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  • Thomas Chepaitis
    Hello, Kims, this is Thomas from Uzhupis Republic in Vilnius, Lithuania. I visited your site, and it is fine, though there is a lot to do, of course. My
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      Hello, Kims,

      this is Thomas from Uzhupis Republic in Vilnius, Lithuania. I visited your site, and it is fine, though there is a lot to do, of course. My suggestions are that first you must edit and fresh up the contact page, because when I click on "click here" for contact, I get "The page couldn't be found".
           Another good hint (for european friends at last) would be to provide English-one or more of Kenyan languages (that could be 4-5 languages----) dictionary. I guess these languages aren't so hard to learn, since they have Latin grammar and phonetics are simple. So it would be a great add.
           I can also contribute with a humorist story about "Teapots", as we call here beginners in computers. I am one of them, of course. The story would be useful , because I and many people don't use thousands of computer features just because they don't know they exist.

      warmest greetings from snowy Lithuania,


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      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Re: [learnhowtolearn] Online Computer magazine

      This is a wonderful idea.
      I cannot do anything at present, but please remind me in a couple of months time, when I hope to be less busy.  I would like to find some of the materials I developed for Teachers Talking and see if anything would be useful to you.

      2009/1/24 Kiyavilo Msekwa <kims00748@yahoo. com>

      Hi Ricardo, Andrius and all.
      I have been enthusiased by the desire of sharing what I know about computer. So I decided to put an online computer magazine in local language(i.e. Swahili) and English that will help both Kiswahili and Engligh speakers.The magazine will contain informations that will help people learn knew things though not many knows how to use computer but the target will be achieved later if something is done virtully first and manage it.
      This is my wish and I hope to recieve all the support from all of you. Therefore I would like to ask you to send me computer articles that might appear on the magazine so as to develop the magazine. I may not have a good experience in this but I wish I will be able to learn some how to do the same with some of us, but am sure you may have something to talk about and share with others. This is the beggining and it is always hard at the beginning, but I hope that many people will learn a lot from it and use computers accordingly.
      Once you got the chance to use your knowledge use it and don't wait for someone to show you how. You might be as intelligent as anyone else around you. And use it is the best way to show others that you can do something. So your support is of a greate encouragement to me and am looking forward to receive one. The magazine can be viewed at the  following URL: http://www.mtazamo. net I am still developing it and I hope you will assist me on this.
      Nobody knows whats good for us, but we all got the chance to try something once in a life time. This is the way for me to try to share something useful with my people and I hope it is a right thing to do and am expecting a lot of support from all of you.

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