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Re: [holistichelping] Masimba Biriwasha, Give A Book and Mornflake

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Masimba, Andrius, and All, Hello and terrific news!!! I/we will love to host Masimba s work and projects--Mornflake, Give-A-Book , and Pads for
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2009
      Dear Masimba, Andrius, and All,

      Hello and terrific news!!! I/we will love to host Masimba's work and
      projects--Mornflake, "Give-A-Book", and "Pads for Peace"--at Holistic
      Helping. I believe he has been an HH member for awhile, and hopefully he
      will join some of the other groups as well.

      Masimba, I will be more active in terms of Pads for Peace, and being of more
      direct help with your book project, in about a month. My apologies for being
      somewhat "absent" here lately: I have been working on a project for Rising
      Voices called "Blogging Positively", something that might interest you, as a
      blogger and also someone concerned about HIV/AIDS. I believe you have
      written a number of excellent pieces abt the pandemic, posted at your own
      blog, and also for HDN.

      Your work will resonate with Leon Benjamin (Mornflake project), who is a
      strong advocate of "winning by sharing" (and has written a book on the
      subject), something you excell at! Leon will be taking over the Voiceful
      forum, as I understand it ("huge welcome", Leon!), so I hope we will all be
      meeting and working there too, as well as Earth Treasury (Ed Cherlin) and
      Learning From Each Other (Pam McLean).

      Ed Cherlin is very interested in ensuring that books are widely available to
      people in developing countries, and we can learn a lot from what he has
      already done and is dreaming about, and emulate accordingly.

      Thanks to Andrius for these excellent opportunities, as well as your
      creativity and caring, another excellent example of winning by sharing

      Please keep us updated about your various activities and interests, Masimba,
      and we look forward so much to working with you! I note that you are
      returning to ZW in August, so let's lay the groundwork this summer for what
      we might start together--ahead of your return--on these projects of mutual

      With all best wishes and blessings, Janet

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Masimba Biriwasha, Give A Book and Mornflake

      > Masimba Biriwasha is from Zimbabwe and currently in Paris, France for most
      > of this year. He's an author of children's books and passionate about
      > distributing books throughout Africa.
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?GiveABook
      > Masimba collected 200 UK online communities for our directory:
      > http://www.worknets.org/software/ukocselect.php
      > He earned 350 GBP so far thanks to this work which we're doing on behalf
      > of Mornflake cereal http://www.mornflake.com and their online video
      > competition http://www.mornflakecompetition.com
      > Masimba has agreed to engage 20 communities for 100 GBP. It took quite a
      > long chat, which I include below, to explain that our approach is for him
      > to promote himself and his endeavor "Give A Book" and reach out with that
      > to online communities and try to help them, too, rather than to promote
      > Mornflake directly. This meant that we had to understand what he wants to
      > achieve!
      > I welcome Masimba to Janet Feldman's working group Holistic Helping
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/
      > Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...
      > ---------------------
      > Andrius: Hi Masimba please let me know when you're online! Andrius
      > ms@...
      > 5:36 Masimba: This process will require some time
      > 5:53 Masimba: i am online
      > 5:53 Andrius: Hi Masimba how are you?
      > 5:58 Masimba: i am fine
      > 6:06 Andrius: can we talk by Skype?
      > 6:10 Masimba: i still havent registered response
      > 6:11 Masimba: yes
      > 6:21 Andrius: first do you have some links?
      > 6:25 Andrius: examples?
      > 6:41 Andrius: so I could see how you are doing it
      > 6:47 Masimba: ok
      > 6:55 Masimba: et me put into word file
      > 7:47 Andrius: ok
      > 8:03 Masimba: how many do you have now
      > 8:38 Andrius: we're just starting
      > 8:51 Andrius: how many communities? or how many have we engaged?
      > 9:00 Masimba: how many have you engaged
      > 9:03 Andrius: we have listed 526
      > 9:10 Andrius: we have engaged maybe 10 or 15
      > 9:16 Andrius: and we got responses at a couple
      > 9:25 Andrius: and our client is very happy at our approach so that
      > is good
      > 00:44 Andrius: Hi Masimba?
      > Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha sent file "Communities Project.doc" to members
      > of this chat
      > 16:12 Masimba: i will have to log in all my data
      > 16:21 Masimba: bu this is how i have approached the process
      > 16:23 Masimba: so far
      > 13 Masimba: i will be very grateful if you can send that 100
      > pound to help me defray some costs
      > 47 Masimba: overall, i think this stage requires a little
      > patience
      > 56 Masimba: and multistaged processes
      > 16 Masimba: the danger is to be perceive as scams bent on
      > marketing a product
      > 24:29 Andrius: Masimba please can you show me some links, how you
      > are doing this, so that we're in touch and I can advise?
      > 26:12 Andrius: Oh I see you have sent me, thank you!
      > 37:08 Masimba: ok
      > 37:44 Andrius: Masimba can you give me some of the urls where you
      > are participating? because I see only the website urls, not your
      > participation.
      > 39:13 Masimba: the first step has been getting registered
      > 40:57 Andrius: yes but you have profiles and first participation,
      > yes?
      > 42:32 Masimba: so far i have one profile, authenticated today by
      > BN village
      > 43:07 Andrius: what is the url?
      > 43:23 Masimba: let me check
      > 44:16 Andrius: here' s a good example:
      > http://groups.google.com/group/uk.business.agriculture/browse_thread/thread/5558bd2ed9ad25f3?hl=en
      > 44:26 Andrius: it's upfront and authentic
      > 47:39 Masimba: ok, i need to change my approach, because I was
      > doing it the longer way of commenting on issues before introducing
      > myself
      > 47:56 Masimba:
      > http://www.bnvillage.co.uk/poetry-spoken-word/102636-seasons.html
      > 50:00 Masimba: Greetings,
      > I hope that this message finds you in good spirits. My name is Masimba
      > Biriwasha, a Zimbabwean, currently based in France, Paris. I am interested
      > in becoming part of your community, and contributing my thoughts and
      > feelings to the subject at hand.
      > I am part of a team leading the Open Source Ecology movement dedicated to
      > building the first replicable, modern self-sufficient resilient
      > communities. See our blog http://www.OpenFarmTech.org/weblog/ and our wiki
      > http://www.OpenFarmTech.org for the open source hardware we're developing,
      > including a Compressed Earth Brick Press and a multi-purpose tractor.
      > 'Open Source' means is that it is free of charge to the public.
      > We hope some of you find the project interesting and useful!
      > Thanks to Mornflake cereal http://www.mornflake.com and their online
      > video contest http://www.mornflakecompetition.com we're able to spend time
      > to reach out to UK online communities. The idea is that it makes more
      > sense for us to promote each other then for them to promote
      > themselves.
      > I would like to effectively engage with as many of you as possible.
      > Please write back and let me know how we can effectively community in this
      > social space.
      > Looking forward to hearing from you
      > Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha
      > Paris, France
      > 51:30 Andrius: Oh Masimba
      > 51:55 Andrius: you should write from your own point of view, not
      > Factor E Farm.
      > 52:02 Andrius: That's why I wanted to check - I'm glad I did.
      > 52:18 Andrius: You should write about your own initiatives.
      > 52:22 Andrius: can you delete that?
      > 52:59 Andrius: our whole point is to be genuine
      > 53:10 Masimba: this is just a test
      > 53:14 Masimba: i have deleted it
      > 53:15 Andrius: oh good
      > 53:18 Andrius: that's fine
      > 53:34 Andrius: ok so please consider
      > 53:46 Andrius: your needs, their needs, how they can help, how you
      > can help
      > 54:14 Andrius: What are your needs and interests? (your personal
      > ones, unrelated to Mornflake)
      > 57:34 Andrius: for your initiatives and endeavors
      > 57:48 Masimba: just hang on. i am doing a draft
      > 58:42 Masimba: Greetings,
      > I hope that this message finds you in good spirits. My name is Masimba
      > Biriwasha, a Zimbabwean, currently based in France, Paris. I am interested
      > in becoming part of your community, and contributing my thoughts and
      > feelings to the subject at hand.
