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Introducing Chris Daudu, John Dada, and Attachab Eco-village.

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  • Pamela McLean
    Chris Daudu, John Dada, Franz, Andrius and everyone I write in response to Andrius [learningfromeachother] Re: Promoting African Innovations email Introducing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2009
      Chris Daudu, John Dada, Franz, Andrius and everyone

      I write in response to Andrius [learningfromeachother] Re: Promoting African Innovations email Introducing Chris , and also to the [globalvillages] Summer letter by Franz Nahrada - part 1 and 2 (and looking froward to part 3)
      • Andrius - thank you for the introduction to Chris Daudu.
      • Chris Daudu- It is good to e-meet you. I think you may be interested in the work of my colleague John Dada at Attachab eco-village. http://www.dadamac.net/projects/attachab (Perhaps you already know each other - if not please take this as an introduction).
      • John please see the end of the email trail below for Chris Daudu's introduction
      • Franz - I was very interested in your summer letters, perhaps if you look at the links to Attachab eco-village http://www.dadamac.net/projects/attachab and to the Knowledge Research Centre http://www.dadamac.net/projects/krc you will begin to get  a feeling for what is going on, and what we hope will go on, and see how much we will be heading in the same direction as time goes by. I hope to explore this in detail with you sometime.
      Andrius - you will see that I am making progress with the Dadamac website, http://www.dadamac.net/company but there is still a lot to be done there. I hope once it is done, and it expresses clearly what Dadadmac is, then it will be easier for me to "be Pam of Dadamac" and also to "be Pam within Minciu Sodas", without causing confusion.

       I see Minciu Sodas and Dadamac as complementary, but there are subtle differences in emphasis (perhaps differences in "the cultures" of the two organsisations ) which makes it preferable to keep them clearly separate - although I think we may find opportunities for collaboration.  I do not have time to explain in detail here, but maybe we will get a chance to discuss by voice sometime.

      Please note that although I see the organisations as separate, I still value very much my personal connection with Minciu Sodas, and appreciate all I have learned, and continue to learn from you and Minciu Sodas.


      2009/7/15 <ms@...>

      Chris Daudu,
      Thank you for your letter.
      I wrote a proposal last year for "Promoting African Innovations" but it
      was not accepted.
      However, we are quite active in Africa.
      I encourage you to join Pamela McLean's working group Learning From Each
      Other http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/
      (send a blank message to learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      to sign up)
      She has many contacts in Nigeria, including Ago-Are ecovillage.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      Smalininkai, Lithuania

      > Dear Sir,
      > Compliments. I just came across your call for partnership in respect of
      > the above and assume that the study has since commenced. Permit me to ask
      > what is the current status of activity, are you still interested in
      > collaborators at this stage.
      > I work for a national organization which has similar vision
      > www.naerls.gov.ng
      > I currently head a regional unit at the north central Zone of Nigera.
      > C. K. Daudu (PhD)
      > North Central Zone Office,
      > National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services,
      > Ahmadu Bello University,
      > Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources,
      > P.M.B 770
      > Bida, Niger State.
      > email: nczoffice@...; naerlsncz@...

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