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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi Everyone As I mentioned in a previous email I am trying a new approach to sharing information on the Internet. *~ The problem and plan* My problem is that
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2008
      Hi Everyone

      As I mentioned in a previous email I am trying a new approach to sharing information on the  Internet.

      ~ The problem and plan

      My problem is that I write a lot of emails to individuals and to lists, and often find that I want to include information I have already written elsewhere. The solution that I am trying now is to put a lot more information where I can easily find it  – on my blog – and share it from there. When I do something, I try to write a blog entry. When I need to refer to a person or project in an email I try to do a relevant write up in my blog, and then refer to the link in my email. At present it is taking a lot of time, because I have a lot of catching up to do – and it looks decidedly drab because I haven't found time to sort out many photos, but I can edit them in later. (Thomas I will try to sort out your photos at the same time)

      The links below illustrate the approach and may be of some interest.

      ~ Teachers Talking chat and follow-up yahoo group

      I have written a report on the Teachers Talking  online anniversary celebration http://learnbydoinguk.blogspot.com/

      Following the anniversary celebration I set up a new yahoo group called Dadamac Learners, it is for people who are learning with me online – ranging from  people in the first Teachers Talking group, to people I worked with recently at Fantsuam, and including others too.  Minciu Sodas  friends are of course welcome too if the group seems of interest. I hope there will be a sharing  of ideas   between Dadamac Learners and Minciu Sodas. I hope Andrius that you will be interested in the group too and will consider joining it. However this is not a Minciu Sodas group because it has developed from different roots, so it has a different "character" and would not really be appropriate in Minciu Sodas http://learnbydoinguk.blogspot.com/2008/12/dadamac-learners.html

      ~ Rick Crust and a useful service if your Internet connection is slow.

      On Friday I was with Rick Crust http://learnbydoinguk.blogspot.com/2008/12/i-visited-rick-crust-of-age-concern.html

      He used to live in Africa and fully understands the difficulties that people face with slow download speeds. He told me about a service (which he hosts on his server) which helps people to access the Internet more effectively. http://emailonly.szs.net/www4mail/ He describes it as Web Navigation & Database Search by Email

      As I understand it, it works like this: If there is a website you want to down load, then you send an email to the service with the link of the webpage(s). The service goes to the webpage(s) and sorts out the important information which it emails to you, so you don't have to wait for lots of slow graphics etc to download.  This is just my impression I haven't tried it. Please give us feed back if you decide to try this out.

      ~ World Without Poverty

      Update on books and DVDs http://learnbydoinguk.blogspot.com/2008/12/world-without-poverty-book-dvds-etc.html
      There is a mention of DVDs I have sent to Kenya – I don't know if they have arrived safely yet or got lost in the post. David has not had an opportunity to check his box yet.

      ~ Links

      I have created an easy-reference alphabetical list of links. As I mention a link on the blog  I try to add it to the list. If your interests overlap mine, you might find it useful. It saves checking through old blog posts to find what was mentioned. I will be updating it as I write new blog entries.

      ~ Catching up

      Once again I apologise to people who are waiting for emails from me.  Meanwhile, I hope you can understand why I am taking this approach.



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