      > I am writer, publisher, photographer and journalist currently working on
      > my first book titled “The Dream of Stones.” I will be happy to share with
      > you the manuscript. You can visit my blog on http://ziviso.wordpress.com
      > Besides this I am interested in art in general: from painting to
      > sculpturing.
      > Thanks to Mornflake cereal http://www.mornflake.com and their online video
      > contest http://www.mornflakecompetition.com I have been able to discover
      > a lot about UK online communities including this community.
      > I hope that you will have time to write back to me so that we can connect
      > at a higher level.
      > Please write back and let me know how we can effectively community in this
      > social space.
      > Looking forward to hearing from you
      > Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha
      > Paris, France
      > 58:53 Masimba: can yu please check the message
      > 59:25 Andrius: the beginning is great
      > 59:47 Andrius: and then: I have been able to engage UK online
      > communities including this community.
      > 04:21 Masimba: ok
      > 04:24 Andrius: ...
      > 04:27 Masimba: i dont understand
      > 04:33 Andrius: sorry
      > 04:47 Masimba: i need this to move forward
      > 04:54 Andrius: yes one moment
      > 05:01 Andrius: let me read the end
      > 05:18 Andrius: let's think
      > 05:27 Andrius: what are your interests here? if any?
      > 05:41 Masimba: publishing, journaissm, writing, art
      > 05:54 Andrius: my goal is that we be as authentic as possible and
      > that includes being as supportive of you as possible
      > 06:01 Andrius: what is helpful for you?
      > 06:13 Masimba: i need to get the letter to be authetic
      > 06:29 Masimba: otherwise my fear is that i will appear like a
      > scam
      > 06:40 Andrius: get which letter?
      > 06:59 Andrius: we're trying to be straightforward and see which
      > communities want us to engage them and whcih not
      > 07:04 Andrius: so it's ok if they don't want to
      > 07:10 Andrius: so we want to be straightforward
      > 07:29 Andrius: we want to find the ones that appreciate that
      > Minciu Sodas and Mornflake are making it possible for you to engage them
      > 07:37 Andrius: because you truly are a remarkable person
      > 07:41 Masimba: who am i making the first point of contact with
      > 07:44 Andrius: and they may or may not be interested
      > 07:50 Andrius: let's step back for a moment
      > 07:59 Masimba: ok
      > 07:59 Andrius: How can we all help you?
      > 08:38 Andrius: There are 4 questions: 1) How can we all help you?
      > 2) How can we all help them? 3) How can you help them? 4) How can they
      > help you?
      > 08:49 Masimba: right now, i need to be more clear about point of
      > contact
      > 08:53 Andrius: no
      > 09:03 Masimba: ok
      > 09:05 Andrius: what help do you want personally in your endeavors?
      > 09:25 Masimba: to be a better writer and publisher, i guess
      > 09:29 Masimba: to be excellent at what i do
      > 09:33 Andrius: good and what does that mean?
      > 09:49 Andrius: what does it mean for you to be an excellent writer
      > and publisher? how do you envision that?
      > 10:38 Masimba: it means, first i have to present myself at a
      > high level, work hard toward a vision to produce excellent children's
      > books with cooperation from other people
      > 11:30 Andrius: great. Why are you interested in children's
      > books?and is your focus on Zimbabwe or the whole world?
      > 11:33 Masimba: and to use new technologies to achieve that goals
      > in a Godly fashion
      > 12:33 Masimba: I am interested in children's books because there
      > is a great need for that in my continent, but also because I believe I
      > can produce children's books for the globe
      > 12:44 Andrius: ok
      > 13:16 Andrius: what kind of need is there in Africa? and what
      > kind of books do you think that you are able to produce for the whole
      > globe?
      > 15:00 Masimba: Children's books that celebrate the culture,
      > history and traditions of Zimbabwe, Africa are scarce, and I think there
      > are so many stories to be shared with the world if theye are produce in
      > excellent and attractive formats that celebrate the best in humanity
      > 15:23 Andrius: That's excellent!
      > 15:33 Andrius: That's what I think your posts should say.
