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Knight Foundation Feedback: Thanks All, and Way Forward

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  • Samwel Kongere
    I am also getting into trouble with many people in my networks when it comes to we and us in MS lab. If it is a sole proprietor? There is A question mark and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2008

      I am also getting into trouble with many people in my networks when it comes to 'we and us' in MS lab. If it is a sole proprietor? There is A question mark and others shy away on the public domain ethics. To others it is hard to convince while others, understand the ethics on the public domain.
      Ben de Vries <bendevries1968@...> wrote:
      Want my honest 2 pfennig? (you can use those as tokens in the SF subway). I like being able to use MS and worknets, and contribute, and build up a repository of my information for others to use freely there. But, when it comes to 'own' that means I would owe my part of the debt incurred by its development, and I am in enough trouble already.

      On 21/12/2008, Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Dear All,

      Greatest thanks to Andrius for mentioning his recent experiences with the
      Knight Foundation, and for responses by Jeff and Franz. There is much here
      that needs to be discussed and addressed, and I suggest that we do that in
      January in these forums (and possibly also other channels in tandem,
      including a private track, among our interested members).

      Many of these issues have been brought up before, including earlier this
      year, during our peace project. It seems clear that we do need to find ways
      to be a "we", working together as peers (individual stakeholders) and as an
      entity (group)--and also in conjunction with others not in our
      network--while continuing to focus on the "I" involved in independent

      Questions and challenges related to "ownership" are also vital to discuss
      and resolve, if not for all time, at least for this time in our collective
      growth. We may need to investigate how and whether we can work as an
      incorporated collective, in tandem with Minciu Sodas as an entity, if
      Andrius wants to maintain "sole proprietorship" of MS itself.

      I say this because I think some of us would like to see an expanded feeling
      and actuality of "ownership" and stakeholding for our collective work than
      is possible with singular ownership of the entity within which that work is
      now taking place. Interestingly, this is an issue that revolves around
      "inclusion": how that is defined in theory and structured in actuality.

      It is an appropriate time in the growth and development of our network--let
      alone our "family"--to address these concerns, issues, and challenges, and I
      for one am excited abt the creative possibilities and sharing that will
      hopefully take place to move us forward.

      For now, happiest holidays to all, and to constructive communications in
      2009! Love, Janet

      Ben de Vries
      Certified Permaculture Designer

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