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First Thursday Chat- WWP DVDs, bees, yogurt, fish, buildings, OpenEverything

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  • Pamela McLean
    (This email was originally sent over six hours ago, but hasn t appeared yet, so I am resending it)
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5 12:51 PM
      (This email was originally sent over six hours ago, but hasn't appeared yet, so I am resending it)

      Tomorrow is the First Thursday of the month, so it is our regular Learning From Each Other online chat .

      ~ How to join the chat

      Go to  http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/ Choose language English and click on "next". Enter your name and then click on "start the chat". Soon you will be welcomed into the chat room and be able to chat (If you want to know what has happened in the chat room before you joined the chat then read the chat archive. Someone in the chat room can tell you how to do this  after you join the chat.) 

      ~ When to chat

      13.00 Nigerian time, 15.00 East African time, 12.00 Greenwich Mean Time (i.e London time now we have put the clocks back for the winter)

      ~ What to chat about

      These chats are one of the ways that we are Learning From Each Other. One of the things we been discussing is the  Yunus Book World Without Poverty (WWP). We are interested in the ideas and what practical things we can do as a result of reading them. However reading the books is not easy for everyone, especially if English is not your first language. Now there are some DVDs to help us share and understand the WWP ideas better. I have had 100 of the CDs from Chris. So far I have managed to get some to Fantusam Foundation - FF (so recently that no-one will have seen them yet) and I also gave a few to Thomas to take back to Lithurania. We need to find good ways to share the DVDs around. It would be good to discuss that. If I sent them in one package to Nairobi would they get passed on to everyone?

      WWP encourages us to look at various community development ideas including business ideas (all of the WWP ideas have to be sustainable). Maybe our ideas will not work quite like the WWP book ones, but we can exchange ideas and experiences to find out what works. That is what the Internet is good at - helping us to share ideas and learn from each other.

      Some people at Fantsuam are interested in bee-keeping, but do not have enough money to get started. Sasha says there are some low cost DIY ways to start getting equipment. I hope we will find effective ways to learn more about that.

      John Dada says that at Fantsuam people learn twice, once by doing something and again by sharing what they know. I think this is a good philosophy. I hope that through LearningFromEachOther we will keep discovering the different things that we know and then find out how we can share what we know with each other.  I have been able to catch up with everything that is going on at Fantsuam during my recent visit. I have not been able to get back to East Africa again for a Face to Face catch up there - but we have the Internet.

      I took the WWP books to FF. John Dada was very impressed by the Danone yoghurt story. We gave a couple of WWP books to people from the local yoghurt business to see if they would be interested in something similar at Fantsuam. (Their yoghurt is for drinking, It  is very creamy and delicious.)  Fantsuam Foundation (FF) is learning about alternative technologies, including construction techniques, from Marcus Simmons of Eco-Shetler. It is trying things out at its eco-village site. FF is  constructing some fish ponds at the eco-village. It  has already done some learning about fish farming, at its first Fish Farm at Bayan Loco. There were various difficulties there which should be overcome at the eco village, bacause the Eco-village ponds are near to natural running water .

      I hope we may welcome new people to the chatroom from Fantsuam Foundation. These are people from my Self Directed Learners goups who are learning to use the chat room. Building our skills at communcating online is an important part of LearningFromEachOther - but I don't know if our usual meeting time is convenient for them.

      Our chat will be led by Nikki - from Dadamac UK - as I will be attending an OpenEverything event www.openeverything.net which of course is very relevent to Learning From Each Other (by sharing what we know), and relevant to Andrius' ideas about Minciu Sodas and the public domain. Thanks to Franz Nahrada of Global Villages for alerting me about the OpenEverything event.  I will read the archive when I get home. Enjoy the chat. Nikki looks forward to meeting you.

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