      > 15:47 Andrius: You are also writing adult books, yes? Why?
      > 15:49 Masimba: To produce high quality children's books that
      > celebrate Africa and the world
      > 16:48 Masimba: To be honest, I write adult books not with half
      > this conviction
      > 16:59 Andrius: ok so let's focus on the children's books, yes?
      > 32 Andrius: and also the stories brings to mind My Food Story
      > http://www.myfoodstory.info so we might support you with that
      > 38 Andrius: how many children's books have you written?
      > 39 Masimba: Children's books require a high level of economy
      > and exccellence
      > 47 Masimba: any stories
      > 53 Masimba: that are waiting full production
      > 03 Andrius: Also you're interested in sending books to Zimbabwe,
      > yes?
      > 09 Masimba: yes
      > 22 Masimba: thats something i want to do for sure
      > 31 Masimba: to promote literacy
      > 39 Masimba: i have no doubt
      > 05 Andrius: so you see how remarkable you are and how you can
      > serve us all as a bridge builder
      > 39 Andrius: and all you have to do for this work is to
      > acknowledge Mornflake's support for your work as a bridgebuilder
      > 48 Andrius: and we're straightforward about this
      > 56 Andrius: and the communities that embrace you we'll support
      > 20:04 Andrius: by building bridges and giving help
      > 20:17 Andrius: and the commuities that don't embrace you we'll
      > just note and stay away from
      > 21:50 Masimba: i understand
      > 22:03 Andrius: meanwhile I will paypal you now
      > 22:10 Andrius: Next question
      > 22:12 Masimba: so who is my point of contact
      > 22:17 Andrius: How can the UK communities help you?
      > 22:43 Masimba: through book donations
      > 23:32 Masimba: or moral suppoprt
      > 23:37 Masimba: thank you
      > 24:00 Masimba: i see - this is not a marketing gimmick
      > 24:13 Andrius: yes
      > 24:41 Andrius: I helped design this approach and it is supposed to
      > serve everybody
      > 24:49 Andrius: do you have a website for book donations
      > 24:57 Andrius: and do you have a team for your book projects?
      > 25:12 Masimba: i have a team in zimbabwe
      > 25:17 Masimba: but i have no website
      > 25:22 Masimba: yes
      > 25:25 Masimba: yet
      > 25:37 Andrius: so please think, what would be practical for people
      > to help you?
      > 25:49 Andrius: because sending books isn't often very practical
      > 25:52 Masimba: also, i am interested in going to study
      > publishing at Oxford Brookes in the UK
      > 25:58 Andrius: ok
      > 26:04 Masimba: so this process is really helpful
      > 26:15 Andrius: yes
      > 26:19 Masimba: MA in Digital Publishing
      > 26:24 Andrius: and the more helpful it is for you
      > 26:30 Andrius: the more that we all benefit including Mornflake
      > 26:38 Andrius: you are wearing their jersey, so to speak
      > 26:45 Andrius: but instead of playing football
      > 26:54 Andrius: you are playing your endeavors
      > 27:04 Masimba: http://ah.brookes.ac.uk/publishing/postgraduate/
      > 27:06 Masimba: ok
      > 27:09 Masimba: this is the course
      > 27:58 Andrius:
      > http://ah.brookes.ac.uk/publishing/ma_digital_publishing/
      > 28:22 Masimba: yes
      > 28:57 Andrius: How do you envisage digital publishing in Zimbabwe?
      > 29:37 Masimba: well, we are at a crossroads
      > 29:57 Masimba: we need both traditional and digital publishing
      > 30:25 Andrius: yes?
      > 30:45 Andrius: I'm curious, where are the bottlenecks? and for
      > example, what are the channels for distribution?
      > 30:49 Masimba: so i see it as an entry point to traditional
      > publishing
      > 30:56 Masimba: its a cost cutting measure
      > 31:14 Masimba: the channels are still limited
      > 31:38 Masimba: and there is need for more advocacy work,
      > lobbying for increased access to new technologies
      > 35:54 Andrius: how would you break it down into steps?
