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Drought in Kisumu, Kenya

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Tom, Samwel, Janet, Thank you for your letters (I add Samwel s and Janet s) about the drought in Kisumu. Please keep us posted on how we might help you but
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2009
      Tom, Samwel, Janet,
      Thank you for your letters (I add Samwel's and Janet's) about the drought in Kisumu. Please keep us posted on how we might help you but also all of the people in the region. Your conference in Kisumu on July 1-3 on local sustainability is important for all of our efforts.
      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, ms@..., http://www.ms.lt

      Dear all ,
      Thanks for all who were able to surport us and pary with us over Cholera out break we are continuing in teach the Deaf on this and trainning signlanguage to parents with deaf children.
      We prepared land Near Ahero and palnted sugarcane but all dried because of heat.
      Sugaer cne can resist DRought and with good tonnes can help during the harvest.
      We have Rains now and are looking for seeds to replace the rotten 3 acres of land in it too will plant maize this is intercrooping after the maize is harvested will have sugercane growing.
      Is there any help on seeds and fertlizers,the government is giving free fertilzers but we havent seen that at all.
      Can anyone help us find good seedcanes and fertilizers to palnt this time of rains.
      Harvest from this will help the deaf children,thans Sam for visiting our farms and taking paictures.


      Kind of you all,
      This Easter is not worth celebrated at all! Many
      people along the Lake Shore are going without food no
      grains. The prices of cereals is increasing, the rains
      fluctuating. If God blesses! We wish a change of


      Dear Sam and All,

      Very sad to hear about this! You are eloquent as always, clearly
      communicating the need for change. This needed change must be local as well
      as national and global. How can we as a group address this?

      The themes of rebirth and transformation are surely pertinent now, so in
      that way Easter is as powerful as ever both as a concept, and as an event
      worth celebrating, albeit in a reflective way.

      The changes needed are in part structural, while others--as you say--are
      attitudinal, both on the part of those at the grassroots, and on the part of
      the rest of the world.

      With thanks for this perspective and greatest blessings always, Janet

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