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Re: Bar Camp in Riga, Latvia

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Didzis, Thank you for your thoughtful letter. There s a decent chance that I ll be in Lithuania in February and I ll keep in mind BarCamp Latvia. I try to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2008
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      Thank you for your thoughtful letter. There's a decent chance that I'll
      be in Lithuania in February and I'll keep in mind BarCamp Latvia.

      I try to structure our lab so that it doesn't require intense
      participation, but rather, if you care about something, we can help you
      make progress over time. You can see that in the course of a year a lot
      happens! For example, you are very welcome to participate in our COMMUNIA

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...


      Hi, Andrius,

      I just got back from Finland — I went to Tampere to see Markus and had a
      really great time. He said you both had a video conference about gift
      economy while he was in Pori. How did that go?

      As to my business, I'm afraid this is a really tough time. First of all,
      nobody has any money, and I have a wife to support, so I am paying more
      attention to getting some money now rather than setting up something that
      might be more profitable in future. Second, because nobody has any money,
      it's quite hard to convince people they should invest in something like
      that — and the banks are very cautious as well. A year ago they were
      doling out loans like Halloween candy. I'm afraid those days are gone.
      Third, our beloved government has decided to raise the VAT on books from
      5% to — get a hold of this — 21%, effective January 1st, 2009. So the
      prospects are not really that great. However, I am fully aware that this
      presents a great opportunity — the current crisis might as well shake up
      the market and change the rules, so the advantages of open-source
      publishing would be even greater. It's just very hard to keep all the
      balls in the air — you know, making enough money to get by, getting my
      business idea off the ground, passing my last year's exams and writing the
      bachelor's paper, trying to find a new place to live (I might have to
      leave the one I'm living in quite soon), staying reasonably healthy, and,
      finally, somehow keeping my marriage together. It isn't easy, I must say.

      Anyways. As to the base in Lithuania — so this village thing with Zenonas
      didn't quite work out or what? I sort of get the feeling that people —
      myself included — would love to co-operate with you, but that is just it —
      co-operation, not exactly extending MS network, building Kingdom of Heaven
      or what have you. That's what being an independent thinker is all about —
      thinking independently, and if you come to different conclusions, you
      stand your ground. I do understand that there are times when you need a
      commander-in-chief (like the conference in Vilnius, no doubt), but the
      network of independent thinkers could only be a loose-knit network with
      great degree of authonomy, not a centralised Soviet-style top-to-bottom
      network — then it wouldn't really be a network of independent thinkers,
      would it? So what I would propose — and this thing could work right now —
      you should tap into networks that already exist and invite them to share
      and co-operate. So what if things don't go exactly the way you want them
      to go? It'll still be in the general direction of a better world. And, if
      that would mean toning down some things — for example, I do admire the
      strength of your faith, but I can certainly understand how that might turn
      some people off — well, so be it. Also, it's quite impossible to ask all
      people to have the same level of dedication as you do. I'm sorry, but
      being single is quite a different level of responsibility than being
      married and planning to have children quite soon (or already having them).
      Correct me if I'm wrong, but for now it seems that most people who are
      actively involved with MS are either single or retired — either way, they
      have enough free time to spare and don't have to worry too much about
      money. It's great, but it's not for everybody. At the same time, married
      people with children do tend to care more about the world we live in, so
      they would really love to join an effort to make it better — just don't
      expect them to have the same my-way-or-high-way attitude.

      By the way, you're using Skype, right? What's your username? I'd love to
      chat with you some time.

      Oh, and it would be really great to meet you in BarCamp. If you need a
      place to stay, you're always welcome to stay with us — it's not Riga, but
      it's not far from it, and it's much nicer.

      Best regards —
      On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 10:19 PM, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:


      Its nice to hear from you. Yes, greetings from Bosnia. Today is Bajrem
      Serif, a big Muslim holiday to celebrate the story of Abraham and Isaac,
      with sacrifices of rams.

      Yes, theres a chance that I could go to Bar Camp in Latvia.

      Would you like to go to any of the COMMUNIA meetings? How is your
      business going? Is there any interest in Creative Commons Latvia. A
      person showed interest in Creative Commons Lithuania.

      I wonder what mails of ours you are reading, and any thoughts you
      have. I
      have to look for new sources of work and so I am thinking, what is
      important to me? I want to work on my philosophy, I would like to lead
      research projects that God is interested in, and I would like to organize
      the kingdom of heaven, a culture of independent thinkers. I suppose I
      would like to find a base in Lithuania because I lost the one I had in


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      ms AT ms DOT lt

      > Hi, Andrius,
      > I haven't really written much neither to you nor to Minciu Sodas
      group, so
      > I
      > thought it is better to start late than never :)
      > How are you doing? From what I gather, you are teaching maths in
      > which must be quite a change even for someone who is quite
      accustomed to
      > the
      > post-Soviet ways of living and doing things :) Any thoughts of
      > to
      > Lithuania any time soon? They are holding the next BarCamp in Riga,
      > February
      > 6-8, and I thought you may be interested if you happen to be nearby.
      > I tried to get Thomas Chepaitis in touch with folks in Undine, but I'm
      > afraid it didn't really go anywhere — they were too busy to organise
      > anything, and I was too busy to help :/ However, they are still open
      > co-operation, so if you have any interesting ideas please let me know.
      > And, of course, if you come to Latvia, I would be happy to meet you.
      > Good luck with all your projects — some of them are so outlandish that
      > they
      > might as well come true.
      > Best regards —
      > Didzis

      Minciu Sodas
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