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Re: [learningfromeachother] Web interfaces for our work

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  • kayiwa fred
    thats sounding good and we realy like to have that improvement in 2007 am taking this chance to wish all of you happy chrismas and happy new yaer let 2007 be
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 24, 2006
      thats sounding good and we realy like to have that
      improvement in 2007
      am taking this chance to wish all of you happy
      chrismas and happy new yaer
      let 2007 be of actions anly
      --- Pamela McLean <pam@...> wrote:

      > Andrius Kulikauskas wrote:
      > >Also, George Christian Jeyaraj came by today and he
      > is interested to
      > >help make web pages to showcase individual stories
      > at sites like
      > >OneVillage or KAIPPG so please let us know if you'd
      > like to showcase one
      > >or more storytellers! That would be great for us!
      > And George is
      > >interested to help teach our Tanzanian colleagues
      > and organize tutorial
      > >materials for them. Pamela, perhaps web design is
      > something we could
      > >teach with you?
      > >
      > >
      > Hi Andrius
      > Sounds good to me - I imagine you mean making it one
      > of Cawdnet Campus's
      > informal courses. Let's explore that. As you know
      > Cawdnet Campus is an
      > implementation of Moodle - which is designed for
      > educational use - but
      > at present we use it more as a "virtual meeting
      > place" where we "run
      > minds" and do admin. However it has all kinds of
      > facilities related to
      > course delivery which could be useful to George. He
      > is welcome to place
      > a web design course at Cawdnet Campus. (No cost -
      > unless the course
      > uses so much bandwidth that covering the cost
      > becomes an issue).
      > Cawdnet Campus is very small at present but - as it
      > is virtual - it can
      > easily grow larger. In my "mental image" of Cawdnet
      > Campus it will
      > increasingly become the virtual
      > office/meeting-place/learning-area for
      > the various individuals and groups which come
      > together as Cawdnet.Now
      > the I am increasingly networking with the network of
      > Minciu Sodas I hope
      > to see increasing overlap between the two networks.
      > In my vision for Cawdnet Campus (when I compare its
      > informal work and
      > structures with the work and structures of
      > traditional educational
      > establishments) I see it gradually building various
      > "departments" -
      > growing from Special Interest Groups (SIGs) . For
      > example you could say
      > that I am "building the education dept" with the
      > teachers I work with.
      > You could also say that Professor Dick Heller - who
      > leads the health
      > working group with John Dada - is "building the
      > health dept" with
      > various health professionals. Maybe George and our
      > Tanzanian colleagues
      > would like to start an ICT SIG at Cawdnet Campus
      > around the teaching of
      > web design. Who knows - if they liked the
      > facilities at Cawdnet Campus
      > they might like to go on and do other ICT related
      > work to "build an ICT
      > department" - or maybe someone else in the lab would
      > like to get
      > involved. Anyone who has a particular interest
      > related to the interests
      > of Cawdnet is welcome to use the facilities at
      > Cawdnet Campus - like
      > LearningFromEachOther it is a place on the Internet
      > where people can
      > learn from each other.
      > Regarding showcasing story tellers - I would also be
      > happy to feature
      > MyFoodStories web pages at Cawdnet Campus - if that
      > is what you mean by
      > "please let us know if you'd like to showcase one or
      > more storytellers!"
      > Regarding learning to design websites - CAWD has a
      > website (Cawdnet gets
      > its name from CAWD) - but the website is very
      > simple, out of date, and
      > badly structured. Perhaps Lorraine (my fellow CAWD
      > volunteer) or I could
      > attend the course - if it is not too intensive. We
      > need to learn more -
      > or we need to find someone who is interested in web
      > design to do some
      > voluntary work for CAWD.
      > .
      > Pam
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