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Re: Another good example of thinking out loud...together...

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Benoit, Thank you! and I share your post there about the collectivist and the individualist points of view (which Pam and I chatted about) and how you bring
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2009
      Benoit, Thank you! and I share your post there about the collectivist
      and the individualist points of view (which Pam and I chatted about) and
      how you bring them together writing about teens and villages. Andrius
      Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      Benoit Couture wrote:

      Another good example of thinking outloud...together...and...

      ...as a tribute to Pam and Andrius online and face-to-face relationship
      (virtual-real), I offer some mind rubbing, Sunday reading...from my own
      planet's Saturday's near noon...!




      The nature of clollectivist says: “It takes the village to raise a child”.

      The nature of individualst says: “Who am I? I need to know!”

      The nature of knowledge says: “The culture of interdependence in
      serenity is the health of mutuality between the village and who we each

      Currently, we are at a junction of history when the incompatibilities of
      the past collectivist ruling units, such as the various war machines and
      their specific contexts, are resisting the individualism that has taken
      on a corporate shape, and goes on acting as individuals, competing for
      survival in a an unsustainable village.

      For both, the individual and the village, the genuine paradigm shift
      comes from discovering the passage from competing to completing, just
      like the village needs to do with great dedication when the child
      becomes a teen, in making room for the teen’s deployment in the community.

      Failing to do so keeps the teen from getting to know who she/he is,
      therefore keeping her/him to take her/his place in the smooth running of
      the village.

      Our Western modern society is made of several genrations in which the
      villages have been built to satisfy corporate individualism, supporting
      competition and forgetting about completion.

      As a result, the corporate agenda finds itself having to re-invent the
      wheel of life with artifitial intelligence, leaving behind the
      cultivation needed for the village and the individual’s continuity into

      The vaccum that this is creating is digging a groove which will collapse
      under the weigth of indifference and ignorance merging in reply to
      injustice, as we see throughout human history.

      When the collapse becomes inavitable, all the war machines will be
      forced to merge into the corporate agenda, putting in place the
      artificial mechanisms to keep the masses of villages from interfering
      with the powers that be, who never had time to adjust to the assembling
      of going from competing to completing, but who suddenly, will have to
      behave according to the teens’ uprise against the village.

      Instead of witnessing the beauty of a paradigm shift in serinity, the
      entity of terror-anti-terror is moving globalization with the forces of
      extreme tensions, which forces the governance of paradox rule upon humanity.

      The village and the teens have to learn quickly (and not in a hurry, so
      as to defeat the stress of extreme tensions), how to fill the vaccum
      with all that’s been denied to get to the top by competing, as opposed
      to completing.

      My prayer and hope is to see 2.0 to serve the coming of 3.0 in the
      release of serenity between the village and the child…amen to God’s Yes
      in us all…
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