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Notes for a Worknets Charter

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Janet, Hi! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow! We ll arrive in Providence at 9:15 am at the bus station. We re supposed to meet Tiffany at 10:00 but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2009
      Janet, Hi!

      I look forward to meeting you tomorrow! We'll arrive in Providence at
      9:15 am at the bus station. We're supposed to meet Tiffany at 10:00 but
      maybe she can pick us up earlier? We'll be in touch by phone.

      I want to send out my thoughts on a Worknets Charter for a culture of
      independent thinkers, which might in ten or twenty years have 100,000
      active and 1,000,000 supportive participants. My thought is that I author
      such a charter so as to express my vision and then to evolve that charter
      over the years with our help. Here are the parts...

      What do we mean by a culture of, by and for independent thinkers?
      What is attractive about such a culture?
      This charter supports this culture by defining our expectations.
      We want everybody to use their own best judgment.

      Practical Rules.
      * Venues are Public Domain by default.
      * Money can bring people together, but you can't pay people to care.
      * We want all to succeed. Individuals, not groups.

      How people benefit
      * Moral support
      * More minds
      * Social framework for making one's dreams real
      * Discovering resources for making a living and one's projects
      * Personal growth

      The growth of the independent thinker.
      We allow that everyone is the same, and that everyone grows, so it's
      natural that we are at various levels of maturity.
      We accept each person growing by their own will at their own pace.
      We grow along with each person who grows.
      We support people by fostering their leadership at the stage of growth
      they identify with:
      * Understanding oneself as an independent thinker. What does that mean?
      Learning to think out loud.
      * Learning about oneself by doing projects.
      * Integrating oneself, being well rounded, resolving one's tensions,
      "knowing oneself" by clarifying one's own deepest value. Leading a
      working group.
      * Leading by what we don't know rather than what we know. Investigating.
      * Wishing for others to challenge us to grow. Inviting others likewise.
      Checking one's selfish influence with a vantage point (one's God) that's
      greater than one's self. Fostering a sensitivity to that vantage point.
      * ...learning to grow and live forever...

      Layers of a culture for independent thinkers. Levels of unity for "we".
      * God - who is alone - as an independent thinker. Accepting that our
      universe is supportive of independent thinking.
      * Independent thinkers -
      * Global village centers
      * Self-learner thematic paths
      * Festivals
      * Interest groups
      * Concords

      Where is God relevant or not?
      * Caring about God is ok
      * Loving one's enemy
      * Checking one's self
      * Reaching out to the hard to reach

      Economic principles
      * Working for free and for pay
      * Meeting each other halfway
      * Being careful with the poor
      * Learning to share

      Showing that one is a member
      * Accepting the charter, adding one's comments and clarifications
      * Posting at one's website the Worknets feeds and/or widgets with our Meet
      with us! Shop with us! Network with us! Chat with us! latest news.

      Evolving governance
      * Worknets is open to all cultures, beliefs, movements, acknowledges
      lovely endeavors and seeks to learn and merge where possible although that
      is difficult
      * Worknets is a practical attempt at "the kingdom of heaven" as sketched
      by Jesus
      * Worknets Charter is authored by Andrius Kulikauskas as a practical
      consequence of his quest to know everything and apply that usefully
      * Worknets is initiated and organized by Minciu Sodas, a base for
      independent thinkers which Andrius owns and leads
      * Worknets needs to evolve beyond that as a complete culture with a
      governance structure that includes all as leaders to the fullness of their
      * Worknets evolves through our learning in practice how to work together
      on projects, share resources, organize content, help each other grow.
      * Worknets Charter is rewritten yearly or more frequently to embrace this
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