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Values and ideas! by Samwel Kongere

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Samwel, Thank you for joining us at the COMMUNIA meeting in London and thank you to Prodromos Tsiavos and Steve Smithson for the invitation by which we have
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2009
      Samwel, Thank you for joining us at the COMMUNIA meeting in London and
      thank you to Prodromos Tsiavos and Steve Smithson for the invitation by
      which we have met in person for the first time! a great joy. Thank you
      also to Janet Feldman and all who helped with Greg Wolff's chocolate
      project, which is how we earned the money so that you could attend
      Summer Source Africa in 2006. Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@...

      Hello Andrius,

      I wish to thank you a great deal for making who i am today let me give
      you some food for thought!
      Early 2006 January you and Janet Feldman sent money to help me attend
      Africa source II meeting at Kalangala my intention and our aim was to
      find people who are interested in knowing there deepest values! A
      question which they do not know answers to but would want to get answer!
      Yes i went down here in search of values from strangers, great. The
      workshop was having 140 participants from all over the globe.

      It has been the most inspiring and motivating workshop according to my
      value; i have ever attended in my career; people were free to talk' the
      organizers, the sponsors, partners, delegates, participants, the hosts
      and even the staff from the community, think of even Mark Shurtleworth
      the honor of Ubuntu, who was the main sponsor and financier was amazing
      man. I had all the pleasure i needed.

      My group was headed by a lady from South Africa Called Heather Turner,
      she was from the creative commons; she introduced me to
      copyright/copyleft phenomenon, what was amazing; was that, they wanted
      everyone to feel wanted because they were telling us about migration
      from Proprietary software with licenses to open Source without
      Licenses. The opportunity of sharing was high mmm! everyone intermingled
      with each other, fantastic.

      My search was values! Yes my previous volunteering with Christian
      children's Fund for eight years down the line taught me how sponsors
      relate to their sponsored children, our letters were sometimes adding
      value to them or not at cases eh!

      I had taken two children to the field one day and wanted to study and
      understand their values. We talked, played, ate together and asked them,
      what they would want to take home with them? At the back of my mind I
      wanted to know their deepest value and what they care most. One child
      told me, Sam, I will carry my ball and food to share with my sisters and
      brothers, the other said, I will eat everything here because these other
      relatives at home beat me too much; but because I am satisfied I am
      going to keep my portion in my pocket eat it alone whenever i am hungry
      mm! Amazing results.

      This how public domain ethics and private issues interrelate with
      governments, cultures, nations, corporations and individuals, there is
      always something behind their thinking. One will want it openly the
      other will need it privately. They will always go parallel with ideas
      and policies but not perpendicular to T junction, they will never

      What do you think?
      N/b You can print it if you want
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