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Speak up about our London meeting!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Greetings from the COMMUNIA meeting in Zurich. I spoke today with Prodromos Tsiavos, one of the organizers of the London COMMUNIA meeting which will be held
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2009
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      Greetings from the COMMUNIA meeting in Zurich. I spoke today with
      Prodromos Tsiavos, one of the organizers of the London COMMUNIA meeting
      which will be held at the end of March. I am greatly encouraged that he
      is interested to help us so that we can participate marvelously.

      The London COMMUNIA meeting will be followed by the Open Knowledge
      Foundation meeting in London into which the Oekonux meeting is being
      merged and also our Worknets work is very welcome. The COMMUNIA meeting
      will be held at the London School of Economics and possibly the Open
      Knowledge Foundation (and Oekonux and Worknets) meeting will be held
      there, but Prodromos is also looking for alternate venues (150 people)
      preferably for free, if anybody knows of any.

      Prodromos can help us get invitations (for those who need visas) and find
      a place where we could sleep with our sleeping bags. He also welcomes our
      Internet video streaming team from Lithuania and he especially is
      interested in the Public Domain Fashion. So I am greatly encouraged. I
      ask our Londoners and others in the UK, how might you best like to
      participate? It is good to learn to be family, to write frankly how we
      might help each other and be together. I also ask those who might come to
      speak up and think and write how we might make the most of this

      I think we have enough money to fly six or seven people to London. One
      from Africa, one or two from Serbia, and three or four from Lithuania,
      including me. If we are unable to get visas then we might invite somebody
      from the US and pay their way.

      We have 4800 EUR in all for the year, which is about 6700 USD depending on
      the exchange rate, and the exchange rate with the pound is also
      fluctuating. Of this money I will have spent about 1000 USD for the
      Zurich meeting and I receive about 800 USD for the Torino meeting this
      summer. So that leaves us with almost 5000 USD for travel, accomodation
      and food for the London meeting.

      But London is a very expensive city. I hope we might find a place to stay
      with our sleeping bags at somebodys home so we can contribute money to
      their organization or business, they would invoice us. We could pay about
      30 USD per night plus breakfast, so that would be about 200 USD per person
      for a stay up to one week. We would need at least 100 USD per person for
      food and about 100 USD per week person for Tube rides, they are expensive.
      So 400 USD is very cheap per person.

      Travel from Africa (plus visa, health insurance) would hopefully be 1000
      USD and from Serbia would be 400 USD and from Lithuania would be 200 USD
      if we get the cheapest rates. So that means that we can invite one from
      Afria, one or two from Serbia, and three or four from Lithuania, so we
      need to speak up and suggest plans!

      Fred Kayiwa, Samwel Kongere, Peter Ongele are all good candidates
      depending on who would like to meet with them and why.

      Sasha, Zdenka, Ana, how might we best present Public Domain Fashion?

      I look forward to our emails!



      I ask for our help that we make the most of our travel money to the
      COMMUNIA meeting March 26-27 in London. We have about 4,000 euros (6,000
      dollars) which we can use for travel (flights and tickets) and
      accomodation. This is an opportunity for us to stay longer and have our
      own meeting for Worknets and Minciu Sodas.

      Who would like to help? I invite you to join our Worknets meeting team if
      you would like to travel or if you can help with any aspect. Then we'll
      find a leader for the team from among those who might be interested. We
      * a place to have our own meetings or events
      * places to spend the night with people we know (we can give their
      organizations money for this)
      * people to write invitations for visas (for participants from Serbia or
      * making connections with more people in London and the UK who would like
      to meet us and work together
      Please speak up and let us know if you'd like to help or participate!

      What topics are we interested to work on:
      * learning materials in the Public Domain in mathematics and other subjects
      * our Worknets charter for a culture of independent thinkers
      * Public Domain Fashion (Ana, Zdenka from Serbia)
      * live video streaming (Zenonas and others from Lithuania)
      * open source hardware (such as DIY Solar)
      * Includer, Sneakernet and related topics
      * $100 projects
      * ...

      I ask especially our UK participants - Pamela McLean and Lorraine and
      Nikki..., Graham Knight, Ricardo - and others such as John Rogers, Chris
      Macrae who might have London connections or might like to come to London -
      and others we know such as Anne Wirstad, Gary Alexander, Josef
      Davies-Coates, the Espians

      and also those who are traveling to the Oekonux conference in Manchester,
      such as Franz Nahrada, Vinay Gupta, Marcin Jakubowski

      and those who might like to fly to London to participate, including Sasha,
      Zdenka and Ana from Sombor, Serbia; Zenonas, Audrone, Irena, Tomas,
      Vygantas from Lithuania; Samwel Kongere, Peter Ongele and others from

      Please speak up so that we might make the most of this opportunity. I
      emphasize that we can focus on our own Worknets/MinciuSodas meeting.
      COMMUNIA provides travel funds so that we can attend the COMMUNIA meeting,
      but we can do much more than that for our networks and endeavors!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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