      > 36:18 Andrius: I imagine that it would be practical to make public
      > some local partners in Zimbabwe who we could work with to
      > 36:29 Andrius: distribute electronic books in the fields that they
      > are interested in
      > 36:42 Andrius: for example, in mathematics, or sustainability, or
      > languages, or children
      > 37:54 Masimba: 1. Acquire digital publishing skills 2.
      > Publishing online materials, ebooks etc. 3. Through the Give-Me-A-Book
      > Campaign, link with other Foundations to establish rural libraries with
      > access to computers 4. Deliver digital products in partnership with
      > local organizations
      > 38:02 Masimba: This is a rough model
      > 39:21 Andrius: can we start work on that, and especially, number 2
      > and 4 ?
      > 40:06 Masimba: Number 2 is very possible
      > 40:18 Masimba: and 4 has to be pursued diligently
      > 40:19 Andrius: also can we start creating pages at our wiki
      > http://www.worknets.org ?
      > 40:27 Masimba: I will be in Zimbabwe in August
      > 40:34 Andrius: great
      > 41:03 Andrius: and could we invite Zimbabweans to join Janet
      > Feldman's group Holistic Helping ?
      > 41:14 Andrius: are you signed up for that? I think she's very
      > interested to support your efforts
      > 41:29 Masimba: i am part of ther
      > 41:35 Masimba: that group
      > 41:50 Andrius: So you see there is a natural outreach plan
      > 41:55 Andrius: you write about yourself
      > 41:58 Andrius: and ask for help:
      > 42:01 Masimba: ok
      > 42:06 Masimba: i see what you mean
      > 42:07 Andrius: for contacts in Zimababwe and for people who would
      > like to help
      > 42:09 Masimba: now
      > 42:23 Masimba: and part of the bridge is Mornflake
      > 42:56 Andrius: yes they are paying for your bridge building and
      > you are acknowledging them
      > 43:11 Andrius: and focusing on those who don't mind that
      > 43:34 Andrius: so this week we want to show how that works
      > 43:43 Andrius: and perhaps in the future we can get more such work
      > from Mornflake or others
      > 43:51 Andrius: but our clients are extremely happy at this point
      > 43:58 Masimba: ok
      > 44:00 Masimba: i see the point now
      > 44:15 Andrius: you are extremely authentic and so are others at
      > our lab
      > 44:23 Andrius: so yuo solve the authenticity problem
      > 44:35 Masimba: ok
      > 44:39 Masimba: i see it clearly now
      > 44:49 Masimba: i totally had a wrong approach
      > 46:33 Masimba: thanks, i received th e paypal payment
      > 47:08 Andrius: also that's why we're making the conscious approach
      > 47:16 Masimba: ok
      > 47:19 Andrius: we're making a conscious link with Mornlake - not a
      > subliminal link
      > 47:25 Andrius: Mornflake
      > 47:30 Masimba: i see it
      > 48:09 Andrius: So your engagement includes 1) your vision as a
      > writer 2) concrete ways to help your projects
      > 48:23 Andrius: 3) ways that you see concretely that you can help
      > their community
      > 48:32 Andrius: but let's continue with 2
      > 48:38 Andrius: can we organize around you at our lab?
      > 48:46 Andrius: we would create wiki pages
      > 49:02 Andrius: and also I suggest that we organize supportive
      > activity through Holistic Helping
      > 49:08 Masimba: i think you can organize around the shaping of
      > the idea
      > 49:16 Masimba: until it becomes crystal clear
      > 49:26 Masimba: almost like your though pages
      > 49:29 Masimba: thought pages
      > 49:31 Andrius: our point is to organize around individuals because
      > that's the best investment and accountability
      > 49:36 Andrius: but to start
      > 49:42 Masimba: yes
      > 49:45 Andrius: I'm sure that Janet would love to host your work
      > 49:56 Andrius: and then at some point you might start your own
      > group based on your own deepest value
      > 50:19 Andrius: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?MasimbaBiriwasha
      > 50:29 Andrius: your deepest value is Integrity? or something else?
      > 54:05 Masimba: Yes: Integrity, Godlinesss, Sobriety, Creativity,
      > Cleanliness
      > 58:48 Andrius: how do you integrate them all?
