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Worknets super labs

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Samwel, Thank you for your letter which for me is a great encouragement! Yes, we met in London and that has allowed us to be confident in each other s dreams
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2009

      Thank you for your letter which for me is a great encouragement! Yes, we
      met in London and that has allowed us to be confident in each other's
      dreams even though we may not write about them every day. It was a great
      moment (thanks to Pamela McLean) to agree with you and Franz Nahrada to
      work towards "super labs", in the spirit of Minciu Sodas, and also
      inspired by Factor E Farm and others. We talked briefly about what would
      be fundamental for each lab, and that a key place to start was to have a
      physical location (as you do and as I do with the Anusauskas's) as
      reflected in a blog (I will organize Worknets to facilitate that, and you
      are dealing with your Internet access). A concern for the growth of our
      character, as fostered by our investigations, and supported by
      accountability to each other, is also key. And a corresponding growth in
      our leadership, as evident by your profound work to link us into Africa,
      which has made all the difference for Minciu Sodas and our many working
      groups. I also want to thank Janet Feldman, Benoit Couture, Thomas
      Chepaitis, Edward Cherlin and God and all who are helping us discover a
      potentially universal culture and a wonderful diversity of subcultures.

      I was shaken up yesterday by a private letter from Franz, which though
      positive in every sense, made me feel unsupported. Franz is making great
      progress with his laboratory/network GIVE, Global Village Integrated
      Environment http://www.give.at which predates our work together at Minciu
      Sodas. He found someone to help with creating new online venues. But,
      understandably, I felt why am I investing in Franz if he doesn't think or
      care to architect a shared system of venues that foster a shared culture?
      Franz is sensitive to me and we'll work this through with hardly a bump in
      the road. But it made me realize that I should (and we might) make
      explicit this requirement for collaboration (which at this point is
      perhaps relevant for Edward Cherlin, Thomas Chepaitis and may be,
      hopefully, relevant for others as well, and also for overlapping and
      merging efforts with Marcin Jakubowski and Vinay Gupta and others). We
      should make every effort to plan out and execute and ever rethink a shared
      vision about our online venues, rather than just each person setting up
      their own based on whatever technology comes along or whoever offers "free
      help" or whatever clique engages us. This is simply key for investing in
      each other as I try to do and encourage others.

      Many such issues will come up, which is great. What I hope is that we
      keep thinking further about our culture that we might work together
      I think of super labs as:
      * organized around a person with a dream for themselves and all of the world
      * having a real expression in a "global village" setting
      * fostering an online network that welcomes all people and their values
      and I imagine for our Worknets culture they will be key hubs for personal
      growth and social harmony. Not everybody needs to lead a super lab, in
      practice, or in every detail, but everybody may hold themselves to that
      same standard. Benoit can develop his Edmonton Reconciliation Center and
      Franz his global village monastery even in their imagination, for now, and
      as Jesus declared, What you believe is what happens. I encourage Janet,
      Pamela, John, Kennedy, Wendi, Dennis, Fred, Leon and all to likewise think
      out loud our dreams so that we can be part of their fulfillment.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003

      > Thanks Andrius,
      > You are thriller in my life, you are a boaster in my life initially for
      > now that we have met face to face. I am keeping myself at MS LAB, i have
      >  been praying that for people to understand me and the public domains
      >  ethics. I ask myself when will my people have a changed mind set of
      > ideas?
      > When will one stay to trust? Surely, i am open with you but my people
      >  mistake me. When i delegate work to any they ask me for money? Surely
      > believe me there was an out break of H1N1  (swineflu) in Kisumu which was
      >  widely known through media, a group of Briton students 34 in number were
      >  confined in an hotel because of swine flu and ask anybody from Kisumu.
      > There were cases of H1N1 amongst them and this made the government to
      > take them out of Kisumu. Some untrustworthy members in my network and MS
      > keep on asking for money
      > and has made me to pray over it. I do not organize alone but i
      > communicate alone. I know of people who stays in offices, earn salary then
      > ask me for
      >  money. I have not been employed by anybody but MS and you made me,
      > the Samwel of reputation, of integrity, why do people i know well miss use
      >  this? I have my own calculated strategies to find people who can
      > stay and work forthright? I was just trying to tell you i am not going to
      > leave MS and follow your stipulated instruction, you made me who i am
      > today and this why i promised i will be loyal to you. I could had left MS
      > before but i can not because of our talking at the British Museum, is
      > sealed. How i can start a small digital village in my community Rusinga
      > island? I have decided not to
      >  go to Italy this year because i am focusing our talk of starting a
      > MS super lab in Rusinga island?  as we agreed.
      > The sustainable community consortium could not be held in Kisumu the week
      > we planned and we were forced to postpone in relation to health matters.
      > I did host two friends and the authorities locally could not allow anyway.
      >  The women and their work will speak louder than me. I can not do
      > something against you! And my queries are to calm focused to our talk. How
      > can i change our people's mind set to real ideas? I am a God fearing man
      > and many of our villagers know this. I do pray and change
      >  tactics of working for MS lab.
      >  There is a challege for me to develop, help others, and minimise rural
      > urban migration, i belong to rusinga and hope my networking skills will
      > help.
      >  Please Andrius i am following our talk and one day one moment you know
      > me.
      >  Now that i am not going to Tanzania, i cann't go there because i keep on
      > my plans. Who knows when Samwel will be rich?
      >  While i hope for a rich community? Sustainable in terms?
      > When time comes we will hold the consortium. I have my own
      > accountability methods.. Sometimes feel free to ask me personally. I am
      > waiting your further instruction. And remember there is a cultural mind
      > set which
      > we must change!
      > Stay blessed! I pray for you and pray for me as well!
      >  Samwel.
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