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Re: [earthtreasury] Re: Synergy team for Mornflake research of UK online communities

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  • Edward Cherlin
    ... I have the Free Digital Textbooks. We need writers for every school subject, and some that are not. Also editors, artists, programmers...See
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 19, 2009
      On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 6:31 AM, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      > Concretely, I ask Strategy Team members to:
      > * Write, What are you passionate about? (Such as: Hexayurt or Open
      > Source Textbooks or Edmonton Reconciliation Centre)

      I have the Free Digital Textbooks. We need writers for every school
      subject, and some that are not. Also editors, artists,

      http://www.earthtreasury.org/worknet for the outline of the global plan, and
      http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Creating_textbooks for the education component.

      I will be happy to answer questions.

      > * And why? (What are your values behind your passion? What is your
      > belief or reasoning? What do you stand for?)

      Core value: truth. Vision: the end of poverty and oppression, and
      perhaps war. Mission: Whatever is required to get every child an
      education using a computer, appropriate software, and an Internet
      link. No voice should go unheard.

      > * What challenges, if any, are you facing?

      Apart from technical issues around renewable power, broadband
      Internet, learning materials, and microfinance, we need enough funding
      to reach self-sustaining growth; people to take charge of the
      essential issues, including recruiting NGO and business partners and
      dealing with governments and aid agencies; and a whole lot more in
      that vein.

      > * How can people around the world support you?

      The information is available from my Wiki page at Sugarlabs, and will
      soon be available on the Earth Treasury Web site. Join the Earth
      Treasury mailing list, and tell us what you would like to do and what
      you are good at. Whatever that is, we need it.

      > * What online venues are best for working with you?

      Wikis, mailing lists, Wiser Earth, LinkedIn...It will all be on the Web site.

      > * In particular, in what ways might UK online community members help you
      > or others like you?

      Think Commonwealth, as in Commonwealth of Learning (col.org), and
      appropriate technology, as in the Schumacher Institute (I was living
      in Northumberland when Small is Beautiful came out) and talk to us
      about your networks. If you are an immigrant, talk to us about
      wherever you came from.

      > * What links would you like with UK online communities?

      All of the above.

      > I ask that:
      > * You encourage us to post your answers and you do so likewise at your
      > sites.
      > * You respond kindly to those we link with you and include them in your
      > work where you can.
      > * You make an effort to be sympathetic to and supportive of all of the
      > endeavors the Strategy Team represents.
      > * You accept and acknowledge the help that we might offer for your
      > endeavors (such as online assistants from Africa or Eastern Europe) and
      > help us devise useful ($100) projects that they might do for you.

      I have endless research projects that simply require the ability to
      use a browser and a search engine, and to past data into the
      appropriate page. For example, we need links to every Ministry of
      Education in the world, the 50 state Departments of Education in the
      US, and every curriculum standard from a government or a subject
      matter expert organization such as National Council of Teachers of
      Mathematics. We also need links to every independent education
      movement: Montessori, Sudbury, etc. Even the Creationist

      > * You consider and suggest how videos of your work might help advance
      > your own work.

      There is one linked from my Sugarlabs Wiki page. Christian Einfeldt is
      doing a large video project, the Digial Tipping Point, on the progress
      of Free Software and other community approaches to so-called
      Intellectual Property.

      > * You share with us and all, in the Public Domain, such videos and video
      > material.

      Has The Law Firm agreed to this in the case of videos any of us might
      make for them?

      There is no such legal operation in US law as placing works in the
      Public Domain, which consists only of works created without copyright
      (something that only governments can do) or whose copyright has


      Expanding the Public Domain: Part Zero
      Diane Peters, March 11th, 2009

      Creative Commons has spent a lot of time over the past year or so
      strategizing, and worrying, about the current state of the public
      domain and its future...Unfortunately, the law makes it virtually
      impossible to waive the copyright automatically bestowed on
      creators...CC0 (read “CC Zero”) is a universal waiver that may be used
      by anyone wishing to permanently surrender the copyright and database
      rights they may have in a work, thereby placing it as nearly as
      possible into the public domain.


      To the greatest extent permitted by, but not in contravention of,
      applicable law, Affirmer hereby overtly, fully, permanently,
      irrevocably and unconditionally waives, abandons, and surrenders all
      of Affirmer's Copyright and Related Rights and associated claims and
      causes of action, whether now known or unknown (including existing as
      well as future claims and causes of action), in the Work (i) in all
      territories worldwide, (ii) for the maximum duration provided by
      applicable law or treaty (including future time extensions), (iii) in
      any current or future medium and for any number of copies, and (iv)
      for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation commercial,
      advertising or promotional purposes (the "Waiver"). Affirmer makes the
      Waiver for the benefit of each member of the public at large and to
      the detriment of Affirmer's heirs and successors, fully intending that
      such Waiver shall not be subject to revocation, rescission,
      cancellation, termination, or any other legal or equitable action to
      disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the Work by the public as contemplated
      by Affirmer's express Statement of Purpose.

      We can discuss GPL, Creative Commons Sharealike, and Creative Commons
      CC0 (as few rights reserved as legally possible).


      Andrius has explained to me that he wants to make the claim of
      releasing documents into the public domain as a moral statement,
      regardless of current law. I am willing to have some materials treated
      in this way, but I insist that my own independent work has a legally
      effective license. I work with organizations that require specific
      licenses for materials they accept. Licensing policy is a factor in
      whom I choose to work with.

      > * You encourage us to produce and promote videos related to your endeavors.
      > * You encourage us to promote these videos as part of our outreach to UK
      > online communities.
      > * Throughout your online work this next month, you let people know that
      > you're participating in and supporting this Mornflake outreach effort,
      > that you are benefiting and that others can, too.
      > * This next month, you mention Mornflake in as much of your online work
      > as you can.
      > We'll keep writing, but I hope you see that we (and Mornflake) can all
      > benefit by promoting and supporting you, your values and your
      > endeavors.  I'm asking you to be "true fans" of yourself, and by
      > extension, of others like you, and of your supporters, including Minciu
      > Sodas and Mornflake cereal http://www.mornflake.com
      > Does that help?
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > +370 699 30003
      > Vilnius, Lithuania
      > ------------------------------------
      > Please note our rule: Each letter sent here enters the Public Domain unless it explicitly notes otherwise. In case your legal system does not recognize this claim, you may use these letters under CC0 — "No Rights Reserved". http://creativecommons.org/about/cc0
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