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Re: Loans as social development

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Tom Ochuka, I share your letter and Benoit Coture s reply. Yes, I m glad that we were able to agree on a loan for your hand cart for transporting water. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2009
      Tom Ochuka, I share your letter and Benoit Coture's reply. Yes, I'm glad
      that we were able to agree on a loan for your hand cart for transporting
      water. I remind us the terms, which deemphasize money, so that you pay
      back only 75% and for the rest you supply us with your research results.
      This is because the social assets that you are building must, for me, be
      emphasized over any financial gains, which I hope you have as well. I'm
      glad to know your deepest value "A society that responds to change" and
      your investigatory questions "How to empower the community?" and
      specifically "How to involve people to make them independent so they can
      find water solutions for themselves?" as in "How to get water without
      depending on the common source?" Yes, we can develop more loans as we
      get to know each other, pay back our loans and support each other's
      dreams. I'm glad that you write about your dreams because that is key
      for "An economy of dreams". Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, ms@...,

      Dear Andrius, Benoit, Janet, Sam ,Ricardo and all MS ,Members

      To save Africa from the poverty challenge there are several factors that
      have even before contributed to Food inadequacy leading to Poverty and
      mistrust from communities to government,

      I appreciate all Efforts that Andrius and all of us are doing to make
      loan ASOCIAL FINANCIAL ACTIVITY and Not a conditional financial
      obligation that will not make an investor sleepless as one tries to payback.

      Many groups, Orgs ,individuals do not access loans at all because .

      1 Most of the Loaning intuitions have conditions that even they
      themselves cannot meet.

      2 They Make loaning process so complicated that one spends much time and
      money accessing loan.

      3 One is expected to payback with huge interest rate and so scares the

      4 They usually major on the minor Security which is usually the only
      assets one has and not Ability to pay when tallying the final processes,

      The question that disturbs me is how do we make our loans friendly to
      the communities and make them future potentials of this Poverty
      Eradication processes,

      This take me to the Avenue of my deepest values A SOCIETY THAT RESPONDS
      TO CHANGE, Everything is changing.

      1 Technology

      2 Economies

      3 Productions

      4 Farming

      5 Social lives.

      How can we broaden what we already have at the MSLAB: in order to make
      profits that can change the society and community, there is no society
      without us first becoming Social,

      We have had 1 Social Agriculture 2 Sustainable Agriculture, How can we
      now develop social Entrepreneurship, where our loans are friendly with
      the idea of putting up asocial business. Usually most CREDIT Facilities
      fail because their End result is profit making Rather than Economic
      Development which they Claim to all be doing.

      How can we have MS offer loans that can change the whole of Africa,
      Regions and countries that lag behind economically, Usually the west has
      been trying to develop Africa Economically like the world Bank but they
      usually from Time to time begin with, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN ORDER TO GET
      A LOAN….More often than not even the most organized corporations and
      financial intuitions have ended up closing ,they have good theories
      ,important people and organized corporations get loans from them, but
      they don’t work had to pay ,Somebody in Mbita ,who doesn’t have anything
      work had to pay ,we expect WHAT ARE YOU INTERESTED IN and NOT WHAT ARE
      YOU DOING ALREADY ,and the answer is usually our deepest values .The
      other name for our Deepest Value Brother Andrius is Usually our overall
      goals. And so many big banks in Kenya failed very good banks and
      financial intuitions, In Kenya we have had 1 Rural and urban development
      bank ,Bank of credit and commerce international,Thabiti Finance ,these
      were very good banks but closed down ,Perhaps they concentrated on major
      ASSETS as security ,For example if you take Electronics like
      TV,FURNIUTRE Etc as security, many today can do without this but not
      maize Somebody in Nyamuga,Mbita,or Ahero can do without this but not
      Ugali or Githeri,

      If you Agree with me Sam ,Andrius and all why cant we Energize those we
      have in the forum to set up village banks in Regional set up and have
      Funds that will socially bring the regions together .Because the poor
      also have their strength and potentials but because they are not given a
      chance are believed to be without any input. Who can loan a disabled,
      who can help the blind, are we help to them or blind to them,

      Am trying to put an open suggestion here, we collectively as lab work on
      Diverse measure to support all our orgs ,making them feel important,
      where can we borrow and how much can we give each group as asocial loan?

      Tom Ochuka

      Deaf Impact Ministry

      BOX 3295

      Kisumu- 40100


      Tel +254712929029, Email:tomochuka@...


      After reading the attachment, my first thought of your understanding, is
      that confusion rules money and that we need a new way to handle money.
      To us here in this forum and the millions of other forums, this new way
      is the opportunity to learn that these communication divices offer us
      and this is what we are being employed at doing as we write to each
      other. At least, that is why I go on participating and offering my view,
      hoping to generate inspiration and influence of renewal so that the best
      of God and of humanity get to lead the way, all the way!
      Dr. Yunnus' work is viewed as this new way of handling mobey and for
      Kenya, we have been pointed several times toward
      A good letter for that was:
      In the attachment, you point out often to Minciu Sodas, and how to take
      position in various areas and ways.
      Minciu Sodas is owned and operated legally and solely by Andrius
      Instead of moving from local to global like Dr. Yunnus does, Andrius
      moves from global to local.
      By going to go on in the name of Minciu Sodas, our first question must
      be, how do we work around Andrius so that he becomes empowered to grow
      into his own version of a global Dr. Yunnus.
      At the moment, regarding the water cart project, Andrius and Janet are
      moving, one toward the immediate need and the other, with the details of
      business for long term association.
      So if I understand Tom's position in the face of the 2 offers, I would
      think that the question becomes how do these 2 seperate offers get to
      join into one smooth flow of answering the need first as Janet provides
      and how to go on with the long term scaling investment that Andrius offers?
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