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Re: [learningfromeachother] Worknets labs: Andrius, Samwel, Franz

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  • kayiwa fred
    I appreciate Your Everyone s effort here, I rely appreciate the way MS LAB is growing and making people grow as Independent Thinkers as well as getting
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 15, 2009
      I appreciate Your Everyone's effort here,
      I rely appreciate the way MS LAB is growing and making people grow as Independent Thinkers as well as getting Friendships who are teaching each other.

      I request all Ugandans on here to cheer up and come with as many friends as possible to make Sam kongere's leadership strong,
      I will be very happy to continue working under Kogere's Leadership

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      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Worknets labs: Andrius, Samwel, Franz
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      Date: Friday, August 14, 2009, 2:45 PM


      I share my thoughts on the future of our Worknets culture after phone
      conversations with Franz Nahrada, Samwel Kongere, Leon Benjamin and
      Ricardo. I also hope to talk with Edward Cherlin, Janet Feldman, Pamela
      McLean, Benoit Couture, Josephat Ndibalema and others who have and will
      participate actively. I also encourage us to write.

      In 1998, I founded the Minciu Sodas laboratory for independent thinkers
      http://www.ms. lt More recently, I have started work to foster Worknets,
      an entire culture of independent thinkers http://www.worknets .org

      Samwel and Franz reaffirmed commitments that we made in London that each
      of us lead a Worknets laboratory. Each of us will develop our local
      presence along with our global network for a culture of investigation.

      Samwel lives in Rusinga Island, Kenya in Lake Victoria. He's the first
      person in Africa with whom I did $100 projects and he lead a team for
      our largest work, My Food Story. He's catalyzed the strong network
      that we have in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. His deepest value is
      "motivation through sacrifice" and he leads our working group Mendenyo
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/mendenyo/ which means "men without food"
      as in "let's not eat everything today, but invest in a better
      tomorrow". Samwel would walk 5 km to the Internet and inspired our
      making best use of marginal Internet access. He worked with Ricardo and
      others to expand Internet access in his region and try out Wifi
      solutions. Samwel works with a group of women to foster a good life in
      the countryside and avert migration to the urban slums. He champions a
      knowledge-based approach to keep learning while solving problems. His
      current focus is sustainable agriculture and tourism.

      Franz lives and works at his family's Hotel Karolinenhof in Vienna,
      Austria. Franz is the first independent thinker that I organized us
      around. He leads our first such working group, Global Villages
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/globalvill ages/ His deepest value is
      "recognizing efficacies", which is to say, how things fit together
      well. Franz has a long history as a visionary thinker and social
      networker for rediscovering villages as the natural places for nurturing
      the human spirit, soul, mind and body. He leads the lab GIVE, Globally
      Integrated Village Environment http://www.give. at He champions a
      knowledge society based on futuristic libraries, coworking centers,
      video bridges, online communities, regional information coaches,
      do-it-yourself technologies and open source economics. Franz has links
      to many parts of Austria and Germany and dreams of living in a monastery
      of the future.

      I live in the village of Dukiskes, Lithuania with the family of Zenonas
      and Audrone Anusauskas. My deepest value is "living by truth" and since
      childhood I'm on a quest to know everything and apply that usefully.
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/livingbytr uth/ Next week I'll upload a 10
      minute video summary of my philosophical work which I hope will make my
      work more approachable. This year I've developed my creative talents in
      drawing, painting, sculpture, video and earlier in song, music, poetry
      and drama. I would like to apply my philosophical skills to foster
      Worknets as a creative culture. I was born to a Lithuanian family in
      California. I moved to Lithuania in 1997 and soon established Minciu
      Sodas as my business to serve and organize independent thinkers like
      myself and all of us. I look forward to putting down more roots in the
      Lithuanian countryside, most likely fostering a network of bases and
      then settle down amongst them, hopefully some day with a family.

      Our three laboratories will be exercises in bringing our dreams to
      life. They are centers for an economy of dreams which I am organizing.
      I invite us to keep writing about them. We have inspiring dreams and we
      can all support and embolden each other. We will find ways to share
      resources, open opportunities and build relationships. Please share
      your dreams, make them real along with our labs, and consider starting
      your own lab, so that Worknets is a network of labs.

      Each lab represents a commitment to share our life's dream. This
      includes a focus on developing a local base from which we live and work
      and enjoy life. It includes local friendships and a thriving creative
      culture. It means being open and supportive to all locally who might
      grow by pursuing questions they don't know the answer to, but wish to
      answer. It also means likewise being active globally in the area of our
      focus, which might be sustainability (Samwel), global villages (Franz),
      conceptual frameworks, especially for our culture (Andrius).

      We will be recognizing and defining our culture's expectations as we go
      along. This should free us to act as leaders wherever we dedicate
      ourselves. Our labs are natural hubs for global networks that we might
      all try to leverage. For example, Samwel's lab means that I will look
      to him for leadership how to support our African participants. Franz's
      lab means that I will look to him for leadership in organizing Global
      villages network, vision and strategy. I have done that, more or less,
      in the past, but now we will have a basis for making explicit who to
      look to for strategic leadership, and the reason why, which is the
      integrity they foster through their commitment of sharing their life's
      dream in the form of an open laboratory that all might participate in.
      I believe that a network of labs will make clear to us all our own
      commitments (which are often shaped by our life's circumstances, as in
      Janet's case) and open up roles, not only as lab leaders, but also as
      investigators, networkers and many more (please design your own!) In
      defining our labs, we are defining the integrity that makes real our
      Worknets culture, and that can radiate out to touch the many networks
      that we participate in, so that we may truly thrive in a sharing culture.

      I ask us to give a special boost to Samwel's work because we have the
      possibility for a real success that will shape our understanding of what
      our labs can be. Tom Ochuka wrote to us about his business idea for
      hand carts to draw water. Samwel and I now ask Tom to write about the
      investigatory questions that this project might answer for him. Tom's
      project is relevant for us if it reflects what he wants to learn. Tom
      agreed that we provide a loan. I would like us to organize around
      Samwel a group of such investigators like Dennis Kimambo, Peter Ongele
      and others who might also agree on how to share resources, typically in
      the form of loans or small bits of work. I will write more about this

      I spoke also with Leon Benjamin for whom we worked on behalf of
      Mornflake cereal http://www.mornflak e.com He's happy with our work and
      I'll write a case study. Leon is the rare person who broke the
      corporate wall for us. Stuart Oliver of Clean Tech Scotland is another
      such person who values our team's potential. We should consult and
      think how to find more such people and treasure them, including John
      Caswell who we met in London, and whose consulting methodology I want to
      work out a Public Domain version of, as we discussed. I also need to
      train our team so that we're skilled at helping as online assistants and
      engaging online communities. We can practice further on behalf of
      Mornflake. I also will be improving our websites and we should involve
      or train more developers.

      I also ask us to think about the future of learning for adults, young
      and old. What will the university of the future be like, especially for
      self-motivated learners? I want to contribute to Edward Cherlin's
      initiative Earth Treasury to create open source textbooks. These
      questions are very relevant for COMMUNIA, especially the June 28-30,
      2010 meeting in Torino, Italy. I ask us to be active in these matters
      so that we might have much to contribute when we come together.

      I am excited for our culture. I ask you to share likewise what it might
      be. What are your dreams? and how might we be a part of them?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +370 699 30003
      Dukiskes, Lithuania

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