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Kevin, Pamela, how might we best work on our Mornflake research?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Kevin, I hope to include you! and also Pamela McLean in the UK. I m wondering what would be most effective resource wise. My plan is to have five team
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2009
      Hi Kevin,

      I hope to include you! and also Pamela McLean in the UK.

      I'm wondering what would be most effective resource wise.

      My plan is to have five team leaders who help me make sure that we
      deliver. They will earn typically 250 GBP each. That's a great one
      month income for somebody in Africa and all right in Eastern Europe, but
      not too significant in the US or UK. So I'm thinking that Samwel
      Kongere, Dennis Kimambo, Sasha Mrkailo and Tomas Cepaitis all would be
      good team leaders, especially as they are also very active online and
      comfortable engaging others.

      A thought that I have is that (whether or not you work for money) we
      might be able to support your projects (like Sun Money) as we engage
      communities. Your projects would thereby gain more attention. Would
      that be of interest to you?

      Pamela, it would be great to include you because you are in the UK and
      we are not!

      Kevin, Pamela, please let me know, how do you imagine, how might we best
      include you in this work, how might you gain the most and what part
      would you like to play? A practical way to think about this would be,
      What could you do for 100 USD? and what could you do for 250 GBP? And
      again, as a team leader, how might you make sure that your efforts and
      leadership yield 100 entries in our directory and 20 communities that
      your team engages?

      That would be a great help with our success! and imagine that we might
      find more such work in the future.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003

      Kevin Parcell wrote:
      > Andrius
      > I'm interested in this project. My SunMoney proposal to Google is
      > founded on the proposition that real communities would be willing to
      > submit videos, effectively becoming online communities, thus I have a
      > compelling interest that's closely related to Leon's question and so
      > would benefit from understanding Mornflake's specific effort to
      > identify likely participants. I'm a skilled project director, with a
      > BFA in directing performance. Otherwise my http://sunmoney.org site is
      > my resume, which includes the "Songs In the Night" video. That video
      > is the surviving piece of the Un-scared Project to support the
      > Kucinich candidacy, for which I recruited the help of more than 1000
      > people through the Kucinich site. That site was structured like the
      > MySpace site, and the video project was begun about five weeks after I
      > joined the site, after creating a network of friends, and completed
      > about five weeks later.
      > By the way, Google says it received more than 150,000 responses to its
      > request for ideas that help people and so doesn't know when it will
      > complete the list of 100 finalists. I guess ten million dollars is
      > still real money. Likewise, Mornflake's competition should
      > successfully identify the groups most affected by viral advertising of
      > this sort if it offers real money supplemented with the promise of
      > exposure. By working through existing online communities, they borrow
      > networking architecture familiar to interested individuals and so
      > facilitate easy organization of projects. Good, short vids created
      > within these communities will also circulate widely within these same
      > groups. If it were my competition, I might create categories, such as
      > humor, family, etc, to multiply the opportunities to win and perhaps
      > multiply the appeal and exposure.
      > Regards,
      > Kevin
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