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Re: [globalvillages] Edward Cherlin on Thinking

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  • Pamela McLean
    Edward and Andrius I d like to join the proposed group if it is about thinking. I appreciated reading what Ed wrote on that, and hope he leads a group as I see
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2007
      Edward and Andrius

      I'd like to join the proposed group if it is about thinking. I
      appreciated reading what Ed wrote on that, and hope he leads a group as
      I see various shared interests. For instance - many years ago when I
      was at training college I remember writing essays on topics like
      "Language and Thought" I "got into computers" via my interest in the
      cognitive development of young children. My final dissertation during
      teacher training was called "Think Child!". It explored aspects of
      understanding and defining a task; recognising, collecting,
      understanding and organising relevant information; and attempting to
      present and communicate it effectively. I continued exploring such
      topics when I did a degree with the UK Open University - and thus got
      interested in group decision making, systems organisation and
      management, the contrast between fuzzy, human systems and tightly
      defined computer systems, computers and computing, artificial
      intelligence, human-computer interfaces and such like.My OU studies were
      done part-time, while I was also working as an infant teacher, so then -
      as in much of my life - theory and practice went along in parallel. I
      became intrigued by the relationship between teachers, learners and
      computers- and what this might mean for the development of future
      educational systems - how we think and learn and decide - both as
      individuals and as groups.

      I remember one year, during the countdown to ushering in the New Year I
      asked a friend for inspiration on what I should have as my New Years
      Resolution - the answer came unhesitatingly - "Pam - Give up
      thinking!" I'd much rather celebrate the new year by joining a yahoo
      group about it ;-)


      Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:

      > Edward,
      > I share your letter below. Thank you! We don't have "membership" at our
      > lab as such any more. Instead, I simply note our participation, for
      > example, your letters:
      > http://www.ms lt/?thinker= Edward_Cherlin
      > <http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=Edward_Cherlin>
      > I have added your thoughts to our wiki at:
      > http://www.ourcultu re.info/wiki. cgi?Thinking
      > <http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?Thinking>
      > http://www.ourcultu re.info/wiki. cgi?Notation
      > <http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?Notation>
      > http://www.ourcultu re.info/wiki. cgi?ThirdOrderTh inking
      > <http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?ThirdOrderThinking>
      > http://www.ourcultu re.info/wiki. cgi?TestingIdeas
      > <http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?TestingIdeas>
      > Edward, Thank you also for your letter for our almanac, which I will
      > send separately. Would you like to start a Yahoo group at this point?
      > Then it could be part of our almanac. Please let me know the name. It
      > should be based on your deepest concept of life. I have written it down
      > as "unity of salvation" but I'm not sure, how would you like to state it
      > or brand it? Please let me know!
      > Andrius
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