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We will fund Samwel for April, May, June

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    Helmut, Thank you for your letters which I share below. I am glad that you are happy with Samwel s work in organizing the translation of the ProWiki
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2007

      Thank you for your letters which I share below. I am glad that you are happy
      with Samwel's work in organizing the translation of the ProWiki
      http://www.prowiki.com interface into Kiswahili. Thank you also for your

      Helmut, Thank you very much for the very special wiki services
      http://www.ourculture.info that you provide for our Minciu Sodas laboratory.
      We are very fortunate to be at the forefront of the wikiworld with "ProWiki
      beta" which you have created to respond to our evolving needs. I am relying
      on them heavily as an engine for http://www.myfoodstory.info I know that
      often I am exploring my needs or simply lost. I am thankful for your
      patience and commitment to us! I think of you as I pursue our lab's business

      Last summer I decided to fund Samwel to work for us, but I didn't have the
      energy or imagination to create and manage a meaningful project. Thank you
      for providing such a project - the translation of the ProWiki interface. I
      am glad that Samwel and his colleagues have tackled this challenge. Helmut,
      thank you for providing 150 EUR that we'll use to fund Samwel's work in
      April, May, June at 50 EUR per month. This will provide some security for
      his family. Also, thank you to Agnese who has committed to provide 30 USD per
      month for Samwel's Internet access so that he might especially help our team
      in Tanzania. Samwel, I look forward to your help to tutor our Tanzanians in
      web design so that they could build web pages showcasing our MyFoodStory
      stories and they could be presented at websites around the world. If we win
      our MyFoodStory bonuses, then I will award 20 USD for each such web page
      created that is put up at a website.

      Samwel and all of us have pioneered ways for us to fund Africans for useful
      projects that build our network. It started with Samwel's creating his own
      website online and engaging Janet and then me. I encouraged him to "work for
      free" in such ways - on what he cared about, in the Public Domain - so that we
      might get to know him and find ways to work together. Then after several
      months he was bold enough to appeal for help to get work so that he could
      continue his education. I decided that I needed to be true to my beliefs and
      my principles and respond to the effort that he had put in. So I took a
      chance to send him 100 USD (plus 25 USD fee) in advance so that he might do
      some work for our lab. I designed the projects so that they would help make
      him more "verifiable" and open up more ways for him to be helpful to our
      network. So the first project was to interview 20 activists in his local
      area so that he might represent them online in our Open Leader network which
      I was trying to create (I have given up on that approach since then, but
      still the answers he collected are helpful, they are at
      http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?PersonalOutlooks if you dig through the
      list.) Then thanks especially to Janet Feldman he was the recipient of the
      300 USD that our community earned for Greg Wolff's chocolate project and
      pooled together for him so that he could attend the Africa Source II
      workshops where he invited many people who have joined us here. He did a few
      other projects for us including interviews regarding the "money mind" of
      people who had succeeded in living comfortably while helping others (a
      question that Samwel is investigating). All of this work paid for itself and
      built our lab's assets, but also opened up business opportunity, I think it is
      a major reason why Greg decided to fund us to start up MyFoodStory. We have
      shown the significance of small projects (say, for 100 USD for two months of
      part-time work) in building our network.

      Now let's look for ways to include more of colleagues such as Wendi in
      Cameroon (what is your full name?), Ken Owino in Nairobi, Tom Ochuka in
      Kenya, Fred Kayiwa in Uganda, David Mutua in Kenya, and other colleagues in
      Africa, India, the Middle East and around the world. Thank you for enriching
      our lives! And I am very glad for Agnese's and Janet's initiative regarding
      the eLearning conference.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      Chicago, Illinois

      the translation work is nearly finished, although I do not know
      whether we can close it in a week or in a few months.
      Anyway, Samuel should know that he will get payed for that and
      I think we agreed that you'll organize the available EUR 150
      to fit into the overall picture of you funding him.
      By the way, how did your overall cooperation develop?

      HLS SOFTWARE/WIKISERVICE www.hls-software.com www.wikiservice.at
      leitner@... office@... leitner@...
      Helmut Leitner MOBIL: +43 676 7221638 TEL: +43 316 383820
      Rosenbergg├╝rtel 41, A-8010 Graz, ├ľsterreich FAX: +43 316 383462


      Dear Samuel,

      thank you for your great work. I've now checked the formal aspects
      of the translation, made a few corrections and found some places that
      need attention.

      Places that need reworking are marked this way
      $$$ some comments regarding what is needed
      so you can search for "$$$" and make the changes efficiently.

      There was a misunderstanding regarding the translation of
      "# comments to help translations"
      which are not to be translated. I remove that translations.
      I'm sorry about this unnecessary work.

      In addition there are three general questions to help my understanding:

      (1) Ellipses "..." have been translated to "...." in most places.
      In one case "..." has been kept. Is there a standard in your
      country to do it one way or the other?

      (2) Sentences that ended in "!" (exclamation mark) have been translated
      without that. In general I need to keep the punctuation characters
      because of the context of the text,So I added the "!".
      Is this ok or is it wrong to use the "!" character this way?

      (3) There are many cases where upper case and lower case of
      original and translation do not correspond. Is it ok to
      adapt this as needed?

      Thank you for all your effort.
      We're now only a small step from really finishing this work.

      Best regards,

      samuel kongere wrote:
      > Thanks Hemut,
      > Receive this translation and get to me later
      > Samwel
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