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Peter Ongele requests books, pursues ideas

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Hi Peter, Thank you for your letter. You re a wonderful researcher and I appreciate your frankness. I won t invite you this time because we re too pressed for
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 7, 2009
      Hi Peter, Thank you for your letter. You're a wonderful researcher and I
      appreciate your frankness. I won't invite you this time because we're too
      pressed for time and because we can invite Samwel. But I look forward to
      working more closely together and meeting in the future. Perhaps Samwel
      can share your topics. Also, please have in mind that if you ever need to
      go on our behalf to Nairobi, it's best for us if you stay with Kennedy
      Owino or others there. I would much rather send them money then have it
      spent on accomodation. I share your letters. Andrius

      Hi Andrius,
      I every time appreciate your decisions, I hope even if I don't make it
      this time, I would make it next time. I kindly request for the
      1: Davis Book on world economic evolution, Mohammed Yunus book.
      2: Look for who can support DIY Solar project business for me from
      contacts you may meet there.
      3: _ Discuss on logistics for MS Lab innovative community
      projects in Africa.
      _Business partnership with MS Lab members and contacts you get
      there. ( Water melons, pumkins, peppers
      pawpaw etc which we commonly grow here in our place ..
      _Discuss impunity and corruption in Africa for this is at its
      prime stage of practice by most African countries as a whole and
      how CA and transparency can be practiced as the only way out for
      community innovative projects....
      _ Discuss about Malaria and Bednet distribution situation in our
      region and the help needed like compensation of the youths who helped me
      to do a survey. This is not a legend story, Peter Burgess is having a raw
      data on this which he is also trying to work on it as my friend here.
      Below is my letter to Burgess which has unfortunately gone unanswered by
      him....it may look discouraging but am determined to work with him slowly
      until we would be able to get and use his formular analysis on CA for our
      community projects ...he is the only person now with new idea for
      sustainability of community projects in Africa.
      _Less unfortunate for computer access....for my dreams to come true, I
      need free communications with my contacts. I hope God would be in
      control for me to have one.

      Peter Ongele.
      "peter ongele" <peterongele@...>
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      Peter Burgess
      Chris Macrae

      Hi Burgess,
      I'm of mind to built up the our datas.....do another survey study in
      the month of March and April, July and August , lastly November and
      December. These are check points of pick and low seasons of malaria
      vector prevelence in the region....times when most people use bednets
      when its cold and times when its hot for usage of nets. This time I
      hope to consider:
      1: type of bednet (material used)
      2: cost of bed net
      3:duration of the net (specific date net acquired)
      4: status of the net (tone or not tone)
      5: times the net has been washed/ treated.
      6; clinical datas from the clinical health center.... since it is not
      easy to get this from the concerned clinics, I'll propose to look at the
      cards used at the time of clinical visits.
      7: other methods used by each household to protect themselves against
      mosquito bites.
      8: any known artficial/ traditional way used to protect against mosquito
      bites a part from bednets in the community from one household to another.
      Any idea you can add on that would be important, for we need to bring
      together all these informations to help us develop a new low cost
      intergrated tool against malaria and the vector.
      I don't want to commit myself this time that there would be any
      compensation for those who would volunteer for this work but I would
      only try to persuade them to accept to work volunteerily. To make
      this easy for me, I suggest to use Ksh. 6750 sent to me by Andrius
      through Denis Kimambo and may be if your financial status could
      reform before March, to contribute the remaining Ksh.20000 towards
      this project, it would be very great for the work to be done
      throughout the year....at least now to have a spread data for a
      strong ground.
      I don't know what you may think of this idea.
      Otherwise, wish you good time.

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      Subject: Re: Peter, passport information?
      To: peterongele@...
      Date: Friday, February 6, 2009, 8:14 AM

      Hi Peter,
      Thank you for explaining.
      Yes - but it may be late for me to organize an invitation.
      Also, I'm not sure
      that I will have enough money.
      We will see - but it's less than 50% likely that you can come, partly
      because we have limited money, and partly because we may not have time to
      get a ticket we can afford.
      Your work is very important and we may have opportunity in the

      future, too.

      Hi Andrius,
      I never had a passport before, and its when I've applied for it
      yesterday. I 'm to wait for two weeks, thats to say am to collect
      the passport on 19/2/2009. This would be still in time for I called
      the UK embassy and confirmed this wouldn't be late for me to get the
      visa for the March London trip.
    • Pamela McLean
      Hi Peter ref Yunus book I don t know if David Mutua still has any. I still have a few If Sam is coming over I will try to give him one for you. Pam
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 8, 2009
        Hi Peter
        ref Yunus book
        I don't know if David Mutua still has any.
        I still have a few
        If Sam is coming over I will try to give him one for you.

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