      > 58:58 Andrius: what is your deepest value, if any?
      > 59:18 Masimba: Integrity
      > 59:48 Andrius: ok
      > 00:01 Andrius: now let's write up your book project on a page
      > 00:07 Andrius: what should the page name be at our wiki?
      > 00:45 Masimba: Give-Me-A-Book-Campaign
      > 01:04 Andrius: ok
      > 02:05 Andrius: What are your websites currently?
      > 02:09 Andrius: http://ohmyzimbabwe.wordpress.com
      > 02:10 Andrius: and others?
      > 02:25 Masimba: ziviso.wordpress.com
      > 02:38 Masimba: http://ziviso.wordpress.com
      > 03:38 Andrius: I've updated your page:
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?MasimbaBiriwasha a little.
      > 04:17 Andrius: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?MasimbaBiriwasha
      > 04:17 Andrius: can you write something here:
      > 04:19 Andrius: I mean
      > 04:28 Andrius: can you write here:
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?GiveMeABookCampaign
      > 04:42 Andrius: and then can you promote that link for your work?
      > would that make sense?
      > 05:52 Masimba: ok
      > 06:03 Masimba: i need to look up the project proposal
      > 06:11 Andrius: and then we can write a letter to one of the
      > communities
      > 06:40 Andrius: also did you get funding for your iziviso project?
      > 06:45 Andrius: is this the same here:
      > 06:47 Masimba: Mornflake can supportthis social cause
      > 06:51 Andrius: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Zimbabwe
      > 07:04 Masimba: i didnt - they said Zimbabwe was politically
      > unstable
      > 07:12 Andrius: ok
      > 07:15 Masimba: How are the elections in your country going
      > 07:28 Andrius: yesterday we elected our President
      > 07:33 Andrius: she's quite able
      > 07:40 Andrius: and she won 68% of the vote
      > 07:45 Masimba: ok
      > 07:47 Andrius: she was Europe's Budget Commissioner
      > 08:00 Andrius: and the other candidates were very unimpressive and
      > received 11% or less
      > 08:17 Andrius: But I'm concerned that in the Soviet days she chose
      > to study political economics.
      > 08:30 Andrius: But she'll probably be fine.
      > 08:44 Masimba: ok
      > 09:01 Masimba: if she was the Budget Commissioner, then she has
      > a lot of skill, i guess
      > 09:21 Andrius: yes she does and relevant to the current financial
      > crisis I imagine.
      > 09:34 Masimba: true that
      > 15:51 Andrius: should the page be called GiveMeABook or GiveABook
      > ?
      > 18 Masimba: GiveABook sounds better
      > 20:16 Andrius: ok let me change the page then
      > 21:04 Andrius: Would you like to use our wiki for this project?
      > Or is there a better place?
      > 21:19 Andrius: or perhaps at iviso ?
      > 21:46 Masimba: i will use this page
      > 21:48 Andrius: ok
      > 21:49 Masimba: wiki page
      > 21:54 Andrius: ok and so
      > 22:00 Andrius: if people come to the page
      > 22:03 Andrius: what should they do?
      > 22:56 Masimba: i would like to add the detail; express support
      > or express how they can help
      > 23:32 Andrius: yes
      > 23:38 Andrius: they can add a message below
      > 23:44 Masimba: kool
      > 24:31 Masimba: send me the link with the change
      > 24:53 Andrius: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?GiveABook
      > 25:55 Masimba: great, you have already added the message
      > 26:15 Andrius: how should they contact you? can you leave your
      > email?
      > 26:40 Masimba: m.biriwasha AT unesco.org
      > 27:52 Andrius: ok I will save the page
      > 35:21 Andrius: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?GiveABook
      > 35:31 Andrius: now it appears in our endeavors list.
      > 36:24 Andrius: ok now we can engage a community
      > 20:02:22 Andrius: Hi I will leave for an hour to ride my bike
      > 21: 5 Andrius: Masimba, may I share our chat? It's very informative
      > about your projects and the nature of our Mornflake work. Please let me
      > know.
      > ------------------------------------
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