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My 10-minute video summary of my philosophy, "I wish to know"

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I lead Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, an online laboratory for independent thinkers. My own independent thinking is my lifelong quest to know everything
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2009
      I lead Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, an online laboratory for
      independent thinkers. My own "independent thinking" is my lifelong
      quest "to know everything and apply that knowledge usefully".

      I invite you to see a 10-minute summary I have created of my thinking:
      (click on the picture and the video will start).

      I'm submitting it to the art show "Truth" which Markus Petz is curating
      at The Center of Contemporary Art Pispala in Tampere, Finland. Thank
      you to Markus for encouraging me and also thank you to Zenonas
      Anusauskas and his Internet TV station http://www.internetinetv.lt for
      providing me with a camera, teaching me how to use it, letting me film
      his house and giving me lots of encouragement.

      I have worked on my philosophy for 27 years. The last nine years I have
      worked on my notes almost daily. They are online at:
      and here is my script, which is much shorter:

      My video is my first complete sketch of an account of everything. In
      the first half, I document the conceptual structures that I'm aware of.
      In the second half, I propose a theory that these structures derive from
      God's considering whether he exists even if he doesn't exist. The
      structures arise as God withdraws until God is not necessary, leaving
      simply truth. But the associated growth of understanding appreciates
      the lack of God as relevant and ultimately as a demonstration that God
      is necessary, that there is much work for us to do.

      Our Worknets culture of independent thinkers is such a wish for tangible
      truth, for incremental compassion, for a "kingdom of heaven" where what
      we believe is what happens, and so what unfolds unfolds along with our
      beliefs. I imagine that my philosophy is relevant, or will be relevant,
      as we seek such a universal culture.

      I'm pausing to think about what I've learned. There is much more to do,
      such as nail down the details of the theoretical frameworks from which
      derive the languages of argumentation (how things come to matter),
      verbalization (how things get meaning) and narration (how things
      happen). This is relevant for our work together based on our values,
      questions and endeavors.

      I'm stopping, though, to reflect on what I've learned. We can describe
      our mental world without reference to God. But as I try to derive that
      world, I find that each and every step makes sense as God's withdrawal,
      making room for us. And then we can see the enormous opportunity that
      we have to act with love in a world of imperfections, lack of empathy,
      lack of slack and incompleteness of life. We grow by going beyond
      ourselves to take up God's will, good will, wisdom and eternal life, all
      of which acknowledge and embrace those faults. We thus come together
      around God's reality that we join in making real.

      How have I changed since I started this quest as a child? I have a much
      warmer relationship with God. In the beginning, God was for me a very
      cold hypothetical, for I understood his absence coldly. Now, over the
      years, I have warmed to God, I think because I have come to God, rather
      than he come to me. I appreciate his absence as his warmth, his not
      imposing himself on me. I suppose in this way God's absence and
      presence are the same.

      I don't have any reason to question God's relevance overall because
      that's allowed me to arrive at my results. So now I may think freshly,
      how might God like to participate? What might God like to investigate?
      I hope to dedicate myself and understanding and supporting God's growth,
      his values and investigations and endeavors. I think he values love, he
      endeavors to reach out to the hard to reach, and he is interested in how
      we understand each other's values. I believe that this outlook will
      yield real progress for my own study of argumentation, verbalization and

      I have also arrived at an answer to my thought as a child, that if I
      knew everything, then I would know what I might do useful with that
      knowledge. I think that alongside the opportunity to love and wish, to
      obey and believe, we can also care to co-create a culture of independent
      thinkers as I wrote above, and as I sketch with the Worknets charter

      I'm happy that we are working alongside each other, both online and
      on-the-ground, to create a world where this is also relevant, where God
      can be with us both in his absence and presence, where we can all be
      independent, or simply alone, both together and separately, and we can
      grow in love to embrace those of a more or less different mindset. I'm
      blessed to be with us in a society where all this is possible.
      I invite you to watch this video! I hope it helps you understand me and
      what I think is "true, direct, constant, significant". I welcome your
      thoughts and questions, your ideas on working together, and your help to
      share this all with others who might join us.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Dukiskes, Lithuania
      skype: minciusodas
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