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TomOchuka: In Search of Change for povery eradication

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2009
      > Dear Sam and all,
      > There are questions that still requires answers and you do not know them
      > at all,
      > 1 Why Nyanza cant feed itself and we have land and water around us,for
      > sure this is areal queston.
      > 2 Why we do not use the same resoures to reduce poverty.
      > 3 Why is Rural to urban migration is still high.
      > This would be anserd perhaps by anumber who come from lake regions,in oder
      > to come out of this Sam,you ahve developed reserches that are so
      > good,could yu tell us the best methods of using the Water resources near
      > Nyamuga school and River Nyando to produce ,Friuts ths tme that there is
      > no,enogh ugali.
      > Sam Tell us from te reserch what do we need,especially in te coming
      > consortium,this consortiu will bring dfferent ideas to solve multile
      > problems arond lake regions.
      > Lets keep ths movig with your rserch.
      > TOM OCHUKA
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