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Agnese, Samwel, our Tanzania team and our African budget

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I just spoke with Maria Agnese Giraudo is Santa Miranella, Italy. She has been supporting Samwel Kongere s work especially to coordinate our team in Tanzania
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 23, 2006
      I just spoke with Maria Agnese Giraudo is Santa Miranella, Italy. She
      has been supporting Samwel Kongere's work especially to coordinate our
      team in Tanzania including Helen Mahoo, William Wambura, Leonard
      Boniface and others. She is very happy and excited with all that
      they've accomplished this year.

      Agnese will send 30 USD per month to our lab so that we can send that to
      Samwel for his online access and he can work further with our Tanzanian
      team. (Agnese, please open an account at http://www.paypal.com and when
      you are ready please send me 90 USD to ms@... for three months) She
      will also support him to travel in Tanzania in April 2007. And we're
      planning for him to come to Italy and Lithuania in November 2007 or
      thereabouts. We want him to become an expert in Wi-Fi technology so
      that Internet access is less of a challenge and more of an opportunity.
      There are experts in Rome, Italy in "trashware" (making good use of old
      hardware) and I hope to connect them with Samwel so that he could learn
      from them. Also we have experts here in Lithuania.

      My plan this coming year for our African budget is to invest some of our
      lab's money into some small business projects that Samwel can lead that
      would make good use of the money, keep it circulating and perhaps also
      generate a profit to pay for his work. Also we want to have several 100
      USD stipends available for small projects (such as for MyFoodStory) for
      various people in Africa (and perhaps India) who have been active at our
      lab, especially Janet Feldman's Holistic Helping working group
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ such as Wendi of ACTWID
      KONGADZEM in Cameroon, Ken Owino in Nairobi and Tom Ochuka in Kenya, and
      in Pamela McLean's Learning From Each Other working group
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ such as Fred Kayiwa
      in Uganda and there are others, thank you for writing! We're very happy
      with Samwel's successes and I'd like to expand this small project
      approach with others.

      We have $3,000 USD of "bonus" money available if we meet our targets for
      MyFoodStory. I will set aside $1,800 = $1 each for 1,800 Storyteller
      Directory entries at http://www.myfoodstory.info for editors who collect
      them for us. And I will set aside $1,200 = $20 each for 60 web pages
      that we create to showcase foodstories at various sites (or $10 each for
      weblog posts or wiki pages). So this is work that our Tanzanian team
      can learn to do with help from Samwel Kongere and George Christian
      Jeyaraj. And so this is a way for them to earn money for their work.
      Also, this is a way for our online participants form bandwidth-rich
      countries to earn money that they can typically apply to pay workers
      around the world for their projects, much as we did for the chocolate
      project. I will write more details.

      Samwel's team is earning 500 USD for their work on MyFoodStory. They
      are setting this aside for Wi-Fi technology. We're exploring what is
      the best way to send this money. But we will start with me sending two
      one-year-old Wi-Fi access points to Samwel that I won't need because I
      will be traveling for four months. So Samwel will be able to create a
      local network and see how far he can get it to work. Meanwhile we'll
      consider how to best use our money for more technology. And meanwhile
      we can invest that money in Kenya for a couple of projects that I think
      would profitable and helpful for our lab. One is to print one or two
      hundred copies of an Almanac for 2007 for our lab describing how people
      can participate: our leaders, venues, principles, projects,
      investigations, events that we envisage for the coming year. I will be
      writing that at http://www.ourculture.info based on what we've written
      in our letters including this coming week. Then participants can
      purchase, for example, 10 copies for 50 USD and share them with people
      they'd like to invite and involve locally and globally. That way Samwel
      can earn some money for his work, too. Another business project is to
      create T-shirts that would support our work together, perhaps something
      with our keyconcepts and/or investigatory questions. If anybody is
      interested - if there is demand - please let us know! and help us
      understand what would be most exciting!

      This week I want to flesh out our interface at
      http://www.myfoodstory.info just a bit more. Then I will teach Agnese
      and others who might be interested how to add stories and also how to
      contribute "encyclopedic" articles.

      Please write about your plans for the coming year and we'll make room in
      our Almanac for you!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
    • samuel kongere
      Dear all, I am glad to see the end year greetings in my cell phone. This is a time to merry, to pray, to love, to relax and I wish all of you there, a happy
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 29, 2006

        Dear all,
        I am glad to see the end year greetings in my cell phone. This is a time to merry, to pray, to love, to relax and I wish all of you there, a happy new year.  I trust all of you have gone past the plan for the New Year and things are marvelous. I had all the best and hope more prosperity is on our side looking at the laid down plans for the New Year. The out going year is a year of momentous progress and there are good points to note from the plans the members in the forum are hoping to get in 2007.
         We in Kenya and Tanzania we are not left, as the year ends. The Udogo and Uyoga members are out for great plans for the countries. Udogo is happy to take risks by starting a community wireless internet connection to connect several access points in Rusinga Island . Although it is a great venture, which cannot be done single handily, we are happy to share this with all in MS Lab in 2007 and all plans for this are underway. It is a dream which all of us must join hands to support next year.
        Also Uyoga members are happy to send this first report and plan s for 2007 the group interim committee headed by the Chairperson Miss Hellen Mahoo other members are:-
        -William Wammbura-Co-ordinator
        -Josephat Ndibalema-Tresurer
        -Mwanaidi-Designer and others made the first introduction of the group to public and community as a whole during the WORLD AIDS DAY event which took place at LEADERS GROUNDS in Kinondoni district in Dar es salaam on 1stDecember,2006.
        An Introduction was conducted by group members and by talking to the young people on the importance of knowledge sharing as
        -An interactive process of making the right information available to the people at the right time in comprehensive manner to enable them to act judiciously enriching the knowledge sharing can occur at all levels between countries, within a country, between communities and among individual.
        -Young people had an opportunity to know the purpose of our group as to create personal awareness on youth sensitive issues as:
        -Helping empowerment of young people through equipping them with positive ideas, altitudes information knowledge, skills and resources that are reached for action oriented activities.
        -To depict and sharpen various youth talents.
        Youth had a chance to highlight a major problem facing confronting them as
        -Exclusion from vide range of information and knowledge that most of them are isolated economically, socially and culturally from information and progress in the arts, science and technology.
        -Most of them wanted access to knowledge and opportunities instead of charity to fight conditions leading to poverty.
        Members of the group are now aware of the problems facing the confronting the youth in the country.
        The group had an opportunity to meet other local non-governmental organization working with the youth in the country such as organization is:
        - Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC)
        -Partner for youth Development-(PAYODE)
        -Save life Club-this is a youth based club formed by undergraduate students from Muhimbili University College of health Science with the key focus on youth related issues especially HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues.
        Together we agreed to create outreach programs to organize and have workshops seminars, discussion conferences and other activities Members are now examining a range of issues related to strengthening the group for sustainable development.
        Lastly we wish to highlight one point in anticipation of your idea support that:-
        -Tanzania and all part of East Africa is characterized by widespread poverty with more than 60% of the population in the rural areas living on less than 1 US$ per day and economic development which are the economic development which are the population. It threatened by serious environmental problems due to the nature of economic activities and the absence of government intervention.
        The group wishes to examine and design strategies to redress the situation of environment and employment in particular for youth.
        We are very open for the suggestions and wish to prosper

        Samwel Okech kongere
        Nyamuga primary school
        P.O BOX 191,
        MBITA  040305-KENYA.
        Cell: +254 725 600 439
        Community Development
        UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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