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Re: [learningfromeachother] Six principles of constructive design

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  • Pamela McLean
    ... By training I am a primary schools teacher. When I trained - back in the 1970s - we wrote essays with titles like The child is the agent of his own
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 21, 2006
      ms@... wrote:

      >Markus Petz, Thank you for these six principles for educational systems.
      By training I am a primary schools teacher. When I trained - back in the
      1970s - we wrote essays with titles like "The child is the agent of his
      own learning" - and the emphasis was on project based learning, first
      hand experience, and generally "learning by doing". What I read about
      constructive design it seems to be pretty much the same thing - but
      expressed in different jaron and for more advanced learners.

      Don't we all do better teaching and learning things that have interest?
      When I was first teaching we did not have a national curriculum. We were
      free to study what we fancied in our classrooms . (Of course whatever we
      did focus on we'd be talking about it, finding out about it, writing
      about it -building all the skills that mattered). Although I used to
      drive to school with a plan in my head for what we would be focussing on
      - it was only for use if the chidren didn't come up with something
      better. I remember one little girl bringing in a plaster cast that her
      dog had been wearing on its broken leg. That led us in all kind of
      directions, including finding out about our own skeletons, and exploring
      the properties of plaster of Paris (starting with powder and water and
      discovering the way it gave off heat and then went solid). We used it in
      our art and craft corner making moulds with plasticine and sea-shells
      and then pouring in plaster of Paris to make a kind of bas relief - and
      every child doing one. Young children are compylsive learners -
      exploring , experimenting, practicign new skills, - I find it much
      easier to teach children things that they are interested in - and it
      seems so much easier to learn that way too. Anything to do with
      learning ICT skills tends to send me to sleep - unless I need to learn
      to use it for some project I am doing.

      Am I right in thinking that the constructive design theory is basically
      the same principles that we learnt for young children - but applied to
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