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Ricardo's ideas and next steps

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Ricardo, I can t talk until after August 4th, but look forward some time after that! Pamela s first Thursday chat is on August 6th, so how about talking the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2009
      Ricardo, I can't talk until after August 4th, but look forward some time
      after that! Pamela's first Thursday chat is on August 6th, so how about
      talking the day before, August 5th and then chatting with others about our
      plans. Thank you for your thinking and your leadership! And what is your
      life dream? (for our economy of dreams). Thank you for your wonderful
      letters which have been a key source of material for my Includer blog.

      > Hi Andrius
      >                [...]
      > It will be good to talk about strategy. I bet you'll be glad to finish the
      > Knight Foundation blog and get the people off your back!
      > I've carried on thinking about the Includer concept :-
      > Before our phone chat, could you take a look at this message i posted in
      > Mendenyo and Ed Cherlin's Earth Treasury (OLPC/Sugar) group, about a cheap
      > Samung U70 7 inch USB monitor, suitable for thin/zero-client computers.
      > The monitor has a built in DisplayLink graphics chip (like a VGA adapter),
      > so you can connect multiple displays to a computer, with seperate Linux
      > sessions for each user.
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/message/2769
      > As usual, I forgot a couple of things in my posting until after i'd posted
      > it...
      > 1) It might be relevent to some types of Includer, not just PC/Laptop
      > zero/thin clients, and
      > 2)  It gets its power over the USB cable.  It only uses about 5 Watts, so
      > might be good for battery powered Includers, or turning a battery-powered
      > laptop into a multi-user, 5 or 6 person machine, with very little extra
      > battery-drain.
      > Linux is a good OS to use for multi-monitor thin/zero client systems. In
      > contrast, Windows XP/Vista doesn't (easily) support multiple monitors for
      > mutliple thin/zero-client users. It only really lets one user have
      > multiple monitors for a) An exteneded wider desktop, or b) Multiple copies
      > of the main screen, so more people can watch a demo.
      > Recently, I found an article where someone has produced a Freeware USB
      > Host driver for PDAs and Phones that use the Windows Mobile (a.k.a
      > PocketPC) operating system. It supports standard device classes, such as
      > HID Human Interface Device and Mass Storage Device, etc. It lets people
      > add a USB Flash Drive, USB Hard Drive, Digital Camera (mass storage
      > devices) or QWERTY Keyboard, mouse, etc.
      > There are probably some old Windows Mobiles phone cheap on
      > eBay. GSMArena.com has an Advanced Search facility, where you can search
      > for a list of phones by operating system and other features.
      > http://www.gsmarena.com/search.php3%c2%a0(select Opetrating System 'Pocket PC'.
      > http://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?sName=&idMaker=0&idAvailability=0&nPriceLow=0&nPriceHigh=0&idCurrency=0&idFormFactor=0&idQwerty=0&HeightMax=0&WidthMax=0&ThicknessMax=0&WeightMax=0&idAntenna=0&idOS=9&idDisplay=0&idDisplayRes=0&fDisplaySize=0&idTouchscreen=0&idCamera=0&idCameraFlash=0&idVideoRecorder=0&idExpansionCard=0&idGPS=0&bWLAN=0&bEDGE=0&bGPRS=0&idBluetooth=0&bIR=0&bEmail=0&bWAP=0&bJava=0&idRadio=0&bMMS=0&idRingtones=0&bGames=0&sColor=&StandBy=0&TalkTime=0&sFreeText=
      > I think some SBC Single Board Computers can run windows mobile.
      > Windows Mobile/PocketPC is a completely different OS to Windows XP/Vista
      > etc and runs on ARM and MIPS processors etc, as used in phones and PDAs,
      > instead of 80x86.
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Mobile%c2%a0(Wikipedia article)
      > Ricardo
      > --- On Sun, 26/7/09, ms@... <ms@...> wrote:
      > Ricardo, I'm offline mostly this week, but next week might we talk by
      > phone and strategize next steps?  It looks like I'll receive my final
      > payment soon from the Knight Foundation and then end my blogging for the
      > Includer.  We could rethink our marginal Internet access strategy at that
      > time.
      > Andrius
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