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Fred Kayiwa, a school in rural Uganda, and Mornflake

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    Fred Kayiwa and I chatted about his personal goals. He s interested in some day opening a school for disadvantaged children in rural Uganda. That s important
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2009
      Fred Kayiwa and I chatted about his personal goals. He's interested in
      some day opening a school for disadvantaged children in rural Uganda.
      That's important for us to know as he helps us engage UK online
      communities on behalf of Mornflake cereal http://www.mornflake.com We're
      thinking of the UK online communities that he might best engage.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      9:57 Fred: hi
      1:01 Andrius: Hi Fred how are you?
      1:05 Andrius: Are you free to work?
      1:19 Andrius: Can you write about your endeavors, what you want to
      1:27 Fred: yes
      1:29 Fred: hi
      3:57 Fred: One thing i want to achieve is the having financial indepent
      in future through establishing different projects to support me and my
      5:54 Andrius: ok
      6:21 Andrius: and what will you do with that independence?
      6:31 Andrius: financial independence is not a final goal
      5:20 Fred: I also want to have and leave a free and indipent life an
      dthis can be done through establishing usefull contacts
      7:07 Fred: I also love to achieve success in having a farm for
      Hotcalture, Bees and animals in the rural community and this can be done
      through engaging community people who are intrested in agriculture of any
      8:56 Fred: I love to have the well establsihed morden ICT school for the
      young people to have their talents pomoting Talents
      9:26 Fred: Having proffesional fooballer players through my effots is
      one of my endevors
      6:26 Andrius: what do your endeavors have in common, do you think?
      8:01 Fred: well i think the common goal in all is to be usefull to the
      community and have sustainable income for me and my family
      8:02 Fred: does that make sense
      0:40 Andrius: yes
      1:09 Andrius: and what do you mean by "useful to the community"?
      and what will you do when you have "sustainable income"?
      1:20 Fred: thanks
      2:04 Fred: well i mean usefull when i have established projects like
      schools which are helping the all community
      2:44 Fred: and sustainable income i mean not to be a begger when i dont
      have money
      2:52 Fred: i guess it make sense
      2:59 Andrius: yes it makes sense
      3:05 Andrius: but what will you do when you have money?
      3:16 Andrius: because money isn't a goal in itself? can it be?
      4:21 Fred: no it cant be but i mean money in tearms of assets
      5:03 Fred: like a agriculuture farm, techinology school, Football Club
      thats money in tearms of assets
      5:06 Fred: right?
      5:37 Fred: like your art project its an asset project?
      7:13 Andrius: yes
      7:21 Andrius: so what kind of assets do you want to build?
      7:25 Andrius: and why?
      9:32 Fred: well in my thinking i would love to build a school which
      school can identify the talents and promote them basically targeting the
      disadvantaged children[ youths] in this i will be helpfull to the
      community for my service an dthe community will engange in directly by
      getting relavant knowledge
      1:17 Andrius: where would you build your school?
      1:31 Andrius: and what kind of children are disadvantaged, do you
      1:55 Andrius: and what would make your school special?
      5:07 Fred: well i build school from where the most disadvantaged people
      are in our rural comunities
      5:47 Fred: its special because it takles the issues neglected by many in
      our country
      5:55 Fred: and this is the poor people
      6:38 Andrius: what issues are neglected?
      6:45 Andrius: your answers are very helpfulĄ
      8:25 Fred: well this is my thinking although i think starting with
      develpoping special talented street kids and slums kids[ disadantaged
      ones] who dont have chance to go to school, makes more sense in that in
      future they will be core workers and support others too
      9:20 Fred: i need to start build on this endovors
      9:24 Andrius: Yes
      9:33 Andrius: and you see that they can be interesting to people in
      the UK, yes?
      9:47 Fred: yes
      9:51 Andrius: And so now we will look for people in the UK who might
      like to help you.
      9:51 Fred: i think so
      0:41 Fred: as mentors?
      1:41 Andrius: And helpers
      1:49 Andrius: and maybe you can help them.
      2:05 Andrius: They may be interested to see how you develop your
      school and learn from you.
      2:13 Andrius: Also, you can start your school little by little
      2:23 Andrius: as you are with your football team and theatre and the
      flash cards.
      2:33 Andrius: And maybe some day you can study in the UK.
      2:39 Andrius: So there are many possibilities.
      3:03 Andrius: And as you engage the people, then you can acknowledge
      Mornflake cereal http://www.mornflake.com because they are making that
      3:24 Fred: right i see sense in this
      3:59 Andrius: it makes more sense for you to promote the
      communities, and them to promote you, and to thank Mornflake, than for
      Mornflake simply to promote itself.
      4:21 Andrius: So we can pick a community.
      4:24 Fred: right now i would love to learn how
      4:29 Andrius: How old are you?
      5:03 Fred: right its crazy that i can now use skype but the windows lie
      firefox or exporele cant browse
      5:18 Fred: am 24 making 25 in july 10th
      6:31 Andrius: ok
      6:48 Andrius: are you using your mobile phone? or your computer?
      6:52 Andrius: are you at an Internet cafe?
      7:52 Fred: am using wireless mordem for my friend who is at work now
      8:02 Andrius: ok
      8:03 Fred: i have it for few hours and am on my laptop
      8:23 Andrius: can I share your chat?
      8:29 Andrius: our chat?
      8:33 Fred: definetly yes
      8:49 Andrius: and let me know when you can use your browser
      0:22 Fred: i dont know what has happened
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