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Global Village Network websites, learning materials

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Hi from Vienna, Austria where I am visiting Franz Nahrada. I will be here until the Solidarity Economy Congress, February 20-22,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2009
      Hi from Vienna, Austria where I am visiting Franz Nahrada. I will be here
      until the Solidarity Economy Congress, February 20-22,
      and then go home to Lithuania.

      I will be working on our websites (http://www.ms.lt
      http://www.worknets.org http://globalvillages.ning.com and more)
      They will center on supporting a network of global villagers. Franz wrote
      out the functionalities he wants:

      # Provide a space of visibility of people, their actions, their thoughts,
      their connections
      # Interface to the world: showcase, bookstore, video, images, text repository
      # Direct communication: chat, video, mashups, webinars, TV
      # Rapid thinking tools: outliner, mindmaps, etc.
      # Data collection: merged with contextual information (Metadata concept)
      # condensation tool (classical wiki)
      # automate tasks (buttons and scripts)
      # design languages (build open source tractor, etc.) for collaboration
      # mapping geo information

      I think the best way to meet them is:
      content stream
      * to pull together RSS feeds from blogs, wikis, discussion groups that
      relate to global villages
      * to highlight the posts that are especially profound (such as from
      Marcin's blog)
      * participants could "recognize" global villagers who we'd draw attention
      to, including their content streams from Flickr, YouTube, FaceBook,
      * link to the posts and villagers and also encourage comments about them
      at our website
      * deliver the comments to the global villagers as they prefer

      online learning materials based on a pattern language of deep ideas and
      problems that illustrate them
      * culling examples and life wisdom from the content stream
      * inviting popular or active global villagers to be active at our Ning
      * working on team projects at our Ning website
      * condensing and presenting wisdom at our wiki in the form of learning
      * lots of work on our ProWiki to make the metadata convenient to edit and
      to allow participation by users of different sophistication

      navigating materials based on geographic location vs. global village theme
      * showing learning paths
      * local villages become sources of information that are relevant locally
      and globally
      * mapping geographic information

      organizing a gradient from TV to active participation

      So this leads in strongly to our work on open learning materials.

      I invite us to recommend RSS feeds that we'd like to include in our
      content stream.

      I'll be writing a letter to Kofi Annan to forward to Kenya's business
      community that global corporations might reimburse our Pyramid of Peace
      work. I'm preparing links to our work and will tell our story at the
      Pyramid of Peace website http://www.pyramidofpeace.net I invite us to
      help at this page:
      It would be great to have more pictures.

      Gleb Turin has agreed to participate at
      I will sign him up. He asked for help to further discuss his and Franz's
      global village ideas which the governor of Archangelsk and the president
      of Kyrgystan received with interest. I ask our Lithuanian participants to
      foster this discussion. Our thought is that this group become a working
      group in Russian led by Gleb Turin.

      I spoke with Pamela McLean about our London meeting. We'll organize a two
      hour meeting around her question: How is the Internet enabling new
      patterns of collaboration which are enabling new things to be learned and
      done in ways that were never possible? This will lead into further
      discussions of the Worknets charter and of Public Domain learning

      Ricardo, when are you free to talk? I look forward to talking with you!

      Good night!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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