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Minciu Sodas proposal: What should Mornflake stand for?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I spoke yesterday with Leon Benjamin of The Law Firm, an advertising agency in London, founded by Andy Law http://www.thelawfirmgroup.com Leon is Head of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2009
      I spoke yesterday with Leon Benjamin of The Law Firm, an advertising
      agency in London, founded by Andy Law http://www.thelawfirmgroup.com
      Leon is Head of Digital Strategy. We discussed research that Minciu
      Sodas and I might do for him. I share below my proposal and ask us all,
      How might we participate?

      Leon and I first met perhaps six years ago. He was then in charge of
      business development for the online community Ecademy
      http://www.ecademy.com I and others from Minciu Sodas visited him
      twice at The Law Firm on our recent trip to London. He loves what we do
      and I've always hoped that we might work for him. Leon is the author of
      Winning by Sharing, http://www.winningbysharing.net

      Leon is interested to hire our Minciu Sodas team for one month to do
      research about UK online communities. He wants to know which online
      communities have participants who would be inclined to participate in a
      video competition. The purpose of the competition is to make people in
      the UK aware of Mornflake http://www.mornflake.com , a maker of
      breakfast cereals and a client of The Law Firm. Mornflake is a family
      business dating back to 1675. They provide oats for many generic brand
      breakfast cereals. They would like people in the UK to be aware of
      their brand. The Law Firm's strategy is to organize an online contest
      for videos that raise awareness in Mornflake so that attention is spread
      virally, especially through Facebook.

      Our work would be to identify receptive online communities. We are
      encouraged to work in the spirit of our Minciu Sodas laboratory.


      Andrius Kulikauskas, sole proprietor of Minciu Sodas, proposes to start
      a directory of online communities in the UK. Andrius will lead a team
      of Minciu Sodas participants to create this directory. The directory
      will be kept on pages at the WorkNets wiki http://www.worknets.org and
      will be made available for display at other websites as requested.

      We will list at least 500 online communities whose participants are
      primarily or frequently from the UK, and provide or deduce the following
      information, as available:
      * The community's name and url.
      * Their stated mission.
      * The best participant to contact, and how to contact them.
      * The number of registered members.
      * The number of active members.
      * The geographic distribution in the UK, as noteworthy.
      * The demographics, as noteworthy: Age, sex, ethnicity, occupations,
      * The kinds of media actively shared: Posts, chat, tweets, photos,
      music, and especially, videos.

      We will engage at least 100 of these online communities. For each
      community, a member of Minciu Sodas will, to the extent possible:
      * Join their community.
      * Engage a receptive leader, if any.
      * Learn what values they have that they would like Mornflake to stand for.
      * Learn whether they might encourage participation in the Mornflake
      video competition.
      * Learn whether they have or wish to have relations with sponsors or
      * Learn whether they would like to share media with other communities.
      * Learn what other UK online communities they recommend.
      * Ask them to check and correct, as needed, the entry for their
      community in the directory.

      We will store this information publicly as metadata at the WorkNets wiki
      where it will be available for retrieval in reports.

      All of our work is in the Public Domain.

      We will complete the above work by May 15, 2009.

      Andrius Kulikauskas will then write a case study explaining how he
      organized the Minciu Sodas team to do this work so that others might
      replicate this approach in the future.


      We propose to do this work for 5,000 GBP. We ask that two-thirds be
      paid in advance and one-third upon completion of all work.


      We expect to involve more than thirty Minciu Sodas participants and get
      help from one hundred or more participants. Our team members will
      leverage their own interests as they reach out to UK online communities.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Ph.D., in Vilnius, Lithuania, is founder of the
      Minciu Sodas laboratory for serving independent thinkers around the
      world, and the WorkNets network for organizing a culture of independent
      thinkers. In 2006-2007, Andrius led a Minciu Sodas team of 100 people
      in 11 countries to collect 2,000 food stories for My Food Story
      http://www.myfoodstory.com for Greg Wolff of the Unamesa Association.
      In 2008, Andrius he led 100 peacemakers on-the-ground and 100 online
      assistants to avert genocide in Kenya http://www.pyramidofpeace.net

      Andrius will work with 5 team leaders who are all skilled at engaging
      online a wide variety of people, such as:

      Samwel Kongere in Rusinga Island, Kenya is the organizer of Minciu
      Sodas's network in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. He is organizing a July
      1-3 conference in Kisumu on local sustainability. His family is a
      trader in cereals, buying wholesale and selling retail. He leads our
      working group Mendenyo, "Men without food"
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/ See also his website:

      Pamela McLean in London, UK is a teacher and also a leader in helping
      people overcome cultural barriers, linking especially the bandwidth-rich
      in the UK with the bandwidth-poor in Nigeria. She leads our working
      group Learning From Each Other,
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ See also her blog:

      Sasha Mrkailo in Sombor, Serbia worked as Minciu Sodas's leading online
      assistant for My Food Story, Pyramid of Peace, Global Utopias, the
      WorkNets wiki and chat room and other projects. See:
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?SashaMrkailo and his blog:

      Tomas Cepaitis in Vilnius, Lithuania is Foreign Minister of the Republic
      of Uzupis, a creatively-minded neighborhood of Vilnius. He leads a
      network of 200 ambassadors of Uzupis.
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uzupis He also leads our working group
      Human Human, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/humanhuman/

      Fred Kayiwa in Kampala, Uganda is a champion online social networker.
      He is a student and leads youth soccer teams and a children's theatre.
      http://www.kampalajuniorteam.org Fred leads our working group One
      Reaching Another, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onereachinganother/

