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Re: [mendenyo] Partners for Afghanistan sneakernet proposal?

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  • Samwel Kongere
    I support sneakernet at a start. I did wonderfully through this to be able to reach my level. My experience before was pathetic now now well placed. I got
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2009
      I support sneakernet at a start. I did wonderfully
      through this to be able to reach my level. My
      experience before was pathetic now now well placed. I
      got friends at th e-learning in Accra 2008 due to
      sneakernet talks a wonderful model to start
      communication flowing. There pens for other form and
      kind for skneakernet. 'sneak information' while you
      --- ms@... wrote:

      > Mohd and all,
      > I am writing a proposal to Lithuania's Foreign
      > Ministry to help with
      > reconstruction of Afghanistan's Ghor province. The
      > proposal is due March
      > 13 and can be up to about 30,000 euros.
      > http://www.orangeprojects.lt/site/?page=13
      > I ask for your help to find partners in Afghanistan
      > but especially in Ghor
      > province.
      > I will propose to set up a "sneakernet" system for
      > carrying electronic
      > files (such as emails, data, documents, textbooks)
      > on USB flash drives
      > between remote areas and Kabul. We would work out
      > practical strategies
      > for linking up anybody with a computer so that they
      > can send and receive
      > emails and file attachments (it may take days or
      > weeks to deliver, but it
      > will be delivered!)
      > The project's main goal is to create a network of
      > supportive people who
      > help reach out to include participants in Ghor
      > province. Steps would
      > include:
      > * Identifying computer users who would like to
      > participate.
      > * Making a map and working out delivery routes.
      > * Figuring out a fair payment system for those who
      > deliver the USB flash
      > drives (we would provide these funds and also the
      > USB flash drives)
      > * Identifying the interests of the participants and
      > organizing them into
      > relevant online forums of our Minciu Sodas
      > laboratory in the language of
      > their choice (they might be related to mathematics,
      > Islam, agriculture,
      > technology, education, etc.)
      > * Facilitating the inclusion of these participants
      > in Ghor province so
      > they can make contacts in different parts of
      > Afghanistan and around the
      > world and get help to answer questions that interest
      > them
      > * Working together to create and share desired
      > materials, for example,
      > learning materials that could be used with OLPC
      > laptops
      > * Develop simple software and hardware solutions to
      > make the "sneakernet"
      > system easier
      > * Facilitate assistance through an online chat room
      > staffed by assistants
      > in Afghanistan and around the world, including
      > Lithuania.
      > * Get better computers as needed for key
      > participants in Ghor province
      > * Lay the groundwork for understanding who might be
      > the best people to
      > work with in Ghor for future deployment of computers
      > such as the OLPC
      > I ask for help now for the first step to find
      > interested partners
      > throughout Afghanistan (but especially Ghor
      > province) who might like to
      > participate in this Sneakernet and our Minciu Sodas
      > laboratory for
      > independent thinkers.
      > Mohd, I would gladly send $100 for a part-time
      > project to you or a person
      > you recommend (who has online access) to identify
      > those who'd like to
      > participate. I'd need this information by March 13
      > so that I could
      > include it in my proposal.
      > Nasim Fekrat, I would also gladly send you $100 if
      > you could help as above.
      > I'm also hoping to be able to report some first
      > steps by then from Kennedy
      > Owino and Ricardo on their project in Nairobi. Is
      > that possible?
      > Mohd, congratulations on the One Laptop Per Child
      > project!
      > I invite all interested in our Afghanistan proposal
      > to jump in with ideas,
      > to include yourself and others. How might you like
      > to participate in this
      > work? I think of Rahilla Zafar, John Deneen, Budd
      > MacKenzie (and
      > Lalander, Afghanistan) and InSTEDD.
      > I will work on this at our wiki page:
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Afghanistan
      > Our proposal meets Lithuania's goals of:
      > * improving ties between local and central
      > authorities
      > * improving basic education
      > I will write more about that.
      > I appreciate our thoughts on how to improve this
      > proposal.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > ------------------------------
      > Dear all,
      > I am Mohd Hamed Quraishi from OLPC Project in Kabul.
      > OLPC Project will
      > begin its first deployment in March 17th 09 in
      > Jallalabad province of
      > Afghanistan.
      > Students of grade 4, 5 and 6 will be provided with
      > the XOs donated by
      > OLPC Foundation.
      > Pictures and stories will be published on our
      > website http://www.olpc.af
      > soon after the Official ceremony.

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