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Barcelona events in October and November

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I ll be attending the COMMUNIA meeting in Barcelona on October 1-2, 2009. I look forward to contributing to ways of self-rating the openness of a university,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2009
      I'll be attending the COMMUNIA meeting in Barcelona on October 1-2,
      2009. I look forward to contributing to ways of self-rating the openness
      of a university, and to the future of university-level education in
      general, which will be key at the final June 28-30, 2010 conference of
      COMMUNIA in Torino, Italy.

      I also ask Minciu Sodas participants to contribute ideas to the COMMUNIA
      recommendations for European Union policy regarding the Public Domain:
      user: communia_private password: com9628mu

      I plan to stay longer in Barcelona to practice my Spanish and to make
      contacts, especially with "independent thinkers". I am looking for
      inexpensive places to stay there and organizations where I might co-work
      and have Internet access.

      I note two events of interest: The International Forum on Free Culture
      and Knowledge takes place in Barcelona from October 29 to November 1.
      http://www.fcforum.net and I include more info below.

      Franz Nahrada alerts us to the Clear Village Lab on November 5-7 in
      Barcelona to bring together "global village" experts for co-creating a
      sustainable village. http://www.clear-village.org/lab "I submitted a
      successful application to the clear village design workshop in Barcelona
      and I encourage everyone here to have a look at their site and submit an
      application. www.clear-village.org. It is simply amazing and something I
      have been waiting for since 14 years, since the parc BIT design contest
      which ended and worked out so trivially. Its totally in alignment with
      the very core of the GIVE project."

      The Clear Village effort is very impressive, but they don't seem yet to
      have fully embraced the "open source" approach that Franz and I and
      others champion. The "lab" will license its contributions under a
      Creative Commons license, whereas the associated "contest"
      http://www.clear-village.org/contest gives the organizers "the option to
      use the rights for production on an exclusive basis and without time

      Franz, would you give away your ideas (and our support for your ideas)
      on such terms?

      Franz also alerts us: "Michel Bauwens, Phoebe Moore, Nathans Cravens and
      others are convocating a workshop on virtual collaboration platforms in
      Manchester also at the beginning of November. I alert Andrius and those
      in our network active on the tools side to see if they can participate.
      I see very important practical endavours emerge from there. "

      I appreciate help in thinking through my trip.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Dukiskes, Lithuania



      Barcelona, October 29 to November 1st2009

      Website: http://www.fcforum.net/

      Newsletter subscription:


      There is in motion the celebration of an International Forum on free
      culture and knowledge from October 29 to November 1st 2009 at Barcelona.

      This is the opportunity to join under the same roof and from a critical
      perspective, the main organizations and active voices in the free
      culture and knowledge world; a meeting point to sit down, dance and work
      together setting common agendas, strategies and address disagreements.
      In this regard, the Forum is action-oriented. Besides that, there are
      the conditions to get the visibility to reach a wider public and point
      out another perspective about knowledge, culture and creativity,
      different to the one that the entertainment industry and universities
      insists in showing us.

      Why Barcelona

      In January 2010, Spanish State will take up the European Presidency of
      the European Union. Spanish Government has already announced that one of
      their flagships will be reinforcing the control of the Internet and
      criminalizing the sharing culture in the digital environment. The
      consequences of those decisions will be noticed in the rest of the
      world. Furthermore, within this context, Barcelona is closing agreements
      with cultural institutions to set new agreements to get a fairer sharing
      of copyrights. These agreements will be spread to other institutions in
      Catalonia and Spanish State.

      In October 29th, this year Barcelona will hold the Second Edition of the
      Oxcars Festival, an international event to honor the defense of culture
      and to show that other creation channels, as good and with as much
      quality as traditional ones, exist. The last edition was a success with
      more than 2000 participants. It brought the attention both of an
      interested public and of media. You can find more information about last
      year show athttp://exgae.net/exgae-multiply-and-share-forth/theoxcars.

      In the Spanish State, there are very active organizations, movements and
      persons related to free culture from different perspectives, offering a
      very rich sharing space and a source of new proposals from where to
      launch an international process. In this regard, from several worldwide
      voices, like during the last World Social Forum (Belem do Para Brazil
      2009) is recognized the necessity to create international spaces for
      networking, coordination and building of a global frame of the free
      culture and knowledge issue, analyse similarities and develop common
      agendas; the Free Culture Forum of Barcelona aims to create such space.

      What: Combine advocacy and building of infrastructure

      The forum's main objectives are on the one hand building networks to
      optimize the efforts of the different groups and fixing common demands
      against contents industry and government proposals in its eagerness to
      control culture and information and to self-organize to build
      infrastructure to sustain free culture; and on the other hand
      reinforcing the self-organization of tools and infrastructure to support
      free culture.


      The schedule and methodology of the Forum is organized in 3 days

      * October 29th: Celebration of the Oxcars Free Culture Awards Festival.
      * October 30th: Panels presentation of key experiences from around the
      globe and discussion on the key issues.
      * October 31th: Working groups around the key issues of the Forum and
      open space to meetings from participants initiatives.
      * November 1st: Finish placing in common the results and initiatives
      from the meetings and working groups in order to identify a common
      future agenda and manifesto.

      Key issues

      LEGAL PERSPECTIVES AND USERS ACCESS: From a legal point of view, we will
      try to identify holes and flexibilities in national regulations and
      International agreements to look for a strategy against the abuses of
      knowledge and culture policies both in private and contractual relations
      and against the international public policies.It is necessary to
      consider users rights before culture. Last years tendency has broken the
      balance between user and consumer rights and producer and creators which
      must be reestablished.

      EDUCATION AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: Opposed to the corporative approach
      to education, there is a new approach based on the idea of sharing and
      keeping up solidarity. New ways of managing knowledge created by public
      funded research and innovative research methodologies taking into
      account social movements as knowledge generators. It is also about
      taking advantage of the new educational tools and the dissemination of
      knowledge that Internet and digital culture have provided. Little by
      little, new initiatives for use and creation of materials without
      copyrights and proposals to extend limitations and exceptions to those
      rights with educational aims are emerging.

      Economy, culture and knowledge management are basic. In the last few
      years, more and more voices are questioning the costs for society and
      its development of cultural and knowledge exploitation models that are
      based on exclusive rights with too long life span. Favored by the
      Internet, focus of economy has moved from property to access. Free
      Culture philosophy, inherited from free software is the empirical proof
      that a new ethic and new businesses based on knowledge democratization
      are possible. Intermediaries disappear and author becomes producer of
      her works.

      term hackers is usually used by media with negative connotation, around
      this movement alternative actions have been developed with a clear
      philosophy of defense of user's rights from a perspective of a common
      conscience which promotes freedom of knowledge and social justice.
      Hackers movement have also build key platforms and tools for a free
      culture infrastructure.

      Critically reflect on the emerging collective action organizational and
      democratic features related to free culture experiences (such as the
      remix culture, prosumerirsm, descentralised organizing and open and
      participative principles), looking to strains and weaknesses, and to
      discuss on their political implications and the emerging institutional
      logic. Furthermore, a critical analysis on the “dark� side of
      technology and the risk linked to its uses, such as increase of
      surveillance, control and concentration of benefits over collectively
      generated value.

      The Forum infrastructure is provided by Exgae, Networked Politics, Free
      knowledge Institute and the collaboration of Students For Free Culture
      and Hangar.

      Website: http://fcforum.net

      Newsletter of informations:


      Organization contact: info@...
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