, or at least an entry in the "Economy of Dreams" taxonomy!  Can you join us at the chat?
      Andrius in particular, but also everyone:  tonight a major storm is expected to hit here, not blowing through until 9am in the morning. Power outages are already being predicted (but what do these weather forecasters know anyway, right ?!). Here's hoping this is a tempest in a teacup--which would be my cup of tea (tee-hee :))--but "if" I am not at the chat, it will be because of this storm.
      If the worst happens, please consider stepping in to moderate (Andrius or anyone linked to the project), and I will keep trying to log on so that I can take over. THANKS!!
      With greatest appreciation and blessings (without blusterings) to all! Janet
      Hello Andrius and Janet, and Ed!

      The Blogging Positively sounds like a good topic for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) movement, also. There might be a bit of mutual support developing between your groups and theirs if you collaborate with Ed Cherlin on the translation angle. Ed is both an evangelist for OLPC and an organizer of people creating empowering digital curricula, in Sugar (the user interface for OLPC). He got started with OLPC by organizing the information about all the efforts to translate Sugar, on the OLPC wiki. Ed is also a professional documentation expert, for hardware and software, and much more besides.

      It seems possible that people on both networks could share and translate each others' creations, so that twice as much content was created and distributed multi-lingually, or at least that which is created or selected is translated into more languages than either group represents alone.


      Mark Roest
      Hi Janet,
      thanks for considering my suggestion regarding use of open source software and open standards in this case. I thought twice should I comment on the issue, but I often feel people don't use FLOSS more for no apparent reason except inertia. FLOSS community offers a fantastic sets of culture a gift which is often not enough appreciated.
      Here in Minciu Sodas we promote free culture and I think FLOSS fits excellent with our values.
      Microsoft word and other proprietary software could also be useful, but sometimes it is of great importance what kind of tools we use.

      Thank you,
      Janet, Yes! I look forward to joining you and all for the "blogging
      postively" chat at http://www.worknets .org/chat/ on Dec 3, 11 am EST,
      which is 4pm UK and Nigeria-5pm, Lithuania-6pm, Kenya-Uganda 7pm and
      double check at http://www.timeandd ate.com/worldclo ck/ I look forward
      also to dreaming with ActAlive. Let's crank up the networking engines!
      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Hi All,

      Thank you all for the great work. Count me in.

      Thanks Again
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