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London meetings. Who might we stay with?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I m happy to report that Zdenka Mrkailo and Ana Ilic Lagundzin of Serbia, and Samwel Kongere and Rachel Wambui Kungu of Kenya, all have their visas and air
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2009
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      I'm happy to report that Zdenka Mrkailo and Ana Ilic Lagundzin of
      Serbia, and Samwel Kongere and Rachel Wambui Kungu of Kenya, all have
      their visas and air tickets and places to stay as well. (Yes, Rachel?)

      I'm still looking for places to stay for me and Zenonas Anusauskas and
      Irena Buinickaite, all from Lithuania, from March 24 to 30. We could
      stay at a squat house, if you know of one, and contribute some money,
      for example, 10 GBP per person per day.

      I also need a place for Franz Nahrada for March 24 to 27. I asked Rick
      Nelson through Facebook.

      I also encourage us to write about our thoughts for our program. See
      and also look at
      http://upcoming.yahoo.com for ideas.

      Tuesday, March 24 I'll be greeting everybody at airports and making sure
      we're settled.

      Wednesday is a good day for us to focus on meeting each other from
      Minciu Sodas and friends. It's a good day for us to work with Graham
      Knight, for example. We will host a "work walk". Where could we walk
      and talk and work?

      Thursday and Friday are the COMMUNIA meeting.

      Thursday night there is also an event "Brighton Robotics Robot Hack Night"
      which might be interesting for me and Samwel (and perhaps Graham?) to
      link up with people who might help with Includer, DIY Solar and other
      hardware projects.

      Saturday we are signed up for the Open Knowledge Foundation.

      Sunday there is a "Vintage Vogue" Fashion Fair which is a little far
      away, northwest of London in the city of Brentwood
      but otherwise inexpensive (4 GBP)
      but that might be a good place for Public Domain Fashion because they
      are interested in old-fashioned clothes from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's
      and that could be a good basis for Public Domain fashion, so it's worth
      a try. Sasha, perhaps you could link up with them and see if they might
      be interested to do a video bridge with Sombor, Serbia? That would be

      Let's keep writing and getting ideas!
      Who would we like to meet with?
      Who would we like to work for?
      Does anybody know anybody at the BBC?

      I will be coming early, this Thursday.
      I will call Rachel to check regarding her plans.
      Friday I will go with Pamela to
      World Entrepreneur Society Summit 2009
      Saturday, I'm interested to go to "God in the Lab?"
      http://cfilondon.org (a Dawkins-nonbeliever oriented event)
      Sunday, I'd like to go with Pamela and visit my relatives in Kingston.
      Monday evening, I'd like to go to "We all make the Economy Stupid"


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas


      Hi Andrius,

      You can put me down for a 'work walk' for one day and talk/show DIY
      Solar. If there is enough interest, I can come on another.
      My experience suggests there will be minimal interest in anything to do
      with individual empowerment!

      Although Rachel received pv parts a month ago, on loan, there have been
      no reports yet. This is all too typical!



      Hi Andrius,

      I read your 'epistle' with much interest and realised that we have more
      in common than I had expected.
      The most intriguing revelation was that

      I understand that I am alone. I am surprised that I have I guess an
      relationship with God, where I don't expect him to care about my good
      deeds nor for me to care about his rewards. We simply do what's right
      and ask for what's right and certainly if all would benefit thereby I
      would gladly give away my reputation if that would do some good because
      God manages that.

      All the religious people I know believe in God because it means that
      they are not alone!

      I agree with you that I am alone. Why do you need a God?
      Jesus was great man who was turned into a God whether he liked it or not!

      Perhaps we will have a chance to sort this out in London soon!

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