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Re: Peter Ongele, what projects might you work on?

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Peter Ongele, I share your letter, despite your request that I not, for several reasons. The first is that I have always understood your and my relationship to
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      Peter Ongele,

      I share your letter, despite your request that I not, for several reasons.
      The first is that I have always understood your and my relationship to be
      completely public and transparent. With that in mind I have encouraged
      others to hear out your request for help. And with them in mind, I should
      share what I know that's relevant. I therefore share your letter.

      Hunger is not Andrius's concern. It's not a private concern. It's a
      public concern. It's not fair to me that you bring it to me privately. I
      won't take it seriously if you won't bring it publicly.

      You should also share your criticism of others publicly, not privately.
      If you withhold helpful criticism, then are you helpful? And if you're not
      helpful, then shouldn't we help you last?

      In asking for help, you should acknowledge those who need more help than
      you do, and explain how helping you will help them. That's why we work
      publicly, so that we might share our help, both giving and receiving. You
      don't want us to share that? You don't want to include others? I don't

      I have tried to call you just now so that I might explain to you directly.
      But your phone replies that you can't be reached, which might mean that
      your phone is turned off to conserve electricity, or that you are out of
      reach of the mobile phone stations. For these same reasons its important
      that we have a public relationship because it is the least burdensome.
      And also the most productive.

      Thank you for your help in the past on many important projects, including
      DIY Solar. I invite you to participate publicly at Minciu Sodas as you
      have. Please write directly to our groups.

      I invite you to write more specifically about the famine: the effects, the
      causes, the solutions in your region and in Kenya. How might we work

      I share your letter.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Andrius: Peter, Thank you for your photos.
      I encourage you to write directly to our groups.

      Peter: I've become a little reluctant with this issue in public domain. I
      might not have any better explaining contunueing to put this request on
      the public domain but would rather make an individual approach to
      particular persons like you whom I know own a sacrificing heart of
      sharing the little they have with others and have our community at heart.
      So when I post a letter to you, yes this is not very encouraging, but it
      means that I categorically not intended the letter to the forum
      consumption. I think , ethically there are division of matters for public
      consumption. I don't think we should be having all things to the public
      domain. What goes to the public domain should be vetted for public
      consumption, I realized, letters to mendenyo appears in the google
      websites and since then, this I think we should be categorical on we post
      in the forum and what we should be able to discuss at individual levels.

      Andrius: Thank you for asking for help. And also for trying to help with
      our Mornflake http://www.mornflake.com work. I think it would be best to
      think of a small project that you might do on-the-ground. Perhaps
      somebody might fund some work. Let's think.

      Peter: Well am thinking of one, very soon may be I'll have a webpage on
      biochar farming. Somebody is still working on it. I might need help from
      you and other people. But for know, I can't discuss alot. But I hope it
      would be a very good project we might have in MS Lab in the future.

      Andrius: What might we do next with Graham Knight?

      Peter: I think I had given my business proposal plan, originally you
      talked of may looking for a way we might start up the business through
      microfinancing. I've not heard from you. When I contacted Graham, he told
      me you people never had chance to discuss about the business proposal
      plan. So am still waiting.

      Andrius: And what other projects? or business possibilities?

      Peter: Let me have time to think.

      Andrius: Perhaps Samwel Kongere may have some ideas. I encourage you to
      contact him. He's preparing for his sustainability conference. How might
      you help with that?

      Peter: I'm not happy with his arrangements, if this thing is for Rusinga
      Island, why is the launching/ lodging to be done in Kisumu, what impact
      would it have for Rusinga Villagers (Resource people not the
      stakeholders) when the lodging of it done couple of Kms from Rusinga
      Island. What is in place on the ground in the village, yes am not saying
      the idea is bad but if Samwel wants to have the project in Rusinga, this
      function should have been on the site, this would show the community
      involvement, participation
      and encouraging the world seeing what is there on the ground and to develop
      practical and real hypothesis of what they would expect to meet whenever
      they visit Rusinga Island and particularly Samwel's community. With photos
      or vedio taken on these funtion days, yes there would be some life in
      this. So by the way, am not for it and I don't want to interfere with

      Andrius: Also, I invite you to write more about the food situation in
      your part of Kenya and the area overall.

      Peter: I have explained this several times, the place is even much more
      further inside from Samwel's place and very badly hitted in terms of
      infructrature developments, health, and worst hitted by famine. Its like a
      cut off place from the Western regional space in developments and
      civilizations. You can have an over view of areas of the place.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003

      > Dear Andrius,
      > You did get my photos of malaria day in Suba District, the poor
      > attendance, showned very well that the community is in bad situation with
      > famine. Am sorry that I couldn't participate in Mornflake project due to
      > accessibilty to the computer as this just came at the time my
      > with ICIPE is just ended. Despite of this, I still request you if you
      > can consider our village with a small donation for food. The situation we
      > have is equally very bad that I wouldn't hesitate to talk about it with
      > you as a friend who has been very much with us.
      > Otherwise may God bless you.
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