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Chat Saturday (Teachers Talking), Wednesday (AIDS blogging)

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I have posted my latest episode about The Includer http://www.pbs.org/idealab/ and I include links to two chats this week at our chat room:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2008
      I have posted my latest episode about The Includer
      and I include links to two chats this week at our chat room:

      Pamela McLean invites us to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Teachers
      Talking at our chat room on Saturday, November 29th, for about an hour,
      starting 10:00 GMT, 11:00 Nigerian time, 13:00 Kenyan time.

      Serina Kalande leads a chat to investigate: What are the factors to weigh
      when ‘Blogging Positively’, especially working with HIV/AIDS? Come to our
      chat room on Wednesday, December 3rd, at New York 7:00, London 12:00,
      Johannesburg, Helsinki 14:00, Nairobi, Moscow 15:00, New Delhi 17:30, Hong
      Kong 20:00 and meet with representatives of REPACTED (Kenya), AIDS Rights
      (Democratic Republic of Congo), FrontAIDS and Drop-in center (Russia), and
      Kwa Mashu Community Advancement Project (South Africa). Then continue at
      ActALIVE’s discussion group lead by Janet Feldman of Episode 1,

      Also, I look forward to writing about the Minciu Sodas $100 projects which
      I'd like to sponsor. Each project should have at least two people working
      on it, typically, one person "on-the-ground" and another helping online.
      (I think of Graham Knight and Wendi Loshe Bernadette, for example.) Each
      person should write about a question they are investigating, and an
      endeavor they would like to achieve. We have many pairs of people.
      Suggest yourself or others and I hope to write soon.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas



      Date: 03.12.2008

      Location: Chatroom: http://www.worknets.org/chat/

      Time: New York 0700, London 1200, Johannesburg, Helsinki 1400, Nairobi,
      Moscow 1500, New Delhi 1730, Hong Kong 2000

      Login instructions: Login using your name and then select the room you
      want to join by clicking enter. Once in the room, select a font color on
      the left side of the screen, then join the chat

      Discussion framework

      What are the factors to weigh when ‘Blogging Positively’?

      A discussion with representatives from RV Projects and other Organizations
      working with HIV/AIDS related projects.

      (REPACTED(Kenya), AIDS Rights (DRC), FrontAIDS and Drop-in center (Russia)
      Kwa Mashu Community Advancement Project (K-CAP South Africa))

      Why should so many people blog about the same subject?
      Ways to locate blogs touching on HIV/AIDS

      Popularity versus Reality
      Ethical questions


      Threads of the conversation will continue at ActALIVE
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