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Disturbing: The International Contest for Innovation in ICT4D

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Eddie Avila, Thank you, I found more information about the contest which I also share with COMMUNIA because it is a disturbing example of intellectual property
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2009
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      Eddie Avila, Thank you, I found more information about the contest which
      I also share with COMMUNIA because it is a disturbing example of
      intellectual property terms that I think is imperialist and colonialist
      in that it targets developing countries. (COMMUNIA,
      http://www.communia-project.eu is the European Union's thematic network
      for the Public Domain , which is meeting in Barcelona, Spain on October


      It sounds great, but the explanations are disappointing, even troubling,
      because they are counter to a creative world that is open and sharing.

      "Cre@tic looks for ground-breaking ideas ... Ground-breaking” means
      “original”. ... An idea is original when it is not included in the
      state of the art. ... An idea will be susceptible of business
      application or exploitation when its use is considered to bring business
      opportunities. ... Those ideas that are already included in the state
      of the art or whose ownership belongs to a third party different from
      the applicant will under no circumstances be developed in Cre@tic."
      [Note that ideas that are "state of the art" cannot be patented! which
      seems to be the point here.]

      "The Inventor or Holder of the ground-breaking idea shall authorise CTIC
      Foundation to proceed with the controlled dissemination of the idea in
      the framework and with the confidentiality guarantees of the Cre@tic
      System. ... The Inventor or Holder of the ground-breaking idea commits
      himself/herself to keep it within the Cre@tic System and not to withdraw
      it from it in two (2) years. In exceptional cases, the CTIC Foundation
      may authorise the release of a Cre@tic ground-breaking idea in a shorter
      time. ... The Inventor or Holder of the ground-breaking idea is
      obliged not to hold any kind of negotiation, be it direct or indirect,
      personally or by using an intermediary, with third parties without the
      knowledge and express authorisation of the CTIC Foundation. Failure to
      comply with this exclusivity commitment shall entail the imposition of a
      compensation fee. CTIC Foundation commits itself to keep the Inventor
      or Holder of the ground-breaking idea informed of the professional
      contacts it establishes in the framework of the Cre@tic System to
      promote the development and exploitation of his/her ground-breaking
      idea. CTIC Foundation will urge the Inventor or Holder of the
      ground-breaking idea to apply for the corresponding intellectual or
      industrial property title in order to defend his/her interests when it
      is considered advisable for his/her protection. ... CTIC Foundation
      reserves the right to participate, if agreed by the parties, in the
      development or exploitation processes of Cre@tic’s ground-breaking ideas."

      This is all sponsored by CTIC Foundation, the region of Asturias,
      Fundacion Vodafone Espana, an electronics association and the city
      council of Gijon. The CTIC Foundation is a non-profit private
      organization, constituted by a group of firms from the Information and
      Communication Technologies field, and the Government of the
      Principality of Asturias.

      It's very disappointing to live in a world where governments, businesses
      and non-profits assume that proprietary control is the way to foster
      development. They don't have enough of their own ideas so they are
      reaching out to other people to lock up their ideas for the sake of
      money. Is that the only path to development?

      Is it moral to appeal for "development" (which assumes that people
      should care about each other) yet insist on proprietary control (which
      assumes that people won't care about each other)?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003

      eddie avila wrote:
      > FYI:
      > * *The CTIC Foundation invites investigators and students from
      > Latin America, Asia, and Africa to present innovative ideas in
      > the area of ICT for Human Development.*
      > * *The selected ideas will be implemented by the developers in the
      > cReaTIC Laboratory.*
      > The International Call for Ideas in ICT Innovation for Development, is
      > a new commitment by the CTIC Foundation to contribute to the
      > development of the less favoured countries through the use of ICT
      > and developed within the Framework 1@+tú=1€ and with the cooperation
      > of cReaTIC.
      > The request by young-talented-people from Asia to participate on this
      > contest is an example of the potential of this continent in the field
      > of ICT4D. For this reason the Contest will be extended its call to
      > Asian students and investigators.
      > An innovative application for Mobile technology to improve living
      > conditions in rural areas, the innovative use of GPS for the
      > prevention of natural catastrophes or a new device which allows the
      > increase of determined groups to access education are some of the
      > ideas which people may have to present in the Contest.
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