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Thursday chat and train as Worknets "help room" online assistants

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I invite us all to chat tomorrow, Thursday, October 29, starting at 9:00 am New York time, 13:00 am London, 16:00 Nairobi. Come to our chat room
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      I invite us all to chat tomorrow, Thursday, October 29, starting at 9:00
      am New York time, 13:00 am London, 16:00 Nairobi. Come to our chat room

      I will be participating at a meeting in Lithuania and explaining how we
      can use Internet tools (like chat, wiki, emails) to help people with
      their projects. I want to motivate our team in Lithuania that they can
      learn how to use such tools and that they can truly be helpful. Your
      participation will make for concrete examples and help me get my points

      For example, Fred Kayiwa is working as an online assistant at our chat
      room. Today he started helping to move some Lithuanian pages from our
      Worknets wiki http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Values to our Lithuanian
      language wiki http://www.ms.lt/lt/wiki.cgi?Vertyb%C4%97s It's
      interesting that he can do that even though he doesn't know Lithuanian!
      So this is a good example that Lithuanians can help other people, too,
      even if they don't know English.

      I ask us all to please visit our chat room when you are online. Sign in
      and say hi and a line or two about what you are doing (just like
      Twitter). And please let me and Fred and Sasha teach you how to help
      with our tasks http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Tasks and likewise
      please give us your tasks that we can help with. In this way, we will
      have a vibrant help room which will make a sound foundation for our own
      "economy of dreams" (of helping each other), but also working as teams
      to make a living and make Minciu Sodas, Worknets strong along with all
      of our projects.

      Ananya Guha has a great project of writing poems for children.
      http:/We can publish them in English and local languages for viewing on
      DVD players, digital cameras, mobile phones and that supports Ricaro's
      endeavors and Josephat Ndibalema's as well. Ananya, if you can join us
      online at our chat room then we can likewise help more with your lovely

      Proscoviour Vunyiwa is an example of a person who I'd like to encourage
      to participate more. You are very skilled and we would greatly benefit
      and you could teach others, too!

      Samwel Kongere has written about his dream for a fish pond. We can
      respond by looking for microcredit solutions, and by learning from Jeff
      Buderer and other about Integrated Farm and Waste Management. Jeff, can
      you advise? Let's share our dreams!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003

      Ananya Guha wrote:
      > Dear Andrius,
      > Thanks very much for the information. In the meantime I am trying to
      > continue with my writing texts for children. Kindly have a look, I
      > need your help, to put them into a narrative structure, with voice etc
      > in DVDs.
      > Ananya S Guha.


      Proscoviour Vunyiwa:

      Thanks Andrius, I had spoken to Samuel Kongere on phone. If I will be
      through with my exams which i will be starting late November and finish
      early December, I will travel to Kisumu on 8th so that we can chat the
      way forward on how we can work together. I also do carpet weaving on
      readily available material and I believe this skill can help improve the
      life of someone. I appreciate your encouragement and getting time to
      read my articles. God bless you.


      Samwel Kongere:

      My dream is a community sustainable agriculture. I've a dream to keep
      myself fed and enable about 772 villagers access Tilapia their staple
      food, source of protein, commercial earner and make it sustainable to
      our livelihood. The people have been depending on this fish trade for
      decades but due to too much pressure of famine, destruction of
      vegetation and fishing pressure. I really dream of an integrated fish
      farming in a FishPond. My preliminary finding shows that it can be
      started with Kenya shillings 130,000 (about 1750 USD) which can run to
      close at 200,000 or so (about 2700 USD) to make it sustainable and
      transferable to the next generation. After several consultations with my
      comrades in Networks in Mendenyo, Rusinga island, the Kawala Women
      development group who appear on a picture in my profile in MS wiki,
      Udogo youth Development, YUVA (Youth for Unity and Voluntary Actions),
      RIDFI (Rusinga Island Youth Development Forum Initiative) all registered
      with the government and based in Rusinga Island in the New district of
      Mbita! We are working on 'A Living hope is desire'. If sustainability in
      Agriculture can sustain livelihood, then Enviromental friendly will be a
      long vested venture amongst dreams to create water catchment. My hope is
      to have specialist volunteers locally and internationally to aid this
      dream. A volunteer house can be constructed to save expenses, logical
      food security.

      See also other dreams at http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Dreams for our
      economy of dreams.


      Sasha Mrkailo:

      Hi Andrius,
      I find it hard to find connection between wiki pages I made. I feel this is counter productive, its like thinking thoughts but not keep them together. Its like forgetting them, like they have never been thought. I think this is not good, or at least its not useful to me. I would like to have some system where I could know which are pages made or modified by me. Or eventually make subpages like there is for example: EarthTreasury / AnanyaSGuha.
      Maybe I could make a subwiki SashaMrkailo / Beekeeping SashaMrkailo / Linux and so on.

      Sasha, that's a good idea and I can make such a report! Thank you for your ideas for improvements. Andrius
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