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Classic Math Problems

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    Hi Edward, I m visiting Franz and working intensively on our websites. Today I wrote a program that reads in metadata from our wiki into a MySQL database.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2009
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      Hi Edward,

      I'm visiting Franz and working intensively on our websites. Today I wrote
      a program that reads in metadata from our wiki into a MySQL database.
      Then I will do the opposite direction, so that we can update metadata
      stored at our wiki, as needed. I have got the RSS software working so my
      plan is to identify with each wiki page some related RSS stream, and some
      wiki pages may point to an endeavor they are supporting, so that we end up
      with a tree of endeavors, and we can aggregate RSS feeds accordingly.

      Please let me know about the DNS servers for http://www.earthtreasury.org,
      will you use ours or not, so that our hosting company isn't sending out
      wrong information.

      Linas Plankis has been helping me with classic math problems. I have use
      ImageMagick to convert my notes for teaching algebra from PDF to JPG
      images. You can see some at:
      and I have found some helpful RSS streams which I've started listing at:
      and gradually also starting to list out my problems.

      Technically, one thing that I'm doing is using our wiki as a backend to
      maintain content that we can show at another site as the front end. An
      example is our Pyramid of Peace website http://www.pyramidofpeace.net
      which is now drawing on three wiki pages:
      and I am using photos from Voice of America which is Public Domain (the
      AFP photos might be also, but they seem to be sharable).

      Today Franz and I visited Austria's major video conference hardware seller
      and I'm very interested to work with Zenonas in Lithuania to promote their
      video integration services about which I will write more.

      I'm also planning to submit a proposal to NordPlus (Norway) for a video
      center in Eiciunai village where we'd work on Public Domain learning

      I've purchased tickets to London
      for our Lithuanian team (Zenonas, Irena, Tomas and me) and Rachel buys her
      ticket tomorrow. I need to learn from Prodromos if he can provide
      invitations for Ana, Zdenka, Samwel and Fred and otherwise I ask for our
      help, who in the UK might invite them? And also we're looking for people
      to stay with, and people who'd like to meet and spend time together.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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