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Strategic plan for Wikimedia movement

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I was using Wikipedia today and saw a link to the letter which I share below. Wikipedia is certainly a wonderful resource. I m always a bit sad that it s not
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2009
      I was using Wikipedia today and saw a link to the letter which I share

      Wikipedia is certainly a wonderful resource. I'm always a bit sad that
      it's not in the Public Domain and so I can't and won't invest myself
      much in it, its community or its content. Instead, I'm working in the
      Public Domain.

      I'm glad that they are inviting everybody to think about its future. I
      find that encouraging. Perhaps we might think of what resources we
      would like, share that with them but, in any event, create that ourselves?

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@..., +370 699

      Letter from Michael Snow and Jimmy Wales

      It is hard to believe that less than a decade ago, Wikipedia didn't
      exist. Now, 330 million people use Wikipedia every month, making it the
      world's most frequently used online knowledge resource. Hundreds of
      thousands of volunteers have built and maintained the different
      Wikimedia projects in the last eight years.

      Although we have accomplished a lot, we still have far to go to achieve
      our vision of a world in which every single person can freely share in
      the sum of all human knowledge. How can we build on our success to
      overcome the challenges that lie ahead? Less than a fifth of the world's
      population has access to the Internet. While hundreds of thousands of
      volunteers have contributed to Wikimedia projects today, they are not
      fully representative of the diversity of the world. Many choices lie
      ahead as we work to build a world wide movement to create and share free

      We are starting a year-long process to develop a strategic plan for the
      Wikimedia movement. Specifically, we are trying to understand:

      * Where are we now?
      * Where do we want to be in five years?
      * How do we get from here to there?

      Help us find the answers to these questions. Explore them, break them
      down, reflect on what they mean for our vision and our values. Here are
      five ways you can help:

      * Join a task force. We are organizing task forces that will explore
      different topics and produce a set of recommendations related to them.
      Apply to participate, or form your own ad-hoc groups.
      * Let us know how you can help. If you are an expert in one of the
      subjects we are dealing with, add yourself to our expert database. This
      will allow task forces and other volunteers to reach you with questions,
      and you can respond when you have time.
      * Publish your ideas. Write a proposal on the strategy wiki, and
      help organize and improve the proposals that are already there. Post
      ideas on your blog, on mailing lists, and on social networks like
      Identi.ca, Twitter, and Facebook. Tag those posts with #wikimedia or
      link to them on the strategy wiki so that others can see them.
      * Host conversations about strategy. In order to develop good plans,
      we need broad participation. There is no way that the task forces can
      talk to everyone who has ideas about Wikimedia's future. This is where
      you can help: host your own conversations about strategy, in person or
      online, and publish the results on the strategy wiki. There are
      templates and tools for hosting strategy sessions on the strategy wiki.
      * Talk to us. Give feedback to the strategy team. Tell us your
      ideas, your hopes, your fears, your goals for the projects. Add feedback
      to the strategy wiki, or send an email to strategy@....

      If you cannot participate, will you consider making a donation to
      support Wikimedia? A donation will directly support our global free
      knowledge programs. We also need volunteers to contribute to our
      projects, improve our technology, and support our work in other ways.

      This century has presented us with an amazing opportunity to transform
      our civilization, and to create equal opportunities for all human
      beings. We hope you can join us in our work of sharing knowledge with
      every person on the planet.

      Michael Snow
      Chair, Wikimedia Foundation
      Jimmy Wales
      Founder of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation
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