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Response to David, Shankar, Prakash, Charles, Maria/Happy 2007!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear David, Shankar, Prakash, Charles, Maria, and All, Fantastic to hear from you, and apologies ahead of time for the group mail! David, it s great to learn
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2006
      Dear David, Shankar, Prakash, Charles, Maria, and All,
      Fantastic to hear from you, and apologies ahead of time for the group mail! 
      David, it's great to learn more abt the activities of CAWD in Kenya, and we who live and/or work there will be happy to link further with you (Pam and others) in 2007!
      Shankar, it's so exciting to hear from you, and abt the particular use to which you want to put street theater. It may be that there is some theater activity around treatment issues--Kenya has a particularly strong treatment-access movement, for example--but I have not heard of this myself, so will investigate. And encourage you in the meantime to develop these brilliant and important ideas!!  Plz let me/us know more abt your work, and do you do anything connected to nutrition and food (security) too, or other subjects besides HIV/AIDS?
      Prakash, I see you posting abt farmer suicides, and this is indeed a compelling and tragic issue. In the context of HIV/AIDS, esp in Africa, farmers are dying in increasing and alarming numbers too, whether from the disease itself or as a result of it, sometimes via suicide. This is straining the rural society in ways which threaten the viability of communities, and is affecting nations as a whole, as well as regions, and ultimately the world.
      There is a strong link here to the MyFoodStory project, to food security and nutrition, to agriculture, health, poverty alleviation, the care of orphans, the status and challenges of women. So thank you for bringing this up, and hope we can address it further in 2007.
      Charles, hope to include Uganda in our ICTs-related activities in 2007, and thanks so much for your good wishes to us all!
      Maria, the subject you mention--Christians and Muslims worshipping together--is such a bedrock one, and I agree that there has been seriously insensitive handling of the issue to date. I think you've hit upon a brilliant form of activism, which anyone who attends a faith-based ceremony can do:   encourage people of different faiths to worship together. Invite a friend to come with you, and tell them you'd like to go with them to wherever they worship. It doesn't even have to be a place...it could be a park or a home. The point is to bring people together, to share and learn, to build bridges of understanding, tolerance, and hope.  Thanks for alerting us to this challenge, and to its possibilities!
      With all best wishes for the new year, and peace and blessings always, Janet

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      From: David mutua
      Sent: Dec 31, 2006 9:11 AM
      To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Idea for next year

      Dear All,
      Season greetings and happy new year, I have been out
      of touch for a while now but hope to be back fully by
      next year, find attached a report explaining my work
      and future plans.


      David Mutua

      --- shankar rajakumar <raj_touch2002@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Dear Janet,
      > I am trying to use Art and street theater for
      > Acess to treatment issues - especially how patent is
      > going to hinder acess to treatment issues developing
      > and less developed countries.
      > Do you know if any one had already done this
      > using street theater and other Art forms.
      > Looking for your
      > Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      > Dear Pam and All,
      > Fantastic idea, and I have been gathering resources
      > to add for the past few months, knowing how
      > compelling a topic this is to members. I am
      > delighted abt the arts link, and here's one to DDN
      > re Katrina: the International Playback Theater has
      > developed, through its New York chapter, a very
      > moving theater piece using the actual stories of
      > Katrina survivors.
      > This is being used not only to help those same
      > survivors to cope with and recover from the tragedy,
      > but is being performed elsewhere so other people can
      > gain insight into this event and those whose lives
      > have been so affected by it. In other words,
      > "educational entertainment" , which would be most
      > effective to re the bird flu pandemic, I think, as
      > it is with HIV/AIDS education and prevention.
      > Documentation abt the making of the piece has been
      > put on the Playback site, another link to ICTs use
      > to spread information.
      > We also could develop and tape theater pieces--using
      > stories of individuals and communities affected by
      > the pandemic (or who might be)--which could be added
      > as clips to websites and used in e-learning
      > situations (computer, mobile phones, radio, and
      > others).
      > Sam's org, as well as Lenny and his org, already use
      > arts and media to address HIV/AIDS. I recall that
      > this is how we connected too, because you wrote
      > saying some of this activity was happening in the
      > communities you serve in Nigeria! OVF has this as a
      > focus of interest, as does Fantsuam and many others,
      > and many in ActALIVE would find this a compelling
      > topic. We have recently become involved in a
      > human-trafficking project using the arts to address
      > this topic, for example, so are spreading our
      > creative wings to encompass subjects other than
      > HIV/AIDS.
      > I look forward to working with you and all on this
      > in 2007, and keep these brilliant brainstorms
      > coming!! Thanks much and happiest of holidays!
      > Artistic affections and blessings always, Janet
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