      We will draw on many others who might participate as team leaders or
      members or advisers, as needed and as available, including: Benoit
      Couture (Canada), Rachel Wambui Kungu, Tom Ochuka, David Mutua, Peter
      Ongele, Dennis Kimambo, Kenneth Chelimo, Dan Otedo (Kenya), Odeta
      Abramaviciute, Vygantas Vejas, Audrone Anusauskas, Liuba Salimova
      (Lithuania), Wendi Losha Bernadette (Cameroon), Awne Abo Zant
      (Israeli-occupied Palestine), Mark Petz (Finland), Dante-Gabryell Monson
      (Belgium), Josephat Ndibalema, William Wambura, Kiyavilo Msekwa
      (Tanzania), Gleb Tyurin (Russia), Andrius Kasparavicius (UK), Edward
      Cherlin, Jeff Buderer, Dorinda Moreno, Janet Feldman (USA). (I
      encourage you and all to write if you might be interested to work on
      this project!)

      Andrius will receive 2,500 GBP for his work and responsibility. Team
      leaders will each receive 250 GBP, paid in advance, and the remaining
      1,250 GBP will be divided among all others who help us with our work.

      Minciu Sodas

      Minciu Sodas is a sole prioprietorship registered in 1998 in Vilnius,
      Lithuania. Andrius Kulikauskas is the sole proprietor and a citizen and
      taxpayer of Lithuania and the United States of America.


      My proposal above focuses on our work-at-hand, which is the research
      that we would do for The Law Firm to identify receptive online
      communities where they can find participants for the online video contest.

      Leon Benjamin and I also spoke about ideas for the contest to motivate
      participants and help make people aware of Mornflake cereal. Leon
      explained that the winning video will be the one that gets the most hits
      through Facebook.

      A central idea is that the videos be about people's values rather than
      about the cereal's merits. Most people aren't motivated by breakfast
      cereal! And few people in the UK are aware of Mornflake or know where
      to buy it. But there are many creative people who would like to promote
      their own values and would be happy that a breakfast cereal promote
      them, too.

      The video contest might simply require that each video include the line,
      spoken or written, "What should Mornflake stand for?" Encourage people
      to focus on the values they would like Mornflake to have, and to be as
      inspiring, creative, shocking, funny and unexpected as they might to win
      people's attention.

      I encouraged Leon to make the most of his interest to involve online
      community. Assuming a 20,000 GBP prize fund, I suggest that the top
      prize be shared by the winner and their online community, so that they
      each receive 5,000 GBP, for example. This would encourage communities
      and their participants to motivate each other. Midway through the
      contest I would give out 50 prizes of 100 GBP to the most active
      communities and ask them to throw Mornflake parties with the wish that
      they buy Mornflake in their neighborhood and try it out, and that they
      upload video from their party. And I would give out 5 prizes of 1,000
      GBP to the community organizers who prove most helpful so that they
      consult, in public, on the subject, "What should Mornflake stand for?"
      and draw attention to noteworthy videos.

      I think a key goal should be to encourage the use of the "mornflake" tag
      for videos and posts so they are easy to find.

      I suggest that all videos entered are placed in the Public Domain as a
      condition of the contest. This will make for a wealth of video footage
      that can be reused by all without restriction, and such an archive would
      encourage others to create variants, making for an active discourse and
      increasing the chance of videos (and "What should Mornflake stand for?")
      spreading virally.

      I would invite online community organizer's to think about a longer term
      vision for Mornflake, perhaps Mornflake widgets for sharing videos among
      online communities so that they can share news and videos amongst each
      other. Such a "Mornflake channel" would then define a certain kind of
      community and what Mornflake stands for.


      As Mornflake helps people promote their values, I think that people will
      grow interested in Mornflake's values.

      I am keeping in mind an opportunity that opened up in London when John
      Caswell of Group Partners met with me and others from Minciu Sodas
      (Franz Nahrada, Samwel Kongere, Graham Knight). He agreed that we
      develop a Public Domain version of his consultancy's methodology by
      which a business (or community) agrees on what it could and should and
      will do. http://www.grouppartnerswiki.net/index.php?title=4D The
      videos, if in the Public Domain, can be materials for Mornflake but also
      others to think this through for themselves. This can suggest future
      campaigns. As Mornflake develops it's identity, others might also.


      I conclude with a recent letter from Samwel Kongere which shows the real
      impact that the Mornflake campaign can have. We will identify many
      receptive online communities in the UK so that they might likewise
      inspire us with their visions, What should Mornflake stand for?

      Samwel Kongere:
      Thanks for all who are concerned,
      I am encouraging the women and men to stay at their
      home villages and make the farms. When i was going to
      London i asked a handful of women 30 plus; to prepare
      land for seasonal planting, good they have prepare
      land and planted maize, millet, peas and other crops
      for food, wonderful. I may thank God for giving
      rainfall this Sunday of Easter. We have bright sun
      shine today, but when i visited the farms, the
      villagers are worried roads are impassable we are
      dejected we cannot get cereals, the prices is
      escalating, no public transport can reach here. The
      women might not weed their crops due to hunger. If we
      can get between 200$ to 300$ this will be enough
      because i am using them as a model of women who will
      discourage the rural to urban migration,
      sustainabillity though must come from a trial. I am
      making my own farm where horticural is my hope for
      survival. Dearly i am meeting the women tomorrow to
      contribute a secret to support their kitchen need,
      according to them anything consummable is vital and
      this time. Your stretched hand will be helpful. We
      also need containers to harvest rain water.
      More tomorrow after meeting.

      Thank you!

      Leon, I'm excited that we might work for you!

      This is a profound opportunity for me and our lab, Minciu Sodas. I urge
      our participants to respond and to be ready to work intensely and with
      all speed!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
      skype: minciusodas
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