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  • Edward Cherlin
    ... As a techie, my first thought is that it is too expensive. Somebody is making out like a bandit on this business. We pay much less than that for broadband,
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 7, 2008
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      > it was an interesting story, i met with a company that introduced me to browsing with my phone for 500naira in 24hrs or 3000# every night(10pm-5am) in a month or 10000# for every hour in the month(24/7) using my MTN line. better still it can still be used to browse on the computer and the phone will serve as a modem. i tried out the daily plan of 500naira yesterday and i browse all day on my phone but iam planning to connect it to a desktop and if it also work all day on the system that bring us to limelight at Dadamac and the Ago-Are centre. i have told pastor about this and he asked to give it a trial. iam a happy man now because i can browse all day spending 500naira only. iam even using it to send this mail now. what do you have to say to this

      As a techie, my first thought is that it is too expensive. Somebody is
      making out like a bandit on this business. We pay much less than that
      for broadband, always-on Internet in the US for our entire family. But
      I know that all Internet access in Nigeria is overpriced, and I assume
      from your enthusiasm that the alternatives cost much more.

      I am looking forward to the activation of the new submarine fiber
      optic cables now being laid down both the East and West coasts of
      Africa, and to the new satellites over the oceans to connect Africa
      with Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East, bypassing Europe.


      Race to build a West Coast fibre promises to push international
      bandwidth prices to new lows

      Four international fibre projects are racing to complete ahead of each
      other on the west coast of Africa to give some much needed additional
      capacity and price competition to SAT3. The drop in bandwidth prices
      could be spectacular. Russell Southwood looks at the runners in the
      race and asks whether West Africa is ready for the potentially
      market-changing impact of cheap international bandwidth.

      Kenya special: market gets ready for cheaper bandwidth
      Kenya begins the countdown to cheap international fibre

      Anybody with an interest in news of communications in Africa should
      read Chifu and Russell Southwood.

      Chifu writes in BDPA-Africa@yahoogroups.com, sponsored by the Black
      Data Processing Association in the US.

      Southwood's Balancing Act newsletter is available for free at
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