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Minciu Sodas, Worknets response system!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I m happy to share the beginnings of a lightweight project management system for our work together. I invite you to try it out at http://www.ms.lt You ll see
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2009
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      I'm happy to share the beginnings of a lightweight project management
      system for our work together. I invite you to try it out at

      You'll see a stream of incoming items that represent our work over the
      last week. They are ordered starting with the most recent. On the
      right hand side you can see the source, which might be an email working
      group (like Holistic Helping led by Janet). Or it could be our Twitter
      stream http://twitter.com/minciusodas Or it could be comments posted
      at our hyperwiki. In the future I will add wiki page changes, wiki
      metadata updates, some of our chat room exchanges, our ning websites,
      RSS feeds we're following, our blog posts, Flickr photos, You Tube
      videos, SMS's, and whatever you request. I am showing at most 5 items
      from each source so that you get a sense of our activity.

      In the future, I will make it so that you can see all of our sources and
      you can choose to see the incoming items for a particular source, like
      any of our working groups.

      On the left, you can choose a tag that categorizes the item in terms of
      what we're getting down. The system's not quite set in stone. But I'm
      keeping it simple. Each item is categorized with a single tag from this
      MetaDiscussion - discussion about discussion
      Introduction - people introducing themselves or being introduced
      Values - people's values
      Investigation - questions being explored
      Experience - real life examples
      Pattern - documenting a recurring example
      Reference - an article or link with helpful knowledge
      Vision - a person's vision
      Endeavor - a goal or project somebody's working on
      RequestForHelp - somebody asks for help, for free or for pay
      OfferToHelp - somebody offer their services, for free or for pay
      Outcome - reporting on results
      KindWords - somebody says something nice about somebody
      Prospect - a potential client we might work for
      Opportunity - an event or possibility, usually time sensitive
      Partnership - trying to work together
      Proposal - a proposal to offer a service

      So these tags help us focus on what an item is getting done. I invite
      you to try it out. Then we can get lists of items about values, or
      visions, etc. We can follow up on them.

      You will notice that each item has a code such as W4361 for Fred
      Kayiwa's letter today to Mendenyo about his efforts to raise money for
      the youth football team's coaches flights from Uganda to Norway. Each
      item is in the same table in our database. Each item has a unique id.
      The id for this record is 4361. Now, each item has it's own page! Go
      to: http://ms.lt/W4361 and you will be taken to a page in our hyperwiki:
      devoted to that item. You will see in tiny letters the url to Fred's
      original letter. In the weeks to come, I will make sure that all of our
      letters and other items are, in full, present in our database, and so
      you will see a copy of the text in the hyperwiki page, too. But now
      further you will see that I have edited the wiki page below and inserted
      a chat that I had with Fred today. You can edit that wiki page if you like:
      Or you can leave a comment. You can see that I have left two comments.
      Each comment is also an item! Now if you go to the page
      http://www.ms.lt you will see that one of my comments is W4375 and I
      have listed it as a Reference. So you see that we will end up with a
      web of items, where one item may be a comment for another item. Some
      items are in the outside world but others are comments in our inside
      world, and there can be comments on comments on comments. And each
      comment has its "type" given by the list of types above in terms of what
      it's getting done.

      I will make it simple to identify any url on the web with an item in our
      system and a comment and an ID and a tiny url.

      Also, I will put every wiki page in our system, and every letter that we
      have ever written. So there will be about 50,000 entries to start and
      we can handle a million rather easily, I think.

      Also, every wiki page can be accessed with a tiny url. For example:
      goes to:
      and we can do things like assign http://ms.lt/GV/ to the Global
      Villages hyperwiki. These short urls are very helpful for people who

      You can twitter now from our chat room http://www.worknets.org , simply
      tweet: This is a sample twitter tweet.

      Just as each item has a type, also each wiki page will also have types
      such as Person, Endeavor, Location and so on.

      So soon we will end up with a system of interrelated items that have
      different types. This should allow us to overview our activity in a
      variety of ways and use different visual tools to navigate that as needed.

      My priority will be to set all of this up to support and encourage our
      participants, especially in Africa and Eastern Europe, who might work
      for our lab as online assistants, both for leaders like Franz Nahrada,
      Janet Feldman, Edward Cherlin, Pamela McLean, John Rogers, but also for
      our work for clients like Mornflake http://www.mornflake.com and Leon
      Benjamin and Stuart Oliver's Clean Tech Scotland. It will be easy to
      make lists of how they can help and they can record what they've done
      and we can track that and credit them and I can keep sending them bits
      of money as available.

      So this is the heart of the project management system that I've been
      dreaming of. It's actually very light-weight and simple. I will be
      looking with fresh eyes at my master plan:
      One new aspect is the short urls which is because of Twitter's
      limitation of 140 characters so the tiny urls are becoming popular.
      We're looking to have the shortest url possible: http://ms.lt I have
      reserved http://ms.lt/W for this system and that leaves a lot of other
      urls available for uses, including dedicating or renting urls like
      http://ms.lt/A and so on.

      I invite our ideas for this interface. I can customize this for our
      various websites and hyperwikis. Also, it would be great to have help
      from programmers.

      Thank you for great activity!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
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